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  1. I debugged it myself, the comments at the top of presetoutifts.ini was throwing the script off. thanks!
  2. everything matches, and is in the folder. I still get nothing.
  3. Thanks, I tried the bottom file with no avail. I will continue looking at it.
  4. I ran your python script and no file was created...
  5. from the old teasers from 0.4 it looked like the officers that were responding were "EUP" styles officers. Since I updated, I am getting the old Rockstar officers still responding. Can anyone confirm this was a feature implementation at this time? I was looking forward to having more diversity in the department!
  6. I also have this issue. r5 1600x 16gig ram 1070sc Same FPS as OP
  7. you should fix the holding of keys to go full speed :D
  8. cvpi spawns blue with no window texture. any ideas why?
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