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  1. Hello all, I hope everyone is having a great day. I am experiencing an issue with RPH when I start up GTA V. I recently installed a new pack, and installed it under patchday18ng which what it has told me to do via the install.txt file. I did, and suddenly it crashed my game on startup. I said to myself, "Oh, maybe it's just a car pack issue". So, I uninstalled it and downloaded another car pack and installed it to patchday20ng, and it still crashed my game. The first pack I installed wanted me to install the cara,meta, and vehicles.meta as well, so I don't know if it is either the cara.meta file or the vehicles.meta file. When I started up the game, Rage provided me with a crash log, which I will provide below for you guys to check out. My last ever option is to reinstall the game, which is a pain. But first, I would like to try other options as well. I have tried verifying game integrity via Steam, but that didn't work. Hopefully this issue can be resolved.
  2. Rareroblox

    Graphics Card and CPU recommendations

    Is there any other CPU's that I can use with like a 1070ti or below?
  3. Rareroblox

    Graphics Card and CPU recommendations

    Here you go. DESKTOP.txt
  4. Rareroblox

    Graphics Card and CPU recommendations

    I can maybe post a picture of the inside of my PC if you want? Maybe you know some things if I showed it to you?
  5. Rareroblox

    Graphics Card and CPU recommendations

    Hi! Thanks for the reply. Right now, my current PC wattage is 500watts. What PSU do you think I should upgrade too? I'll keep in mind of the 1070ti and the Ryzen 5 2600. Since I already have 8gb of ram, can I just add another 8gb?
  6. Hi guys. So I just bought a gaming desktop not that long ago, and the specs are attached. I was thinking about putting a Nvidia GTX 1060 because that is the only power supply level that it can run on, and I can put in an AMD CPU because it has a AMD motherboard AMD CPU, so what do you guys think is the best CPU I should get to be able to run 1080p at 60fps games like GTA V, etc?
  7. Rareroblox

    OpenIV crashes when trying to open .ytd and .yft files

    Thanks, I already figured it out. Thanks for your help though.
  8. Rareroblox

    Error: err_str_failure_3

    Hi, I am having this error message, err_str_failure_3, and I am getting to the point where I can' t play, and its really annoying. This error only comes up when I go near a vehicle, lets say to transport a suspect, or around any police car to be honest. I've tried verifying game cache from steam, and I have also tried putting new cars into the game. Didn't work. Is it the way I put it in OpenIV? I put it in patchday20ng. This also happens when I try to go up to the police station parking lot in Sandy Shores. Hope there can be a fix.
  9. Hey guys, whenever I try to open a .ytd or .yft file, it always crashes and gives me this message seen attached. I am trying to view the car that I installed. I am installing my cars under patchday20ng, and also, whenever I try to spawn in sheriff2, it always crashes my game as well. I tried reinstalling OpenIV, didn't work. Hopefully there can be a fix.
  10. Rareroblox

    Rage plugin hook not loads (Not the game not itself)

    What do you mean? Like, whenever you start up RagePluginHook it act's like its a normal GTA game like if you were to open it from steam?
  11. Rareroblox

    Rage Plugin Hook

    Glad to help, haha! Huh, wonder why it's doing that. Other than that, have fun!
  12. Hello everyone. So, I just got a new gaming computer yesterday, and I am having trouble with RAGEPluginHook. The startup with RAGE works perfectly fine, but when I get into the GTA loading screen, it's acting like I am starting up a normal game of GTA without Rage. I tried reinstalling rage, but that didn't do anything. Any ideas?
  13. Rareroblox

    CyberPowerPC/Acer Nitro 5

    Yes. I understand now. I did research on Can I Run It and I found that the Radeon 580 runs pretty much every game on high settings. This desktop is the same price for the Nitro 5, but has better graphics which I find funny haha. Also, the only thing I don't like about that desktop is that wifi is only accessible with a USB dongle which I don't think I will like because if I lose it, then oh well.
  14. Rareroblox

    CyberPowerPC/Acer Nitro 5

    Topic can be closed. I have figured out that I am going to go for this desktop. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B6H4GNY/ref=nav_timeline_asin?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Thank you.
  15. Hey Computer Geeks. I have a question. Since Black Friday is here and Cyber Monday around the corner, I'm thinking of shopping between two gaming computers. I just need help deciding which one is a better buy. I am on a low budget so hopefully the specs are gonna be good for the price. I am thinking between this desktop (CyberPowerPC) and this laptop (Acer Nitro 5). If someone could please look through the specs and see which one is the better deal, that would be great. Also, if anybody else has another product that is under $700, please feel free to post it as well.