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  1. Sgt. Hamilton

    2009 Dodge Charger NYPD Slicktop

    The model itself is personally one of the best models for GTA 4 ever created, but the handling is completly messed. Otherwise, nice mod.
  2. Sgt. Hamilton

    2012 Chevrolet Impala NYPD

    Amazing job! Perfection!
  3. Sgt. Hamilton

    GTA IV Black/White screen after loading into game

    Yes that's true, but it's a good option since it is 100% sure of fix. Try backuping the vehicle files' directory, as in GTA V they are like x64e, x64d etc. then you do the files integrity stuff
  4. Sgt. Hamilton

    GTA IV Black/White screen after loading into game

    Is your game original from steam/standalone? If steam, try verifying the integrity of your game files, will CERTAINLY solve it out; If you're using standalone version, try this: Create a new text document named “commandline.txt” and place it in the root game folder with "-verify" (without the quotes) in it. Then run the game. It works in GTA 5, and hopefully in GTA 4, but I am not sure because I use Steam version. I am almost sure it wasn't caused by the siren you installed, since it's .WAV file that shouldn't mess up with your graphics, unless it was a trap mod. EDIT: Sorry for portuguese stuff, I tried to clarify as much as I could
  5. Sgt. Hamilton

    Game Freezing

    Try removing those scripts/plugins one per one and you'll see which broke your game
  6. Sgt. Hamilton

    About GTA IV

    Simply amazing, in LCPDFR the LCPDFR itself have functions that in LSPDFR you'd need 5 plugins to have! I loved it, gonna play it forever, thanks so much for telling me the amazing GTA IV is, @Lundy
  7. Sgt. Hamilton

    About GTA IV

    Downloading LCPDFR now, and so far the GTA IV Campain seems so cool!
  8. Sgt. Hamilton

    About GTA IV

    Really thank you! I'll buy GTA IV and download this as soon I can! Thx everyone for time respoding my doubt thread!
  9. Sgt. Hamilton

    About GTA IV

    Hm Alright, if it doesn't crash I think it'll be fine... About the story of GTA IV, did you like it?
  10. Sgt. Hamilton

    About GTA IV

    So, I play LSPDFR (GTA 5 oc) in a while, and I already did everything possible both LSPDFR and the Story mode of the game itself... I've been interested in GTA IV since 2008, when it came out, but I've never bought it, do you think It's worth it to buy it now? 2018, 10 years later? I think it looks amazing watching ENB videos of it, LCPDFR too, I think I'd rather play LCPDFR than LSPDFR, I really like the New York ambient, do you recommend to I buy it? And if yes, which graphics mod you recommend to I use on it? I use a GTX 1050 and a I5 3450. (Otherwise it would looks like San Andreas since I am naturalized with GTA 5 ENB)
  11. Sgt. Hamilton

    Messed white giant letters on minimap.

    Already figured it out, it was five broken files, but I fixed, anyways... Locked I guess
  12. I've got this issue randomly, like I leaved the game, joined and it was there, basicly when I enter a vehicle, it appears, when I leave it disappear, anyone have any idea? It really sucks... Note: The numbers or letters kinda change when I move the car, it looks like a speed counter? Not really sure, I removed some scripts and the KPH counter but it still, looks like a game file corrupted? Any idea? Thanks... OUTSIDE THE VEHICLE: INSIDE THE VEHICLE: (Any vehicle) Oh it happened after I changed my vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta but I placed the original one back in and it still the issue, I have no idea...
  13. Sgt. Hamilton

    Ford CVPI Sheriff

    It was E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what I was looking for, a perfect amazing car, thanks!
  14. Sgt. Hamilton


    It is really really really cool, I enjoy it so much and use it a lot, this deserves 5 star surely It works perfectly with the car pack I use that have the spotlight extra, really amazing job bro. Everything you described there works, and the keys are perfect since there aren't conflict with 99% of all other Plugins. Download it, improve really much your gameplay.
  15. Sgt. Hamilton

    Issues with my Frame Rate

    Ye u send me the 7.8 link I'll use it, thx for the tip