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  1. chnnls823

    Ohio Sheriff Uniforms (EUP & AI)

    Is this made for AI deputies as well or just for ourselves with EUP? Been looking for this for both as I've got the cars and the complete Highway setup
  2. chnnls823

    Ohio State Trooper

    Love the new look for my custom character. Now I've got to figure out my sheriff's dept lol
  3. chnnls823

    Ohio State Trooper

    Uniforms work great with my EUP character and also look good on the highway patrol peds.
  4. chnnls823

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization

    Can't wait to play with 0.4, love LC and LSPDFR. If only we could get Blade to update his scripthook for GTA4. As technology advances I'm sure there could be plenty more created for Liberty City. So many little things that are better about LCPDFR.
  5. chnnls823

    Kentucky State Police Charger Textures

    Looks good, just got into making textures yesterday. Working on my own Ohio based Sheriff's Dept skins
  6. chnnls823

    Ohio State Trooper

    I can understand that as I'm sure it's very time consuming, especially when there's always real life duties that come first.
  7. chnnls823

    Ohio State Trooper

    Any chance you'd consider making some Ohio based Sheriff deputy peds? They'd go great with this pack. Would love having real sheriff deputies to go with the trooper peds
  8. Awesome, can't wait to see these!! They look good from what I can see in the pic, I take it your still tweaking the lines and graphics since it hides most of the sides. Either way can't wait
  9. same issue, trying to find good ohio skins
  10. chnnls823


    Are you still planning to update these?
  11. Love the skins, just wish there was a 2k option for those that don't have the best machines lol
  12. chnnls823


    Well after testing the skins they look great, but the vic could use some work where the doors meet the fenders. The white is going into the fenders. If that can be fixed they'll be perfect. Almost forgot the police logo on the front pass fender needs fixed as well
  13. chnnls823


    Well we now have these and the Hancock County, WV sheriff's dept cruisers, now all we need are some WV state police inspired skins to make it complete
  14. Love the idea of a working rollback, but most have the light bar mounted on a bar right behind the cab and the rear axle is too far back. Is there any way to place the rear axle directly between the end of the bed and the end of the tank or whatever that is ? Should look more like this..
  15. chnnls823

    Ohio Mega Pack - Textures [4K]

    Any reason why your OSHP cvpi skin is missing the passenger side flying wheel?