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    FoxTrot999 got a reaction from patvmru in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    Do we know yet how this will effect plugins like ELS and albos stuff and Stop the ped etc? 
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    FoxTrot999 got a reaction from OblongGaming in LSPDFR 0.4   
    Yes that’s my point, LPSDFR is great but it’s only great because of the time and effort the authors put into these plugins like your self and most recently Bejoljo have made some massive contributions and improvements, try and play lspdfr without anything and see how bored you get. 
    The worse thing that can happen is that it turns into the mess and uncertainty like scripthookv update Creates. These authors should be treated like a part of the team and treated as such.
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    FoxTrot999 got a reaction from Brad Philips Townley in Rage Hook Fatal Error [SOLVED]   
    Just got this error now thanks 
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    FoxTrot999 reacted to Brad Philips Townley in Rage Hook Fatal Error [SOLVED]   
    Rage Hook is having some sort of fatal error (screenshot included). During loading, this Fatal Error message appears, and each plugin crashes after loading. After the plugin crashes, the game proceeds to freeze completely (can't access Task Manager or anything), requiring a forced shutdown of my PC. Because the game never actually loads completely, no log is generated.

    Update: This issue has been solved. It was caused by an option in Rage to combat measures against DLC cars.
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    FoxTrot999 reacted to TheKingOfMobile in Realistic Traffic Modifications? Something that isn't a headache   
    I have found the traffic in GTAV to be a bit on the light side considering it's supposed to be a major city.
    Can any of you recommend a traffic mod that works well and is compatible with LSPDFR? I don't want a cluster f*** of cars but just real traffic.
    I've seen a few online but I'm VERY new to the GTAV modding scene but have played and modded every other GTA game.
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    FoxTrot999 reacted to RussianSpy753 in LSPDFR Crashing   
    My LSPDFR seems to crash whenever I attempt to write a ticket to someone, I am unsure the reason why and was wondering if anyone else may have had this issue and if you'd be able to give me a solution? It only seems to crash for that reason as well.., any help is appreciated
    This is the crash report it gave me

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    FoxTrot999 got a reaction from danny. in British Police 308   
    Is anyone making the new area car 308 model?

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