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  1. It's unfortunately not possible as the plugin can't read the ELS stage information (only native game info can be used).
  2. Do you have a Razer or Corsair keyboard/mouse? And if possible, can you please PM me your RAGE.log file so I can have a look at it?
  3. Thank you for sharing the log file. I'm looking into the issue, but for now, it seems that the CUE SDK isn't compatible with the iCue software. I'll let you know something when I've found a fix or new version with the iCue SDK.
  4. It's compatible with v0.63, sorry for the confusion. I've updated the description to v0.62+ to indicate it supports higher versions.
  5. You only need Razer Synapse to be running (make sure the service is active in windows under the name "Razer Chroma SDK Service"). When the plugin is loaded, it should show one of the following notifications a. Razer Keyboard Police Lights configuration loaded b. Razer Keyboard Police Lights configuration file not found, using defaults instead c. Razer Keyboard Police Lights configuration file is not valid, using defaults instead In all of these cases, your mouse should still play an effect when in a police vehicle with the sirens on. If none of the above are shown, can you verify that the plugin is loaded by typing "ListPlugins" in the Rage console by pressing F4 (default key). If the plugin is loaded, can you please send me your "RagePluginHook.log" file so I can have a look at it and try to figure out what's going wrong?
  6. Open the RazerPoliceLights.xml configuration file Replace <Primary R="0" G="0" B="255"/> with <Primary>blue</Primary> located under the <Colors> tag Replace <Secondary R="0" G="0" B="255"/> with <Secondary>blue</Secondary> located under the <Colors> tag Save the configuration file
  7. - Open the configuration of RAGE when it's loading by clicking the gear icon - Go to the Plugins tab - Enable RazerPoliceLights plugin OR - Open RAGE console when in-game by pressing F4 (default key) - Type "LoadPlugin RazerPoliceLights" and press enter The effects will automatically play when in a police vehicle and the sirens are activated.
  8. Version


    Razer & Corsair Keyboard Police Lights BETA of Corsair device support is released. Adds police lighting effects to Chroma & Cue enabled Razer/Corsair devices. The effects exists out of predefined patterns and your own created patterns which can be activated by the configuration file for the keyboard and mouse. The color of the effects can also be modified to predefined color values or RGB values. This plugin supports ELS. Prerequisites Rage plugin hook v0.62+ Razer Synapse or Corsair iCUE software Currently supports Chroma enabled Razer keyboard Chroma enabled Razer mouse Cue enabled Corsair keyboard Cue enabled Corsair mouse Installation Copy the contents of the "Grand Theft Auto V" to the installation directory of GTA V (overwrite any existing file) Modify the "RazerPoliceLights.xml" in the Plugins directory to your preferences For Corsair users only Make sure you have the latest version of iCUE installed Features Customize effect speed Enable on foot Customize colors Effect scan mode Pattern selection per device Selection of active Chroma devices Custom pattern definitions Vertical effect playback for mouse device Color configuration based on ELS configuration Upcoming features Pattern selection by police vehicle This plugin is inspired by Keyboard Police Lights created by Morgaan.
  9. yoep

    Braveheart's Policing Script

    Thanks for the new update :)
  10. yoep

    0.95 RC1 (aeroman94)

    I don't see anything abnormal. Now RC2 is out now so download that version, and maybe your problem maybe solved. Otherwise you can always find help here on the forums.
  11. yoep

    0.95 RC1 (aeroman94)

    Your LCPDFR.log can be found indeed under the gtaiv folder. I think your ScriptHook.dll is damaged are isn't valid. Run the diagnostics tool. (and please post the log a little bit longer because it's possible that there is something important that we might miss).
  12. yoep

    Wichita Police Department Pack

    Are these ELS cars?
  13. yoep

    Pursuit Keys Not Working

    Yes you need an ASI loader. Run diagnostics tool to see what you didn't install.
  14. yoep

    0.95 RC1 (aeroman94)

    Strange I would think that your LCPDFR mod isn't started (alt+p to start the mod). But you say that you can play call outs and pull people over? Post your LCPDFR.log here please.
  15. yoep

    pursuit issues

    Problem solved. Run diagnostics tool (http://goo.gl/QEftp), if it says ASI loader not found re-install LCPDFR.