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  1. manu450

    LSPDFR Computer+

    I have a suggestion for CPlus that would be cool, adding the possibility to give written warning and 24 hour warning for light missing headlights or expired insurance or registration if you feel they should get a break because they have been really cooperative. A 24 hours warning with presentation of the document to the police station. Most police when give warning they still land you a warning ticket.
  2. phone up remove is a must, and light melee remove as well, but without removing cinematic camera, which is B on the controller. I'm getting tired of punching my ped each time i try to close a menu lolll. Yes all the above pretty much all what you mention you have to keep in, ELS uses the horn, cinematic camera and DPad, i think not removing those function will have ELS working, as many already request i think. You can try a set if it's working, The Phone is a DPad function, but you remove it in number 2 and ELS works.
  3. manu450

    LSPDFR Computer+

    Adding a feature to have all the ped you have ID in the vehicle show in the computer when opening it in the ped section and have the driver stated beside his name would be such a great addition to CPlus. For me that's the only feature missing.
  4. Great job Phaxol, you seem to have fix the ped stealing the police car as well. I'm a big fan of Computer plus, I really like your addition, what's great with yours, you can check all passengers, I know it's only a beta, but an actual menu would be nice that you can use your mouse to go around. I know CPlus as that feature, but to be honest I like the way it's implemented in yours, with detail on the citation, the demerit point loss etc...I know it's a beta and I'm pretty sure you can find something pretty neat.
  5. manu450

    Blaine County Police Department Pack [ELS]

    Same problem here, thought my graphic card was going, but I just saw a video on you tube with the pack in it and he as the same glitch. I remove the pack and it's gone. Everything else is just plain perfect about that pack though. So I won't put this in a review but, let him know here so he can fix it.
  6. Ok so i got a set that work with ELS set #2 but there is only 1 feature i would like to be added without having the cinematic camera out witch ELS take care of that already. i would really like that setup with light melee on foot remove if it is possible, there is a set that disable light melee, phone up and cinematic camera, i try it and it does't work because removing cinematic camera disable the manual siren in game for ELS. perhaps a solution to that would be greatly appreciate, without buying any software of course.
  7. manu450

    LSPDFR Computer+

    I would do a clean reinstall of C plus . Never had that happen to me. Do yo hold the E key or you just press on it. You need to hold the E key for a second for it to work.
    Awesome pack!!! good lightning setup, i personally like the takedown lights flashing as well, but hey great job on the overall cars.
  8. Are you using a controller? If so I have the same problem, using the G key to open up the menu is fixing it for me, showing me the drag option. I already mention de problem.
  9. That was one of the purpuse of this update, I gain 10fps as well testing it, I think a lot more features are coming with this, that will make our experience even more immersive and less complicated. Having everything include in one mod is far less demanding and result in less crash and bugs as well.
  10. manu450

    BCSO Integrity Pack

    Red and blue option? It would be nice for the old Canadian
  11. manu450

    [ELS] 2010 Silverado

    Your welcome; if i was you, i would change the handling to "PRANGER" or "BALLER2" in the" vehicle meta". for a more truck like feeling and handling. To do that navigate to your'' vehicle meta in "mod-update-update.rpf-common-data-levels-gtav. When your there drag and drop your vehicle meta file on your desktop, right click on it, open with notepad and scroll down to any car you like in alphabetic order till you reach Sheriff2 on the 3rd line, it's the car handling, i'll suggest you get use to this, because it's useful if you ever have a car that keeps flipping on you in a pack and you wonder why? or you just want to give a more beefy sound to your vehicle as well with the< audioNamehash />line
  12. manu450

    [ELS] 2010 Silverado

    It goes into your game directory,( GtaV-ELS-pack default) put it in there. I would put it in your latest patch day in your game, I put most of my cars in patchday16ng and I have no issue.
  13. I want to use it for the on foot iPad, that’s my problem. I don’t know which one is set as generic in the ini. They all have background”lspd, Lssd...etc..” I tried to locate the file I need to change that is generic specific with no success.
  14. Bejelio, would it be possible to set any ped for a pursuit with a click of a button, reason why, it’s often times, when the 2 passengers escapes the vehicle lspdfr only mark one, and the other I can’t call on scene backup to go after them, would be nice if you could just click on the ped and have there icon turn red. That use to be a mod pretty much similar, would be nice to have it implement with on scene backup.