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  1. Spectre32A

    BCSO 4K (Harris, TX)

    I used to live in both harris and montgomery counties in texas, these are dead on!! Great job!! Im still trying to track down that newer silverado.
  2. Spectre32A

    Simple trainer not spawning emergency vehicles

    To be honest, I'm not sure how to figure that out
  3. Spectre32A

    Simple trainer not spawning emergency vehicles

    it take me alot more than three times usually. every now and again ill get lucky. I usually have more success once ive gone on duty and then it takes less time to get them to spawn. Most times i just hit F4 and spawn the vehicles i want that way.
  4. Spectre32A

    Simple trainer not spawning emergency vehicles

    it just states that the selected vehicle is spawned but its not.
  5. Spectre32A

    Simple trainer not spawning emergency vehicles

    The only other trainer I've tried to use was the menyoo trainer and that causes crashes each time I've tried
  6. Spectre32A

    Simple trainer not spawning emergency vehicles

    Would that have anything to do with the fact that I play the game using my TV screen as opposed to the laptop screen?
  7. So I've had this issue for a while now and I'm not sure how to fix it. I'm using simple trainer and for a while I had no issues spawning vehicles using the vehicle spawned. Now for the past few months I'll go and select a vehicle and the trainer will state the vehicle is spawned but it's not showing. Sometimes after repeated tries the vehicle will spawn but in most cases I have to hit F4 and use the command prompt to spawn a vehicle. Can anyone help in regards to this issue? If this isn't posted in the right section, I do apologize.
  8. Spectre32A

    2013 Silverado - State Police/Unmarked

    Has anyone figured out the siren issue?
  9. Spectre32A

    Trainer issue...

    quite positive. its a simple drag and drop into the main GTAV folder. For some reason they wont come up at all.
  10. Spectre32A

    Trainer issue...

    SInce the new rage and scripthook update i cannot get any trainers to work. curious if im the only one experiencing this issue or if others have had a proble. IF so, what was the cause and the solution. Thanks guys
  11. Spectre32A

    GTA5 loading

    Mine takes about that long as well. Im not entirely sure why that is. It may be a normal thing with all the plugins being loaded and such.
  12. Spectre32A

    Retro Car Packs?

    Ive also wanted to do something like this as well but ive not seen a pack per say. You would most likely have to install individual vehicles. Now there is the retro police pack but it makes my game crash so i havent been able to use it.
  13. Spectre32A

    Back up units lights not flashing

    No it is set to true
  14. So for whatever reason, i cannot figure out this issue. My ELS lights work fine but when i call for back up units none of the vehicle lights flash. Some or all of the lights will be on and doing a steady burn kind of thing. If i get into a back up unit vehicle then the lights will then flash. This is only the case with the police and sheriff vehicles. The ambulance and fire trucks lights work just fine. Ive already uninstalled and installed ELS with no fix to the issue. Any help is appreciated.
  15. Spectre32A

    ELS Lights are not working for me?

    Use the native trainer or simple trainer and change the vehicles tint. Thats usually the cause. Certain vehicles spawn with really dark tint and it will effect the light bar as well.