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    acucats reacted to OfficerUnderwood in Gump's WIP thread lmao   
    But I wanna capture some illegals so my boi Trump can build that wall!
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    acucats reacted to Maurice97 in Maurice97's Showroom   
    Alright pretty dead here right? Lets clean the dust away.Was working on this the whole day.Its my first Scratch Modeld part.But im pretty happy with the result.Probably will be a Dev Part in the future when im done with the other ones.ATM the 16 Explorer and the 13 Tahoe are done.Still not perfect but i think it gets the job done.
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    acucats got a reaction from Deputy Brand in Why my stuff is gone   
    Damn this sucks. Maurice and Jed models are some of the top of the line. 
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    acucats got a reaction from Maurice97 in Why my stuff is gone   
    Damn this sucks. Maurice and Jed models are some of the top of the line. 
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    acucats reacted to Maurice97 in Why my stuff is gone   
    LSPDFR Community and Whoever it may Concern,
    I am a member of this site since September 13,2013.In that time i shared round a bout 50 Files.Overall it should be more than 120 vehicles.It was an awesome time.I want to thank everybody who supported me in this time.A lot of people messaged me why my stuff is no longer avaible.So im gonna answer this here.You deserve it.I apologize for some missunderstanding.Im from Germany and only had school english but im gonna try my best.

    There was a person (im not gonna say the name) who uploaded a part in the Developer Section.He didnt knew who was the original author was and still released it.I told him in the comments how he could dare to do such a disrespect move to the author.That comment got deleted by a Admin.So i was frustated and commented with : Nice that my comment got deleted... I got warned to stop commenting on it.But i didnt.Some people will say its your fault but i cant take this disrespect to the real author so i posted a thumbs down.That was the reason why i got a warning point.Im not banned or something but i decided to hide my files from there.Some of you are moddeling on your own and you may got a feeling in what a bad state the Modding community is.There is a huge disrespect on the work of others.I understand that admins are also people and cant remove everything within a sec.But however i dont want to attack any admins.Only the person who uploaded it.But for doing that i put my stuff down.Some of you may think thats completly overreacted.Maybe it is.But i dont want to be a part of an Toxic community anymore.Stuff like this is the reason why people leave.I also did it to show that enough is enough.Respect others work.I know Im not god and cant change the world.But i dont want to take that.This site doesnt deserved this.Alot of people put so much love in creating this site.I want to thank them.Maybe we can get back to what this site should be.A place where we can do what we all love.Modding and playing this Video Game.Help each other if there are problems.I know that still happens.But there is more toxic stuff around than good.This is maybe a part of this community.But if so,i dont want to be a member of that.Most of us are all adults.Lets keep it like this.I dont want to say that i never was chlidish.But most people are.So,like i said you deserved a statement.There it is.I hope that something changes and i can Unhide my files again.Im Still gonna post some ingame pictures.If you want to get some more informations about stuff i do at the moment or also from others.Join my Discord.
    -link removed- .Just to make it clear to the Admins.I dont try to make ad for my server for *stealing* members.Its only for people who still want to be in contact with me.Again thank you ALL for this journey-I hope that this isnt the end.If you are still interested in my stuff hit me up on discord.Check my profile for Infos

    Dont go and offend anyone.
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    acucats got a reaction from DaRooRoo in LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience   
    I like, but do have a question about the API and Ambience events.  Will the authors of scripts have to completely start brand new and what has been, if any, collaboration between the authors of some of the most popular scripts and the LSPDFR team? I think it would be greatly beneficial to have that collaboration, but do understand if there hasn't been any. Keep up the great work team and looking  forward to the much anticipated release of 0.4. 
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    acucats reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience   
    You might want to look at the picture of the Police Radio menu again!  This is already in LSPDFR 0.3, too.
    This is something that we're currently discussing internally.  There are a lot of fundamental changes in 0.4, so we have to be thoughtful with how we approach this.
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    acucats got a reaction from kilroy95 in LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience   
    I like, but do have a question about the API and Ambience events.  Will the authors of scripts have to completely start brand new and what has been, if any, collaboration between the authors of some of the most popular scripts and the LSPDFR team? I think it would be greatly beneficial to have that collaboration, but do understand if there hasn't been any. Keep up the great work team and looking  forward to the much anticipated release of 0.4. 
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    acucats reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience   
    This is the fifth and final part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series.  Not caught up yet?  Check out the rest of this series here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/880-news-updates/
    One of the things we like most about developing new versions of LSPDFR is that with each version we have the opportunity not only to work on major new features, but also the smaller details that our mods have come to be known for over the years.  Of course, 0.4 is no different in this regard and a lot has obviously changed since the early days of LSPDFR, offering us with a bunch of new ways to focus our attention to detail.
    More Realism
    Getting straight to the point, a significant change that we're making in 0.4 relates to how the player is perceived within the game's world.  Now, while this obviously isn't a sexy, new, video-worthy showstopper of a feature, it is nonetheless an important development behind-the-scenes - one that we think, despite its subtlety, will have a positive impact on your gameplay.
    In 0.4, you'll notice that while on duty, other characters within the world will treat and react to you differently.  As GTA V was never a game about being a cop, it's easily understandable that when you quite simplistically do become a cop - while keeping the underlying theme of the game - there's going to be things that don't feel quite right.  You might notice, for example, that other characters within the world are overly aggressive towards you, itching for a fight at the slightest confrontation, or sometimes in the absence of any confrontation at all.  Conversely, the opposite is often true where the most banal or routine encounter can send people hurrying away in abject panic.  Both of these reactions are problematic as people generally don't just spontaneously approach a cop and proceed to cuss them out, nor do they begin hysterically fleeing at the sight of a stun gun. 

    Stun gun hysteria and stampedes no longer, LSPDFR 0.4 introduces more 'contemporary' reactions, like everyone summoning their inner videographer.
    These adjustments to the game's core apply in a number of other cases too, of course.  We thought it was pretty unlikely that the typical reaction to a police officer standing in front of someone's car would be for the driver to flip them off, and then - as if that wasn't enough - to then run them over for good measure.  Likewise, it was always pretty ridiculous that you can't enter another police officer's car as a passenger without them freaking out and thinking that you're trying to steal it.  All of these behaviors have been adjusted, and we think that you'll feel far more like an actual cop within the world - rather than just a retired bank robber dressing up with a badge.
    And yes, while there are a number of mods out there that can help to mitigate many of the scenarios I've described above, they don't really offer a comprehensive and consistent solution simply due to technical restraints.  Our changes are at a much lower level and offer us a higher degree of control on a per-character basis.  This is great for flexibility and performance, and we think you'll really notice the difference when out and about on patrols.
    New Interaction Menu
    Sticking with the topic of small detail, increasing the level of interaction in LSPDFR is something that's very important to us - especially with the new focus on character in LSPDFR 0.4.  Indeed, we previously showed off a number of new interaction options that will be available during vehicle pursuits, but we've also taken the time to make big improvements to the more general Interaction Menu, offering you most of the features currently available in GTA Online, but with an LSPDFR twist.  Among the changes to the Interaction Menu are "quality of life" improvements like being able to quickly waypoint the nearest police station, as well as additions like new dialogue, actions and the ability to set your character's mood.
    Similarly, you can now also change the way that your character walks, but it doesn't quite stop there as in keeping with the general idea we outlined above of making the game feel more suited towards being a cop, there's a special "Cop" walk style that not only makes your character walk around like an officer, but also completely replaces their generic "idle" animations - subtle movements that your character makes while stationary - with more appropriate police styled ones.

    The more feature-complete Interaction Menu in LSPDFR 0.4 enhances your control, allowing for greater immersion.
    Additionally, we've carried over this level of detail to the Police Radio options too, replacing the static animation that currently plays in this menu with a number of different options that can be cycled between instead, including a nifty new LAPD style handheld radio (as well as the option to play no animation at all).  Again, this is a small detail, but we hope that the enhanced level of immersion will be welcomed - especially if playing as an FIB Agent and communicating via an earpiece instead of a shoulder mic, for example.

    New technology in LSPDFR 0.4 produces incredibly lifelike scenes - you can freely move while using the police radio without any animation issues like arms being locked in place, etc.
    Finally, still on the topic of detail, we've topped things off by adding a proper police flashlight to LSPDFR 0.4.  Yes, we know that there's a bunch of ways to use a flashlight currently whether it be the vanilla one that looks like it's straight out of a horror movie, or through other mods which suffer from animation problems, but ours is a little different.
    Already alluded to in the first preview we gave of LSPDFR 0.4, our flashlight is properly held above the head and can be used both by the player and other NPC officers.  It doesn't affect player movement, and you can freely walk, run, sprint, etc. while still holding the light.  If enabled, equipping it is a seamless process too - simply select the flashlight from the weapon wheel and LSPDFR will take care of the rest.

    The new flashlight in LSPDFR 0.4 tops off our efforts to bring more immersion and realism to the mod.
    Ambient Crime
    In our previous post detailing some of the technology behind LSPDFR 0.4, we mentioned that we had added Scenarios to 0.4 - scripted events that could take place during pursuits and traffic stops.  Similarly, we also noted that 0.4 introduces a new Crime System, capable of actually recognizing crimes that take place in the game world and providing functionality for the player to get involved by reporting these.   Expanding upon this idea, we wanted to make sure that we fully realised the ambient world that Grand Theft Auto V provides, and to do this we've manipulated a couple of lesser-used features within the original game.
    In the normal game, the player will sometimes be confronted by other characters within the world as a result of the agitation system built into the game which allows NPCs to insult or shove the player, for example.  In LSPDFR 0.4, as a result of some research by @LMS,  we've now been able to implement the same system, but for NPCs instead.  This means that NPCs can become agitated with each other, begin trading insults, get into angry shouting matches, or eventually, physical confrontations.  Plus, as these are actually 'legitimate' game events, other characters nearby will react appropriately, which also ties in really nicely with the Crime System and provides the player with something other to do than respond to dispatches or pull over vehicles - there's now hopefully much more actually happening within the world and consequently, more things for the player to notice while on patrol.

    Manipulating the game's agitation system results in a much richer world - seen here are two NPCs engaging in a spontaneous confrontation.
    Note that screenshots show LSPDFR player and non-player-characters wearing some outfits from EUP - which is entirely optional - special thanks to @Alex_Ashfold for his collaboration with us and for providing a development copy of EUP 8.0.
    Thanks for reading the preview.  We appreciate your patience as we put the finishing touches on LSPDFR 0.4 and hope to have more news soon.
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    acucats reacted to OFFICERJAKE8 in Three mass shootings in America in one day   
    We need constitutional carry. The more people with guns, the less likely a bad guy with a gun will try something. 

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    acucats got a reaction from Gabe Kiger in ForceDuty unhandled exception   
    Uninstall all plugins and then reinstall them one at a time and test each one out. The one that I've found that I get that error on is Agency Callouts. 
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    acucats reacted to Gabe Kiger in ForceDuty unhandled exception   
    Yeah thanks im sorry i forgot to delete this post or whatever, i did a fresh install of SH RPH and LSPDFR and it ended up working, thank you for the response though
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    acucats reacted to DDKnuckles in Rage Plugin validates hook, then validates system, then crashes   
    Thanks man, I actually figured it out. I was accidentally using the wrong version of the visual c++ redistributable. Lol
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    acucats reacted to Jules Winnfield in Flashing sky with ELS.   
    I got it fixed by doing a fresh install of the game. Sure wish I figured out what it was exactly though so I could share with others. Thanks for the suggestions though.
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    acucats reacted to Ezra in 'We did it for kicks' Armed robbers as young as 11 terrorize Houston   
    Our society looks at kids as oh so innocent and unable to do wrong, and they don't know what they are doing, but these kids very clearly did.  Yet, we're still treating them their age.  Folks need to realize that tough love, even if that means letting them go to big boy jail, is absolutely needed.  In most cases, it will scare the shit out of them and make them realize 'this is not where I want to be!'  There will be some kids who are entertained by the idea and are inspired by some of the inmates to continue being bad, and in those cases, they are the ones that need a lot of one on one help.
    I will say, in defense of some parents, it's not their fault.  There were other forces at work.  I know this from experience, as my old best friends fell into the cycle.
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    acucats got a reaction from Ezra in Recommended handlingIds for your police vehicles   
    Welp thought I had a notification for this thread and I didn't. I am going to try the fugitive handling ID for the taurus etc. slots.
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    acucats reacted to TheHC09 in I have found the ELS siren strings! 100% WORKING!   
    After extensive research I have finally found the siren strings for ELS and all but two siren tones are now working in-game!
    They seem correspond to the OpenIV assigned names but they have the beginning part of the string added. These were all found by me personally through research and experimenting, so you're welcome (also would appreciate this being a pinned topic for others to find). From what I gather the string is basically referring to the location of the siren file in the game's archive ('RESIDENT' being the RESIDENT.rpf and 'VEHICLES' being vehicles.awc, followed by the siren name). Strangely, the siren names identified by OpenIV for the main LSPD tones and the Sheriff Granger tones don't work so I will need help with that. Anyway, enjoy!
    LSPD Main Police Siren:
    "VEHICLES_HORNS_SIREN_1" - Police Primary
    ("RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_PA20A_WAIL" doesn't work for some reason)
    "VEHICLES_HORNS_SIREN_2" - Police Secondary
    ("RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_2" doesn't work for some reason)

    Firetruck Siren:

    Police Bike Siren:
    "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_WAIL_03" - Police Bike Primary
    "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_QUICK_03" - Police Bike Secondary

    Sheriff (Granger) Siren:
    "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_WAIL_04" - Sheriff (Granger) Primary
    "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_QUICK_04" - Sheriff (Granger) Secondary
    ^ These two aren't working for some reason

    FIB Siren:

    Ambulance Siren:
    "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_WAIL_01" - Ambulance Primary
    "RESIDENT_VEHICLES_SIREN_QUICK_01" - Ambulance Secondary

    Siren Warning/Priority Tones:
    ("RESIDENT_VEHICLES_POLICE_WARNING" doesn't work for some reason)
    ("RESIDENT_VEHICLES_AMBULANCE_WARNING" doesn't work for some reason)

    Siren Horns:
    "SIRENS_AIRHORN" - Airhorn
    ("RESIDENT_VEHICLES_AIRHORN_EQD" doesn't work for some reason)
    ("RESIDENT_VEHICLES_FIRE_TRUCK_HORN" doesn't work for some reason)
    My three requests are:
    1. Why are a few of them not working, particuarly the Sheriff Granger ones? Could someone with knowledge help?
    2. Can we get an AI Sirens mod that makes the AI change siren tones based on the vehicle's VCF siren setup?
    3. Is there any way to remove the pitch filters that are applied to some of the sirens? (e.g. the ambulance and fire truck sirens in-game are lower pitched than the actual file itself)
    Cheers everyone.
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    acucats reacted to Azkaosa in [REQ] Bexar County Sheriff's   
    I was wondering if anyone could make the bexar county sheriffs vehicles, lore friendly and normal, and put a couple of antenna on the top and the aplr speed cameras on it and maybe throw some extras on there just cause lol but thank you for anyone who dose this

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    acucats reacted to OfficerUnderwood in OfficerUnderwood's DEV models thread (Current project: Who the fuck knows)   
    A 10 mile ruck suck. PT every morning sucks. Basic sucks ass (Spelt it with my camelback water in formation everyday) Now in AIT. Got 2 more months and I'll be back.
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    acucats reacted to Ezra in Recommended handlingIds for your police vehicles   
    Ha ha, thanks.  I figured others would find this helpful. 😛  Despise the fact that I drive a Taurus a lot in game, I've never paid too much attention to the handling of it, but I'll hop back in later and see if it's wobbly and what not for me.  I use a controller, and KB/mouse could also be a factor.  I'll let you know what I figure out.
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    acucats got a reaction from Ezra in Recommended handlingIds for your police vehicles   
    You might be right on the vehicle and it could be I only use K+M because I'm too lazy to deal with switching to my X1 controller. I was doing a sheriff patrol in the Taurus with three and it just felt like I was sliding everywhere lol. The Caprice and Impala's that I did try with police3 were the LAPD based pack and they were touchy too, but it may just be the way I drive. Anytime that I had a Taurus and no Charger's in a pack I usually put it as a police2 slot anyways, so maybe that's why I feel it is so different. I'll keep you up to date on how it feels to me.
    I will say though the rest of these handling ID's have probably been the best for me on all of them except that police3 one. It's always my go to place to remember  which handling ID I should use :P.
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    acucats reacted to WhisperPGG in I guess I am stupid today or something   
    IT DID. Such a  simple thing to try lol. Thanks
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    acucats got a reaction from WhisperPGG in I guess I am stupid today or something   
    Hope it helped.
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    acucats got a reaction from Ezra in Guy on drugs does the cop's job for them   
    "Hey bud, I will take you to a nice comfy place for the night." lol
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    acucats reacted to Ezra in Guy on drugs does the cop's job for them   
    This is comedy gold.  I would like to know what the officer(s) in the car thought.
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