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  1. Open it up and use what you want out of the file rather than auto install
  2. Anyone know how to get the full hubcaps for the 99 vic? Seen a few other ones on here but I love the Whelen Edge so much more... tried figuring it out myself to no avail. thanks
  3. Any chance you'd consider making a ghost skin for the Caprice? Would love to have one as I use the Slicktop Caprice for my sheriff.. couldn't find it in the files if there was already one. thanks
  4. Would love to see more ELS models from bugs someday
    My new favorite Highway Patrol car.. love it!!!!
  5. Another ghost design idea.. not the best by any means
  6. Love this car.. I would love to see a ghost trooper skin made for it. Created a quick one for testing as I've never made one before. Not perfect or finished by any means, but here's an example
  7. your download links seem to be broken.. copied link and does not work. Only tried the 2k because 4k is too hard on the pc
  8. Usually when you have the front interior bar it's for unmarked or slick top units. Just think it would be better to have the option to either have the front interior bar or the exterior roof mounted bar. But other than that I like it.
  9. So.. it has an exterior and interior lightbar at all times? Usually it's one or the other, but other than that it's nice.
  10. been working on my Jefferson County Sheriff skins for a while now and can't seem to figure out the reflective option
    The cars are very accurate and look great!!!! Had em since day 1... pay no attention to KarRacers review as he must know nothing about Ohio. No OSHP cars have bars on them.
  11. This should be on the header of the website... would look great!!!
    Just what I was waiting for, they look great to me.. thanks!!!
  12. Any chance you'd consider making a skin for the 2011 Crown Victoria? I use the one from here... I've tried fixing it myself, but It looks terrible. the only skins I've ever made was my Jefferson County Sheriff cruisers. Thanks
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