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  1. Asuna

    Motorola APX7000 Sounds

  2. Asuna

    Motorola APX7000 Sounds

    Not fixing it.....too lazy :P
  3. Asuna

    Motorola APX7000 Sounds

    ...OOPS....>.< LSPDFR... how did no one see that? LOL took forever...but i used to do LCPDFR brain went there...
  4. i am suddenly reminded of this
  5. Asuna

    St. Louis area car pack

    needs a push bar
  6. Asuna

    Carcols help

    So i got lundy's '90 Caprice and i cant for the life of me find this "14" line his instructions speak of in the carcols....i already have a car that uses a modified carcols so i cant just up and switch it. Can some one lend a hand to find the section i need to put in my carcols so i can have both cars working?? i already got the carvariation set and done
  7. Asuna

    2006 orange county sheriff tahoe

    exactly..i made my own personal skin and bar color so its unique in my game
  8. hey albo! when i updated and called the coroner the ped just vanishes....did i bork something? or is bug? Its an LSPDFR dependent...you need to be onduty for it to activate
  9. Asuna

    2006 orange county sheriff tahoe

    The person released the Chicago Skin AND the model with out the model owners permission. and for some reason, a skin or lightbar recolor violate the owners permission too....whelp....then all texture makers are in violation of said permissions by that logic
  10. Asuna

    2006 orange county sheriff tahoe

    Maurice did not have perms to post it, i released nothing more than a light bar recolor and it got reamed by the admin...watch yourself with this
  11. i got lazy not even sure i still have the files for the video....i hate that camera limiter on rockstars editor
  12. thast the way the game is. i think J shuts off the siren on the non ELS cars, i think it keeps it off after getting out? Im not so sure since i havent used a non els car in a lONNGGGG while
  13. Asuna

    LSPDFR+ Double Traffic Stop Menu?

    it shoul...i mean mine is working fine, idk why you get two menus