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    KN1IGHT reacted to Olanov in Grand Theft Auto V - Border Patrol Recruitement Ad   
    After the last ineffective hiring surge which resulted in widespread corruption and misconduct, unjustified use of deadly force, the National Office of Security Enforcement Patriotism & Immigration Authority ensures they're being more honest about the job with this brand new recruitement ad.  
    If you're interested in joining, contact us now and be amongst one of the 500 applicants to get a gun with only two weeks worth training!
    (Sketch based off Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and their episode on Border Patrol)
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Lundy in cover photo position adjustment gone...again   

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    KN1IGHT reacted to Hystery in New Rockstar statement on modding   
    So T2 openly admits they are a bunch of idiots for saying OpenIV allowed for "malicious online mods", and that their excuse for taking down OpenIV was a complete and utter lie. What a beautiful company of retards.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Sam in New Rockstar statement on modding   
    As I'm sure everyone will be aware, the single hottest topic recently, throughout the entire GTA community, has been the closure of OpenIV and the controversial statement released by Rockstar Games shortly after.
    Today, Rockstar Games have released a new statement, answering Are PC Single-Player mods allowed?:
    Obviously, this is fantastic news for everyone, and we're grateful to Rockstar for clarifying the situation.  Furthermore, it's been incredible, just amazing, to see the support from across the gaming community for our cause.
    Very quickly, let's also say a special thanks to our very own LSPDFR member @t0y, whose petition to save OpenIV amassed a mind blowing 75,000 signatures in the space of a week!  
    It's been truly awesome to see the outpouring of support from everyone regarding this.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards bringing us this very welcome piece of news.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to t0y in Petition to Take-Two Interactive & Rockstar Games RE: OpenIV closing   
    heres a goof i made
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    KN1IGHT reacted to marine9077 in OpenIV discontinued | Take Two claims game modding "illegal"   
    This whole "Cease and Desist," corporate international/multi-platform contact letter raises a lot of red flags from what the OpenIV team has and has not said.
    For the record, Take Two Interactive is a company valued at over $1b and growing since the release of GTA V. It has stock on the NYSE. Furthermore, Rockstar Games and 2K Games are subsidiaries of Take Two Interactive (T2 owns both companies and their outlets).
    I did not think it was a big deal at first, but it has certainly been raising a stink. However, I'm optimistic this is either fake or an unintended mistake. There are some red flags and inconsistencies that tip off to a possible phoney.
    T2 Interactive owns Rockstar Games - RSG develops and publishes, as well as handles all point-of-contact interaction with customers and community on behalf of T2 if it is a Rockstar game. RSG has never implemented any intentional counter-modification update or feature and, as mentioned prior in this thread by Thero with proof, they have even supported it. This is very inconsistent with Take Two Interactive's supposed Cease and Desist letter.
    As for the letter, Take Two Interactive has confirmed with and through RSG in the past (by their own operation) the legality and availability of modding in GTAIV and GTAV. It's odd that the letter comes unprompted and right after a DLC update that does not affect infrastructure or other critical files that would obstruct or disable OpenIV. The largest alarm to the credibility of the letter is the grammatical errors of the document and its delivery over international jurisdiction. It is quite odd, legally and operationally, for a company to send a letter to cease and desist under terms of another jurisdiction to just one individual in a different legal jurisdiction in another country  Furthermore, the document's authenticity is at large (I have not seen the letter, but if it is as bad as Deputy Rourke implies, then it seems largely debatable).
    The timing of it all contributes to the suspicion. After a significant update, but nonetheless at perhaps the least critical time for GTAV sales and GTAO interaction. Four years into GTAV, there is no overt financial motivation by either company to discourage modding and even go as far to cease it. As RSG said themselves, they support it and, obviously, it attracts even more sales because of more content. It seems irrelevant, out of character, and inconsistent for Take Two Interactive to pen the Cease and Desist letter.
    Laying all of this out, it seems even more indicative to me that the letter is false. It just doesn't add up. If it is not false, then I am not worried. There will be other ways, and RSG and T2 will identify their fault eventually, especially here in the closing one to two years of GTAV (four years later). If not, I have faith in the community to come back. This community always has, just look where we are today and what they're capable of.
    Until next time.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Olanov in Petition to Take-Two Interactive & Rockstar Games RE: OpenIV closing   
    Thought this was relevant:
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Thero in OpenIV discontinued | Take Two claims game modding "illegal"   
    lol GTA 5 Mods had to take down one of my mods due to it sharing default game files (The vehicles are uv map for customization so no they are not just the default files). They figured out what it was and are going to allow it for now. Everyone is blowing this way out of proportion before anyone knows any true facts.
    The bad most backing factor I could find about this issue as of today: I downloaded the new gun runner update on my xbox 1 version of the game. I've never seen it before but I got a disclaimer to report any abuse of GTA Online and it would be reviewed and appropriately be handle if any exploit were found and if you are found using any, your account would be banned/disabled. (This is not the exact wording but I'm generalizing). I've never recall seeing this in the past nor do I know if its been there for a while already but odd this comes around the same time. Yet again this ONLY APPLIES TO GTA ONLINE!
    For Rock star games to change all of there files to a different format would be a lot of work  for the company to do and I frankly do not believe it. Try explaining to a greedy corp executive that you need thousands, millions of dollars to basically remake a game to stop single player exploits that cost them no money to be exploited. This  would get turned down right away (Common greedy knowledge tells you if it doesn't cost you money why worry about it). So the file change thing I'm skeptical about. Also whats to stop another coder from coming along and breaking the code for those files? Then they just wasted all that money for nothing.
    The good. Take 2 and rock star games have a lot of money. They could easily afford to have a legal document properly proof read before sending it to the person or persons being served the document and translated properly as well. The grammar of the letter brings so much doubt of its authenticity that I am very skeptical about it. PC Gamer recalled and I even remember when an ARK modder sent a bogus cease and deists letter to another modder who made Pokemon replace Dinosaurs  in the game and led to  forcing the mod shut down TEMPORARILY as a prank. That could very well be what this is. More  skepticism I have with this is that OpenIV never published the letter entirely. Just bits and pieces of it. They don't have a Legal obligation not to post the entire letter. If they did then they violated it by revealing the poorly written grammar portion of the letter which in there post they clearly say it is written that way on the cease and deists letter.
    With all of the above however I do understand the precaution of You Tubers discontinuing there episodes in fear as in some cases YouTube is there main source of revenue and can't afford to lose it as well as other sites taking pre cautionary actions over modding.
    But with all that being said. Wait until someone gets a hold of Rockstar Games and/or Take 2 and get there side of the story to prove its authenticity. I'm not saying to get your hopes up here because I could be wrong but no one has been available for comment as of yet. With a gaming magazine as big as PC Gamer inquiring about the accusations and them not responding leads up to three scenarios:
    They haven't responded because they are not aware of any such letter (That is what I'm hoping for anyways).
    They were not available for comment because the time the post was released was after normal business hours (Could be a possibility).
    Or they are trying to come up with a legal Pro PR way of coming out about the cease and desist letter and trying to save face with the community (Most likely)
    However we always have rockstar pretty much okay with it via there  blog okaying the modding of single player:
    Source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/05/07/grand-theft-auto-5-pc-mods-get-seal-of-approval-from-rockstar-games
    Read on below, via Rockstar Games' official blog. Emphasis added.
    "We have always appreciated the creative efforts of the PC modding community and we still fondly remember the awesome zombie invasion mod and original GTA map mod for GTAIV PC among many other classics. To be clear, the modding policy in our license has not changed and is the same as for GTAIV.  Recent updates to GTAV PC had an unintended effect of making unplayable certain single player modifications. This was not intentional, no one has been banned for using single player modifications, and you should not worry about being banned or being relegated to the cheater pool just for using single player PC mods. Our primary focus is on protecting GTA Online against modifications that could give players an unfair advantage, disrupt gameplay, or cause griefing. It also bears mentioning that because game mods are by definition unauthorized, they may be broken by technical updates, cause instability, or affect your game in other unforeseen ways."
    So in short, Rockstar supports the use of single-player mods in Grand Theft Auto 5. Rejoice!
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Sniper296 in How to "still" mod GTA V | For you dense morons   
    Everyone in this topic is now an "Underground Computer Geek" and will be hunted by the Australian NSW Police.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Lundy in Can't change cover photo's position?   
    I'll contact tech support.

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    KN1IGHT reacted to Cyan in Can we please have the option of changing our review score?   
    I think it gives the idea of being careful about your reviews and not randomly issuing reviews. For that reason I don't think we'll be changing the system.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Yard1 in Showcasing broken mods   
    That's an absolute lie - if you had bothered to check our forum thread, you would see that the mod is very much away from "abandoned". Furthermore, team members are very much active in the comment section of the file, helping users with problems. 
    We are working hard on an update bringing new content and fixes. Stay tuned.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Cyan in Blocking System Overhaul   
    Help me understand - what can be so infurating about a file release meant for the general public?
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    KN1IGHT reacted to willpv23 in Blocking System Overhaul   
    Or, you know, you could just not look at those files and not start flame wars? It's all about self control. 
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Lundy in Good port/airport police vehicles?   
    Thanks :)
    This is what I have planned.

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    KN1IGHT reacted to Asuna in Crazy AI behaviour   
    sounds like a typical day in LS to me lol
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Mikofiticus in Favorite "Celebrity" LE Car   
    I'm big into the Mopar style squads. My favorite has to go to good old "Adam-12", specifically the Plymouth Belvedere they used.

    Then I really do like 1-Baker-11, which is a 1971 Mercury Montego I think.

    And then I really do like two other units from the Original Gone in 60 Seconds, but I'm not sure if you'd call them movie cars per se, since some were actually real police cars.
    1968 Dodge Coronet and a 1971 Plymouth Satellite

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    KN1IGHT reacted to MrPotato in [WIP] SPVM Pack   
    This topic is only for my spvm vehicles(Service de police de la ville de Montréal).
    So i have modeled the structure for the arrow and lightbar :

    This is the arrowboard working:

    There will be more screenshots for updates.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to SuperStumpje in RDE- a Mess, som1 put this mod together pls   
    I'm not exactly sure what your issue is. RDE version 3.0 literally just requires you to run a .exe file that will guide you through the available options, and at the end it then builds a .oiv file you can simply install through the OpenIV package installer. Can't be much easier than that.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Sam in Sam's New Year's Message   
    The past year has been an interesting one to say the least here at LSPDFR.  Of course, we kicked things off with quite the event when LSPDFR 0.3 was released as part of our first ever livestream - something which, despite the many teething problems, quickly rose to prominence on Twitch and was apparently quite popular with everyone.  I think it will remain the most horrible experience that any of us have ever bared witness to, but nonetheless, we're looking forward to doing it again soon!
    Probably the best thing to come from 2016 though, by a mile, is the staggering number of new modifications that people have developed for GTA V.  Whether it was the number of new customisation possibilities brought by Emergency Uniforms Pack, the amazing array of new vehicle models and textures or simply the light which was cast upon us by ELS V, I think it is safe to say that this year has been one of, if not the most innovative that we've ever had.  This success is definitely something that we will be looking to build upon for 2017, and that's where our new team of Community Editors, who I'm sure many of you might have noticed, will come into play.
    While the idea of dedicating members of our team to working solely on the community is nothing new, it is something that we've never quite fully pulled the trigger on until now.  Many of you will remember that we placed a special banner throughout the website back in November, offering people the chance to become more involved with LSPDFR by joining our Community Team.  The response to this was incredibly encouraging, with us receiving many more messages of interest than expected.  Better yet, the range of people who contacted us was also really diverse with many newer members looking to get involved, as well as people who have been here since the very beginning.  Above all else though, it was really exciting to see just how passionate and engaged so many people within our community are about LSPDFR and this is something that is especially evident in the three members who we have picked for the role:
    @Fiskey111, an LSPDFR API developer:
    @PgUp, the avid Aussie:
    @Requies, a member since 2010!
    From all of us here, happy new year!  We hope that you will join with us in welcoming these new additions to our team - you'll certainly want to be following them closely this month if history is anything to go by.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to AlconH in Who is attacking this website and why?   
    I feel like we should all get together around a campfire and reminisce on all the GTA modding scene drama that LSPDFR has been sucked into through the ages... Who's with me?
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Mrcento in Who is attacking this website and why?   
    Rockstar don't like mods and have a lot of computing power at their disposal.... just sayin' ;)
    In all seriousness though, it might well not be this site getting attacked specifically. It could be the server it is hosted on if it also runs something that is a target.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Cyan in Who is attacking this website and why?   
    It's not as if the guilty party is going to raise their hand.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to wolfrunner86 in My New Toy 2010 CVPI   
    So My Trailblazer died last Thursday and i got this on Saturday
    so far i have Removed the lightbar, Disabled the siren, deck Lights, and reverse light strobes.
    Recorded a short video of the lightbar before i removed it.
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    KN1IGHT reacted to Albo1125 in One Million Downloads   
    Dear community,
    'Tis the day! 'Tis the hour and the minute, the 10th of October 2016, 22:39 CEST. Everyone over in my Discord server is going crazy and I quite frankly cannot quite grasp what on earth has just gone on. I've just hit a total of one million total downloads here on lcpdfr.com!

    To mark this, if I may say so myself, special occasion, I would absolutely love give a short overview of my time here, but moreover to say many, some overdue, words of thanks.
    I'd like to start with some graphics. @ItsFozzy has very kindly thrown together an amazing infographic at just about the shortest possible notice (thank you SO much again!).
    You can click here to enlarge if necessary.

    You can click here to enlarge if necessary.
    Next up, I'd like to give my limitless, special thanks to the following community members, in no particular order:
    @Sam, @LMS and @MulleDK19 for their continued dedication to both RAGEPluginHook and the First Response series, without which, I definitely wouldn't be writing this right now! @FinKone. Back in July 2015, you as a coder were a massive inspiration to me which ultimately turned out to be one of the deciding factors to start creating script modifications. Since that time, I am very glad to be able to say we have become good friends. Stay safe out there, and I hope we can eventually continue that coding collaboration!  @Stealth22, @alexguirre, @LukeD, @PNWParksFan, @Darkmyre, @Fiskey111, @khorio, @PieRGud, @AlconH and @LtFlash. All of you are amazing modders, and are a pure pleasure to work alongside. Together, we keep the script modification development environment healthy and pleasant, and our collaborative plugins really bring the absolute best out of the police experience in GTA. I can only say that I hope we all stay in it for a long time to come! Thank you to every other scripter who has uploaded script modifications to further enhance police roleplay. Again, there are far too many of you to list right now, but your work definitely doesn't go unnoticed by me! @Zachary Houseknecht, @STEVETHEGAMER, @FirstThirtyMinutes, @Jeff Favignano. Your support has been absolutely overwhelming over the past 15 months - and the fact you have videos out with suspects changing clothes when calling for transport from all the way back in August 2015 only goes to show this further! Thank you for consistently using my modifications in your content, all the kind words and the dedicated support! Thank you to all the other YouTube content creators who support my work and use it in their content. Unfortunately, there are far too many of you to list you all, but I watch all your brilliant content regularly! @55charlie. Your works of art are absolutely compelling and they give a whole new feel to my modifications' download pages. To get an impression of his amazing work, check out the screenshots on the Assorted Callouts download page. Merci beaucoup! @ScottehBoyy, @Gazarhya, @GeekAwesomized, @festivalmatt, @Double Doppler, @Razor792, @ItsFozzy, InTheJungle and AdamPlays. As members of the IGradeGaming crew, you've all done a lot for me behind the scenes and we've had, and continue to have a great time roleplaying British police online in FiveReborn! @Cyan. Special mention to you for managing the site's infrastructure, providing all the useful site APIs and ensuring the site's bandwidth is plenty to make the 1 million download count possible. The coroners weren't lying when they made that certain statement about me! The moderation team. Thank you all for keeping the comment and review sections of all my modifications as clean as you do. Much appreciated! The content team. @Harper, thank you for writing all those lovely reports about my work!  All participants of my Loyalty Rewards Programme. Without you, all of this wouldn't even be close to being possible. Thank you all so much for your continued support and the fun times! Special thanks to @Kilyin for reasons known to us  Thank you to everybody who has continuously offered support in my comments sections! @Kal74, @Quakex64, @Kilyin and all the others, thank you so much for easing my inbox and helping people out! Everybody who has given me loving feedback and reviews, those who have submitted those essential RAGEPluginHook.log files to squash the bugs and those who have continued to make useful suggestions for features to add. And lastly, everybody I haven't mentioned yet! Without you and your support, that one million count would certainly not be there! Finally, I'd like to inform all of you that didn't see this on my YouTube channel yet that my next project is currently a complete rewrite of the good old classic Police Radio! I hope to add some awesome new features in the process and I will keep everyone updated as this project progresses in due course.
    That'll be all from me today! Props to you if you've made it this far into this post, and until the 2 million mark!