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  1. martinct

    German Shepherd / Malinois - K9 Dog

    it replaces the shepherd model in general, no matter the plugin/script used.
  2. martinct

    German Shepherd / Malinois - K9 Dog

    Not until K9 Partner script adds a way to change textures.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    I funded this mod myself because I really wanted a proper K9 police dog. I'm sharing this out of love for the LCPDFR community. If you enjoy the mod, please donate a couple of bucks to my paypal to help me get most of the cost out of it Don't forget to leave a review & rating! Help fund more Turbosquid mods: http://paypal.me/k9dog Credits: Model - Turbosquid 3D Convert - Rarefacer & MartinCT(Mouby) Textures - MartinCT(Mouby) Funded by - MartinCT(Mouby) Install to: Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_a_c.rpf\ -Replaces the Shepherd ingame. Terms: Please do not modify, copy, reupload, or use for your FiveM/RAGE:MP server without my permission! Do not release new textures on your own, ask for my permission and I'll include them in the next update! Use with:
  4. martinct

    K9 Police Dog Project

  5. https://orig00.deviantart.net/e8db/f/2017/024/b/8/_mmd__fallout_4_dogmeat_by_mist_of_wind-dawl4ix.zip this maybe? not converted though.
  6. martinct

    My partner is repeatedly entering/exiting the vehicle.

    i had this issue when using the mpped model as my player. when i switch to a vanilla ped model it works fine
  7. martinct

    Ford Police Interceptor 2012 model.

    awesome! any chance of a template?
  8. martinct


    Ill release the ped skins soon. They need some more work. completely redoing the textures
  9. martinct


  10. martinct


  11. martinct


  12. martinct


    Made a lumpkin county inspired sheriff's dept. including the sheriff skins.
  13. martinct

    Ford Raptor Warden Skin

    Np, Nice skin :)
  14. martinct

    Ford Raptor Warden Skin

    Link to the model and credits would be Nice :)
  15. martinct

    Dodge Charger 2011 - Arjent LSPD

    I didnt release any LAPD Chargers. These are LSPD, no clue why people say its not accurate like a LAPD charger cause i never went for that. I released a version with a code3 lightbar however alot of people wanted the arjent so released it with an arjent.