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  1. JIves

    Blaine County Sheriff Office Pack

    I know im a bit late to the party, but thanks so much for all the hard work on this amazing model of a vette! I used an all blue pack for this feature, but made sure to give you full credit! 5/5!
  2. JIves

    [ELS] Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Slicktop

    Id love to give you a handy j for this beautiful maro' 5/5 thanks man!
    Beyond in love with this minipack!! Great work and please continue to produce this art work
  3. JIves

    LSIA Police Department Mini Pack [4K]

    Perfect texture on the fpiu! i appreciate all the hard work you put forward, keep up the great work!
    beyond epic model @panoszaf! thank you for all the hard work and effort!
    Beyond in love with these amazing models! All lights work wonderfully, i enjoyed showcasing these models in the latest video! Im a noob, so apologies in advance for any misunderstandings on my part! great job and keep up the amazing work!!!
    Brother!! Every time i think to myself, "man, stp is seriously essential to play this game now! I dont know how he could possibly make it any better!" At that exact moment i get back slapped with a taste of my own medicine with yet another update from this amazing epic mod!! Thank you so so soooo much for all the hard work and continued dedication!
  4. This post hit me right in the feels! im speechless! its been very controversial with whining from members in the community both here and on discord servers as of late...and its caused a bit of an uproar in the community and negative talks, which now put into prospective by stating just how much the download traffic costs, it really touched me and, to be frank, makes me want to go comment some pretty negative things against those people on the forums making complaints about how much money sam is supposedly making? As if any cash value could really touch the amount of work and dedication has been put into making this amazing game work. LCPDFR is, and has always been, completely free! despite countless unpaid hours for for the last couple years from devs and modders alike, the game continues to strive on! ive played from the shadows, trying to donate as much as possible when possible.... just recently have i felt comfy enough to come register and speak my mind on some of the injustices ive seen lately. This was well needed, well worded, and perfectly timed. Thanks sam.
    Thanks so much for all the hard dedicated work on bringing this into the world of lspdfr. its absolutely amazing!
  5. Thanks so much for the quick update and clear/precise directions. My issue was not having the latest update of the icue software. works like a charm after that on my corsair k70 RGB
    Hey man, I cannot believe some of the responses you have gotten here as far as the lack of respect for your hard work, and then free release! I am starting not to question why some of the original, long term members are starting to pack up and call it quits. The members are starting to be nothing but rude to the people making this site live and breath. Anyways, dont give those negative comments any mind, thanks for everything you do and great work on this model!