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  1. FirstThirtyMinutes

    [ELS] Unmarked Pack

    Noticed the plate on the 16 charger is glitching out. Some times it would show correctly and other times it just showed this
  2. FirstThirtyMinutes

    Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'

    Albo, I'm sure I'll occasionally see you around but just wanted to say thank you for the massive amount of time and resources you have poured into this community. Your plugins have made LSPDFR so much more immersive. I know you will have success wherever life takes you. Cheers, Carson
  3. Set #16 plus remove radio wheel (in vehicle)
  4. FirstThirtyMinutes

    Peter U Callouts

  5. FirstThirtyMinutes

    Peter U Callouts

    I know when enabling smartradio buttons you have to reload LSPDFR through the RPH console. Have you tried that?
  6. FirstThirtyMinutes

    Windows Update October 2018

    I've never had to do it before but seems like a lot of people have it that way already!
  7. FirstThirtyMinutes

    Windows Update October 2018

    Forcing RPH to open the game in window mode seems to fix the issue of RPH not hooking
  8. FirstThirtyMinutes

    Windows Update October 2018

    Looks like latest major Windows update as of October 2018 might be causing additional issues. When loading RPH, my game boots into just normal GTA 5. The update does default game mode on but even turning that off has not yeilded results. I will update if I find a solution.
  9. FirstThirtyMinutes

    Disable ScriptHookV Update Check

    Very detailed and immersive! Highly recommended
  10. FirstThirtyMinutes

    German Shepherd / Malinois - K9 Dog

  11. FirstThirtyMinutes

    Realistic Strobe Patterns

    For some reason, both headlights stay on when in stage 3 lighting? Can't seem to get the strobe effect. Have followed everything correctly including using your modified carcols file. Any ideas? I had it working before upgrading to game version 1365
  12. FirstThirtyMinutes

    ProLaser 4 Radar Gun

    Excellent model!
  13. FirstThirtyMinutes

    Lore Friendly Tahoe texture for willrs' Richland County Pack

    I didn't see one for the willrs Tahoe so I just put together a quick one. Not the best but just for people to use if they prefer the lore friendly cars