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  1. You probably got purged with all the new changes/security. Trying to come in late and act cheeky frankly is just sad. Some of the issues that stemmed from this have been resolved. Some are ongoing. Coming in and acting like a jackass helps no one.
  2. Its not fantasy land. Also no not all those cars are ripped from other games. If it was always that simple me and medic wouldnt have something close to $3k invested in models. As for the second part, if enough information can be provided showing say you go on live stream showing your login name on LSPDFR and you admitting your stealing peoples models you dont feel that is enough evidence to warrant banning you from this site? It doesnt matter if you will attempt to circumvent said ban, the point is they show they are attempting to do something.
  3. So basically over the weekend a group of developers decided to make a more secure website to host their models. Someone noticed the models were no longer on here and asked a question. A community Moderator replied calling all the developers doing this drama queens and they would come crawling back eventually. Obviously said group did not take the blatant disrespect kindly. Once said moderator realized he messed up he started deleting and locking the threads. That prompted even more backlash as not only were they disrespected but they were also being censored. Right now some of us are discussing options for moving forward with the staff here. Its likely if you want to get your vehicles from one website and your LSPDFR and scripts from another. So using your great example. I want money I should be able to take your money with 0 repercussions because you cant stop me. Also no one should want a way to report me for taking said money because its not like its going to stop me? No one is expecting miracles and we know even with the increased security we are setting up its not going to be 100% prevention. We are making it as difficult as possible for them. What most of us want is an open dialogue with the staff to work out realistic prevention/punishment/reporting. A shoulder shrug and, "welp until they post it here its not our problem." Is the same as saying feel free to rip and steal whatever you want. As long as you dont come in and shit in my house I dont care.
  4. Generally speaking paid or unpaid if your speaking from a position of power or assumed power derived from a company or group it is no longer your personal opinion but the opinion of that company or group. I work directly with Medic4523, We constantly explain to our staff members that handle everything from moderation to support cases that they speak with our voice because we put them in those positions to assist people so they need to be aware of what they are saying and how as it reflects on Medic's name/brand.
  5. at some point you might have hit follow. At the top right hand side there is a button you can click. That or you clicked Notify me of replies.
  6. The cool real looking models you see in GTA5 have to come from somewhere. Either you have people who rip work from another game or your paying someone to take something like a CAD drawing and creating the 3d Model for you to use. This first part can run anywhere from $100-500 on average. Once you have said model it generally needs to be converted to actually work in GTA 5. It also generally needs to be poly crunched so the game engine doesnt die when they spawn in. Then you need to template/put on lights/touch up the models. After all this work is done to the tune of sometimes hundreds of man hours worth of work you get something that looks like this. So yes even though the end product was released in a locked state for everyone to enjoy someone actively stealing it so they can do whatever they want with it is not ideal as its your blood/sweat/tears.
  7. The problem with this mentality is the people in question are no longer only going after paid models. They are starting to download stuff we released locked for free and unlocking them because they deserve access to the models we paid for.
  8. Pretty sure it was not more then a year ago you removed all your stuff and it was not even for stuff getting stolen. Your being a hypocrite.
  9. So because they might be willing to put forth the effort why give them any difficulty?
  10. So because we can not fully prevent someone from committing a crime we just shouldn't have police or laws? Not everyone is a superman willing to jump through hoops constantly setup new accounts and change VPNs IPs. You setup some baseline stuff to prevent the casuals and fight the hardcore as best you can instead of rolling over and showing a yellow belly.
  11. Its not civil for us to say he owes the entire community an apology?
  12. Here is the problem as I see it. A member of your staff instead of taking a calm professional approach to the situation and saying something along the lines of Authors may remove their content at any time and then locking the thread decided to take shots at us. Again our intentions were never to do this until he basically called us whiny drama queens who will come crawling back. As it stands with how your site works its not feasible to protect assets anymore. We are moving those assets somewhere we can control and protect them. The goal was to do so peacefully as most of us do enjoy LSPDFR. After Erza's comments that we take as a direct representation of LSPDFR's position it greatly offended us. You guys do not want to invest the time or effort into protecting moddlers assets. That is fine. We can work with someone who will. The blatant disrespect then attempts to straight censor us though is unacceptable.
  13. A few things. Can you get it to spawn fire and EMS 500 away and drive up vs the seemingly instant teleport to your location. Also can you configure back up to clear a scene once you click end call on the smart radio
  14. It seems like your emissive for the headlights, the red/blue outline do not appear to come through as well. Might be better with a darker red and blue. So looking into it further if you do a solid color it Emits better for the headlight trim.
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