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  1. if you want to change the police bike sound, change the audio name hash in the vehicles.meta file to an other police vehicle like the interceptor (police3)
  2. To be honest, I started with paint too. Try Gimp! It's free and it has the functions you need...
  3. I found a solution for most of the bugs, of this ped. Anyone interested?
  4. Thank god that LCPDFR is still alive!
  5. I love your idea but I think you should improve your mod. Btw great work!
  6. I've seen much GTA V Heads for GTA IV. They all are great but they have no moving mouths (just a small detail). Has your mod moving mouths?
  7. Good to see, that somebody still makes Lore-Friendly mods for GTA IV....
  8. Like in LCPD:FR? Like "LAST TIME! PULL OVER!" ? I think this would be cool!
  9. Am I able to add some characters in the characters selection? Because I want to see ig_trafficwarden in LSPD:FR like in LCPD:FR (m_y_cop_traffic)...
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