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    Awesome pack, absolutely love it. I like the fact you can select the color you like, amazing detail and I still have your LCSO CVPI in my game, i love that car so much too. The valor looks absolutely stunning, great amount of Amber and red and blue. Also the fact the xml. Are set that on stage 1 and 2 the amber goes to arrow the traffic left as you step off the vehicle, just amazing detail. Great job p.s I would love to see a FPIU
  1. What i wish for is if they could give there API to those top modders out the like Bejeljio o, so he can work on mod that would complement lspdfr 0.4 at release date. We still have to wait for police radio, a traffic policer mod type to pull car over and doing radar. Even if the release would be today, i don't think it's a full fonctional lspdfr we gonna get day 1.
  2. They really stretch it out to the last day. Isn’t it...it’s torture loll
  3. Well it was at first highlighted green and than yellow and now red. Of course it’s a clear message that this tread is getting obnoxious.
  4. If you're new here -- welcome to LCPDFR.com! We aren't a lawless community, and we do remove content which is against our Community Guidelines. Additionally, we ask that people do not troll this thread, by posting off-topic content, false release dates or disrupting the topic or our moderators. Those posts will be removed and account sanctions issued if necessary. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy your stay here! Use the 'Report Post' button to bring any trolling or off-topic posts to our attention, instead of engaging with them. Thanks! Message added by Cyan This is a relevant source i would say.
  5. Im sure Bejelio will get is hand all around this if it’s not in there. That guy is insane at making great mod, I’m sure police radio, traffic policer all those will be implemented even better than it is ATM, but still it will take a couple week after release I’m assuming because of they have to learn the new API.
  6. how is pulling over a certain area will be possible without traffic policer in game, i believe it's not included in 0.4 that feature? We will have to wait for a mod for that i'm guessing?
  7. That’s a concern for me to, good point. The latest GTA update really ruin performance and I hope lspdfr 0.4 is optimize enough and have all the content and room necessary for other mod as well on release. I’m all about in game performance to.
  8. i said if it's release broken, what you don't understand here? We all want lspdfr 0.4 but rushing it out the door could have it release with bugs. So the time to fix those bugs could take a while since they are only working on it on there free time. If you don't understand please get education.
  9. Yes we don't want a broken 0.4 and have to wait another 3 weeks to be fix
  10. I'm wondering if we will need to wait for a Ragehook update to use 0.4 and in the same pattern needing to wait for a scripthookv update? I hope it's compatible with version .57 and higher..i'm still running on the old ragehook .57 version, way better fps in game. Other question to is lspdfr 0.4 will be optimize to deal with the current state of GTAV update because the patch was not really optimize on the part of Rockstar bringing in some serious fps drop on the last 3 version of GTAV.
  11. I put your mod in, it’s great but for some reason it seem to coz some frame dipping at random times. IDK if anybody else experience this. ?
    You did it again, your car looks really realistic, neat and clean...this is the most sexiest Argent light bar i ever seen so far. When you download a Jedahdiah pack you know you have quality stuff...great job mate. A charger and FPIS would be so appreciated thanks
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