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    This is amazing dude, I love it! nice work n 5 stars for sure
  1. Agregar un poco mas de información sobre las llamadas estaría bien bro, así no sabemos a ciencia cierta de que van
  2. Crash after crash It's so annoying bc I really love this plugin.. I have all my plugins updated so i don't know but the problem seems to be computer+. I've tried disabling the 3 components in the ini file but it doesn't fix the problem. I hope this issue gets fixed soon, Computer+ it's a big part of the LSPDFR experience
  3. Forzes

    LSPDFR Computer+

    same situation over here..
    This is just AMAZING!! Definitely I will use this car for a long loooooong time 100/10 Great work man!
  4. Forzes

    EUP Vest Skins

    I love these vests Great work Officer Highly recommended!!
  5. Forzes


    Great plugin for first person patrolling! very simple and so immersive at the same time.. Can't wait for the next update
  6. Forzes


    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The immersion and realism that this plugin adds it's just wonderful. Definitely must have it
  7. Forzes


    I love this mod dude! adds more realism to my patrols. I tried use this mod and MoreRadioChatter but it doesn't work, It would be awesome be able to play with these two mods and maybe an option to have backgroundscanner on ped as well.. Anyways, great work man
  8. Forzes


    I'm still using it!! add more realism, definitely must have it
  9. Forzes


    same issue here :(
  10. Forzes


    YAY! Good work m8 more variety it's excellent
  11. Forzes

    Random empty police cars in street?

    Yeah, that's what i will do for now lmao
  12. Forzes

    Random empty police cars in street?

    Ohhh well... it's good to know that i'm not the only one having this issue lol, I will try checking all my plugins one by one and see how it goes Thank you for the information
  13. Forzes

    Random empty police cars in street?

    After a while playing (more than 1 hour but the time varies), while I'm stopped anywhere, a patrol car will show up, park in the middle of the street, an officer gets out, and just stands there as a usual cop but doesn't get back in the car, later the cops dissapear but the empty police cars are staying there forever. The number of cars doing this slowly increases over time what is very annoying. Is there a solution to this, or do I have to restart my game, which currently seems to be the only solution?