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  1. FoxTrot999

    LSPDFR 0.4

    Probably best not to upgrade to 0.4 until all the major modders have updated there stuff
  2. FoxTrot999

    LSPDFR 0.4

    Do we know yet if the up coming update will break a lot of mods as some haven’t been updated in ages but still work fine, will the new update cause these stop to working
  3. Yes u can It was patched as my self and a few others reported it to albo and was beta testing it prior to release, it should be fixe now
  4. FoxTrot999

    UK German Shepherd Badges

    Excellent job
  5. @BejoIjo I can also confirm the drag the ped and coroner only work if your walking or moving close to the dead or injured ped not if your stood still, also regarding the PT the lights & sirens are still sounding when there arriving but not when leaving, could you add a option to have a choice of off or on like in AM please? Or maybe a Code 2 Code 3 pick up depending on the situation?
  6. It’s amazing how far this plugin has come and not only that but the author has come a long way, he’s improved on about 5 existing plugins since he started and recently made it possible to remove 2 plugins and make them apart of the same dll
  7. I haven’t had time to try this yet as I’m working but I see it says lights and siren off when vehicle is leaving? Does this also stop it working when they are arriving as not always do PT have lights and siren on when there going to pick up a suspect. The option to have lights only or both on arriving and departing would be great
  8. @BejoIjo well this just keeps getting better and better.
  9. @BejoIjo yea unfortunately, same with traffic policer and smart radio it now falls back to the default plate check and provides American style read out I hope @Albo1125 can maybe provide a fix or work around
  10. @BejoIjo no the AM doesn’t effect the court system as such. Only the BPS makes changes to that and the traffic stop menu as without the BPS I lose the option to provide a on the spot fine and issue a TOR which is a traffic offence report that’s widly used in the uk for motor vehicle offences etc.
  11. @BejoIjo I have just tested the new version and a few plugins throw up red flags once AM is missing, BetterEMS, although it says optional, LSPDFR+ and AlboCommon.dll gives red flags and Smart Radio as well. now none of this stops any of them running which is good it would be nice if the other plugins was updated to work with STP to stop the redflags from showing. getting back to British Policing Script, now that does stop working and removes all british changes to the game which is a real shame and not just for me. I love a lot of the changes you brought to LSPDFR esp how you can now force a type or transport like POLICET and not just a random car and how now when you seize a car its not a automatic radio call to have it towed away giving you more time to search it after the ped has left, so well done with that as that's long been needed. the BPS is mainly for the persona and court system to change it from American to UK/Europen style, not a major issue but it would be nice to be able to have it replicated with STP. I don't know how you guys do these plugins but there amazing and maybe you could incorporate something into yours so you have a choice of American or Europe game play if possible? i would install the british script your self and maybe see what the changes are and whats required and maybe even add them functions to yours. I also got a crash and I have added the log below, it blames another and not STP even tho its listed as stopping. the situation was a car was towed using STP and the person arrested with STP and then PT was called via STP and LSDFR then crashed in a way I have never seen before, the game froze totally and had to be CTRL ALT DEL to force it to close as it never recovered for me. looking forward to this plugins future. FYI I have uploaded the PDF that comes with the BPS so you can see the changes that are made etc https://www.file-upload.com/ne5xfukf6uml RagePluginHook.log
  12. I will check in the morning and get back to you but I think it won’t load as it changes the fines from $ to £ and the court system is altered to fit the uk style of game play maybe @Albo1125 could provide an idea or solution
  13. @BejoIjo The prospect of this is potentially very exiting. A major issue with LSPDFR is the amount of plugins now becoming a staple in the World of LSPDFR. To be able to lose a plug-in and gain FPS is a game changer right now and I hope you can continue to reduce the plug-in count down to a more reasonable level. It’s crazy how by just going on duty I can easily LOSE 30-40 FPS if not more, compared to vanilla GTAV. The only thing I think you have got wrong is that a lot of plugins require Arrest Manager to be present for them to function properly. I would look at working with albo and other Scriptures and maybe come up with a coding that lets plugins such as “British Policing Script” among others see STP as a alternative requirement to AM. Work would be needed on both sides and not just yours but I think it can happen. So near but your not yet there...but you are close
  14. FoxTrot999

    Police 2017 Volvo XC90 Unmarked [ELS]

    Just use another one and rename it