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  1. Live in a suburb outside of Cleveland, and I've got to say, these are really well made! Absolutely love the low profile cars, see them in the city all the time, but they almost become an afterthought. It's good to see them getting some attention too
  2. If possible, please don't add newer lightbars to her. She wouldn't look the same without those Code 3 Force XL's. If you know how to make rotating lightbars with ELS, please do this. LED's won't look good on an Ectomobile.
    This is perfect! Ever since LSPDFR came out, I was wishing someone would make LCPD vehicles with the vanilla models! LCPD > LSPD
  3. I see, well I appreciate you answering my questions. You do amazing work!
  4. I'm well aware of that, but I was just wondering if 0.4 will expand on the SAHP automatically, or if we are still going to have to install separate mods for it. Either way it's no problem, I was just curious.
  5. So...Will the SAHP come with 0.4, or do we have to install RDE for that?
  6. Just installed this today, but no matter what I seem to do I can't get anything to work. I installed everything correctly, and when I load the plugin with RAGEhook it says it loaded up successfully, and that I have the newest version. I've changed the keybinds twice with no avail. Am I the only one experiencing these issues?
    Amazing mod, definitely a necessity for playing LSPDFR. The only issues that I see are very small, and don't always occur. The coroners can be a bit tricky sometimes; while playing I called them to retrieve a body from behind the little store on the lake in Sandy Shores. Coroners got confused on how to get to the body, and ended up driving their van in circles repeatedly. I got a good laugh out of it though! Other than that slight issue, this mod is perfect! LSPDFR just doesn't feel right without it!
  7. What does his comment have to do with you wanting to or not wanting to download the mod?
  8. Hi, first of all I just want to say that I love this pack, but I only have one question; is there a way to get rid of the tattoos on the white police officer and the black police officer?
  9. Has anyone else had a problem with the Highway Interceptor (under sheriff slot) when the primary lights turn on, it creates a weird grey texture box around the entire car. This is the only vehicle to have this problem, all the others work just fine
  10. All these packs are amazing! First ELS vehicles I've ever used and I am not planning on switching them out anytime soon! However I do have a question, have you ever considered doing a park ranger pack?
    I really hope you plan on updating this, as the light setup is horribly inaccurate to the movie. The LED gumball light and the side runners do not fit the car at all, the grille strobes are supposed to be white, and only the Ecto-1A from Ghostbusters 2 has a traffic advisor. I get that you wanted to make something fun for Halloween, but as a huge ghostbusters fan, I'd love an Ecto-1 mod that had accurate working lights. Like you said, you didn't make the car and only added the lights, but I doubt the original author is ever going to do it.
  11. Damn, I really wanted to give this a try but it seems a handful a people are having issues with it, and there doesn't seem to be any solutions to those problems. I really hope you haven't given up on this one, Albo, it's a very useful mod for people who don't want to switch to ELS.
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