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  1. Crash with traffic collision as well when accepting
  2. I find this too bright in the day if using the reshade and the enb
  3. Do we know yet how this will effect plugins like ELS and albos stuff and Stop the ped etc?
  4. Still getting an issue with the panic button one as it crashed when i accepted it
  5. Yes that’s my point, LPSDFR is great but it’s only great because of the time and effort the authors put into these plugins like your self and most recently Bejoljo have made some massive contributions and improvements, try and play lspdfr without anything and see how bored you get. The worse thing that can happen is that it turns into the mess and uncertainty like scripthookv update Creates. These authors should be treated like a part of the team and treated as such.
  6. Just replace them one by one and find out
  7. All the popular modders like Albo and the rest of the first class ones should be given access to these files early, there files are what make LSPDFR the way it is and without them LSPDFR would of been gone years ago I don’t agree with not giving these guys very early access to the new version so they can mod there plugins, it will be a long time before I even download 0.4 in that case and I 100% encourage no one to download early as it will be boring without the plugins we have now. Disappointed in the devs with a stupid move also annoys me how the mod team here always state you don’t need scripthookv for lspdfr but yup do as 99% of the cars made are ELS now, you do u need scripthook for LSPDFR as again it’s what makes the mod great and without that and the other plugins it would be very boring mod
  8. @Phaxol love the new update mate, could you add the ability to change the currency forgive me if there is as I have only tested it briefly. An option to use the computer for like UK or Europe style would be great like changing the words from citations as we don’t use them etc
  9. Probably best not to upgrade to 0.4 until all the major modders have updated there stuff
  10. Do we know yet if the up coming update will break a lot of mods as some haven’t been updated in ages but still work fine, will the new update cause these stop to working
  11. Yes u can It was patched as my self and a few others reported it to albo and was beta testing it prior to release, it should be fixe now
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