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    PieRGud got a reaction from Cyan in Halo Master Chief Collection & Reach coming to PC   
    They may promote the MCC as an "Xbox Play Anywhere" game after the PC release, meaning Xbox copies also get the PC copy.
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    PieRGud reacted to Alex_Ashfold in Emergency Uniforms Pack 8.0   
    Comments and questions regarding EUP have exploded since LSPDFR 0.4, I'm breaking the silence today with news and showcase material.
    First has been quite a year for my self, lots of changes in my life. EUP was on hold for I don't know how long, but I feel great and myself and the team had been working hard over the past few months not only to bring new content but basically a new mods, yup don't look for a changelog in the next update. Initial release baby. So much have changed and it's nothing like the current official release and let's be honest I have written down anything about changes in EUP 8.0. Hope you will enjoy this trailer I made quickly.
    This year we made an amount of 2200$ with my new Patreon page, all thanks to supporters for their contributions in the developpement of this mod. With these contributions I was able to replace my dead computer and cover the fees for software that I use to make this mod. For more information about contributions and tiers visit the Patreon page or our Discord
    Of course EUP - Serve & Rescue is getting a makeover aswell 

    I think the previews says it all, but if there is any question just ask. No I have don't have a release date, but you can expect an update dropping in March or maybe a couple of days if we're lucky enough.
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    PieRGud reacted to PNWParksFan in LSPDFR 0.4 API Update   
    Just taking an initial look here, more to come I'm sure. Thanks to the team for all your hard work getting this update out! 
    I'm unable to perform traffic stops on boats, whatsoever. Used to be possible in 0.3.1 without having to do anything special, just boat up behind them and hold Shift.  Unable to put an arrested ped in any car that has "unusual" doors - whether that's no doors, doors on the back like a van, etc.  Ability to disable AI on a specific ped in a pursuit is awesome, thanks for adding that! Looking forward to checking it out.  Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see any way in the API to tell whether an arrested ped is grabbed by the player. This would be helpful, as many mods have their own grab systems, and it would be useful to be able to tell when the ped is already grabbed natively through LSPDFR to avoid conflicts.  The "M" menu has some concept of where hospitals and fire stations are, but I don't see them defined in stations.xml or accessible in the API. If those could be exposed as user-configurable and accessible in the API, I would use them in Better EMS, allowing closer integration with LSPDFR versus redefining everything in my own config files.  Would be nice if RequestBackup let you specify a ScriptName and/or Agency from the backup configs, with perhaps also some functions to read in what all the available agencies and flags are.  Ability to spawn a vehicle + peds yourself, then set it as backup. I.e. it would behave the same as if you had called RequestBackup, but instead you pass in a Vehicle and it becomes a backup unit. Same for Suspect Transport.  Looking forward to future updates!
    EDIT: A few more things I've noticed 
    If you have a waypoint set on the map, Code 3 backup responds there. Which is a useful feature to have, but is also really confusing as it's undocumented. Perhaps the backup menu could have a selector for "respond to self" or "respond to waypoint". You can get a call that's far away (like the built in market robbery call for example), respond at reckless speed to get there, and pass 5 ambient patrolling units on your way that are just driving along without a care in the world. Would be nice if there was some API method to request ambient units to respond to a location, with perhaps an optional parameter for max number of ambient units to respond. That way if you initiated a robbery call for example, you could configure ambient units to join the call, so if you approach an ambient unit on your way they'd also go Code 3 and respond to the same location.  Likewise, I've called for Code 3 backup when an ambient unit was driving right by, and rather than respond they just kept driving, and a new backup unit responded elsewhere. Would be nice if ambient units would respond Code 3 when calling backup if they meet the criteria for the backup requested.  Please add methods to the API for whether Pursuit Cop AI mode - Behavior, Tactics, and Lethal Force settings. 
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    PieRGud reacted to ZLFC in A list of what works and what doesn't with LSPDFR 0.4. Feel free to add.   
    Disclaimer: I can't guarantee these will work universally across the board, but these are the plugins and callouts that I have working in my game personally. Remember to always make a backup. I am not liable for your broken game.
    Keep in mind to remain grateful as this is a modification we are playing free of charge. We are literally just over 12 hours into 0.4's release, so time is needed for authors to make the proper adjustments to their mods for implementation from 0.3.
    Also, please do not include any visual or audio modifications as these should be irrelevant to the version of LSPDFR being played.
    0.4 Plugins
    Arrest Manager
    Better EMS
    Callout Manager
    Cop Holster
    EUP Menu (Emergency uniforms pack - Serve & Rescue)
    Keep The F****** Door Open
    LSPDFR Computer+
    Police SmartRadio
    Real Police Tape Mod
    Speed Radar Lite
    Spike Strips V
    Stop The Ped
    Traffic Policer
    Ultimate Backup
    0.4 Callouts (install any audio folder manually into GTA V -> lspdfr -> audio -> scanner)
    Assorted Callouts
    CalloutsV (MVA callout seems to crash game once pressing "T")
    Code 3 Callouts
    Code Red Callouts 2.9.7
    PeterUCallouts (some callouts work, some don't)
    Wilderness Callouts
    0.4 Miscellaneous
    Emergency Lighting System
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    PieRGud reacted to LMS in LSPDFR 0.4 API Update   
    With LSPDFR 0.4 the API received a few minor changes in terms of the Persona class, which might require recompilation on your end. While there are not many new additions to the API just yet, we hope to change that soon with our next minor update. We ask you to bear with us for a little bit longer before we expand our API functionalities.
    As for additions for newly introduced 0.4 features, we ask you to provide some feedback here in the thread on what you would like to see. We have showcased scenarios in one of our announcements and still plan to make the available shortly. In short, a scenario takes over control during a chase or a traffic stop to provide unique behavior. During a scenario, it has full control over all entities. Another useful addition will probably be frisking and the ability to place items on peds, that can then be found, much like we had it in LCPDFR.
    Thanks for your patience and all the work you have done.
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    PieRGud got a reaction from thanthandafeared in [REL | WIP] LSPDFR Computer+   
    Ever miss the LCPDFR computer? The one with the user-friendly realistic UI? LSPDFR Computer+ aims to bring that back.
    Check out the Computer+ Git!

    Current Features
    - Ability to search for persons and vehicles without keys conflicting with other mods.
    - Uses the LSPDFR API to get ped and vehicle information. Also includes info left out of the regular LSPDFR police computer, like times stopped and number of citations.
    - Uses the Traffic Policer API (if it is installed) to also show a vehicle's insurance information.
    - Search fields are automatically filled out with the subject's information during a traffic stop, so all you have to do is press a button!
    - Dynamic backgrounds! Depending on which police vehicle you're in, you'll get a specialized department background. Comes with RDE support.
    - Looks practically identical to the LCPDFR computer (in terms of the layout).
    [NEW!] - Active Calls screen, which shows all callouts sent by Dispatch, even the ones that AI units respond to! (Must have participating callout plugins installed for this to work)
    [NEW!] - Computer+ now has its own API, for callout developers to use!!
    Planned Improvements
    - Integration with @Albo1125's British Policing Script and soon to be released LSPDFR+.
    - Combining Computer+ and @fiskey111's LSPDFR PolicingMDT into one mod.
    My mouse keeps resetting to the middle.
    -> Change your mouse input setting to DirectInput or Raw Input.
    The game crashed when I tried to search.
    ->This issue has been fixed in 1.3.
    Police Radio and Computer+ showed different vehicle owners. Is this a bug?
    -> No. Computer+ follows LSPDFR's vehicle owner, while Police Radio sometimes doesn't.
    How can I rebind the E key?
    -> Change the context key in your game settings.
    Do I need a Computer+ supported callout for this plugin to work?
    -> No. Computer+ will work fine, just the Call Details screen will be useless.
    I found a bug / the plugin crashed.
    If the bug/crash isn't a known issue, post here with as many details about it that you can give. If the plugin crashed, please ensure you also include your RagePluginHook.log (not the rcr report) that contains the crash message.
    I'd like to give a suggestion/provide feedback.
    Absolutely! I'd love to hear it. I'm actively looking to improve this plugin based upon what you guys want.
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    PieRGud got a reaction from techgamer15 in Help with Computer+ integration   
    The updates didn’t modify the callout integration API. Make sure to go through the wiki. It explains everything in depth.
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    PieRGud reacted to CowNation in Can we recognise the Division from code ?   
    You can distinguish with 3 ways: 
    1. Having the player select their division using a menu (EUP Compatible)
    2. Automatically detecting their model using lots of if statements (Not EUP Compatible)
    3. You can do both (If player is using EUP they'll have to select their division themselves)
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    PieRGud reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - The Technology   
    This is the third part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series.  Not caught up yet?  Check out the initial announcement here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/81745-lspdfr-04-announcement-first-preview
    So, this article is a little bit different than most.  Recently, a number of people have expressed an interest in hearing some more details about the technology behind LSPDFR 0.4, including some of the developments that we've made with respect to artificial intelligence in the mod and also perhaps some more information about the ways in which LSPDFR 0.4 can be customized through code.  While exact details like this are a little difficult to provide as plans can, and often do, change - we've gathered together a number of new systems and features to present here which we think both developers and players alike will be looking forward to.
    The Crime System
    To start with, one of the new systems that we've introduced in LSPDFR 0.4 is the not-very-originally-named Crime System.  The Crime System was originally developed as an expansion of what we had previously done in LCPDFR 1.0 where players could press ALT + E to 'call in' things that had happened, with the key example being a suspect taking off from a traffic stop - units wouldn't respond until it had been called in.
    This is back in LSPDFR 0.4, but with a big twist.  The Crime System recognises a number of different events which could take place in-game (called Crime Events), such as a person firing a weapon, a car being stolen or somebody being run over.  Each time one of these things (and a couple of others) happens in-game, it's picked up by LSPDFR so that our systems can react to it.  This gives us similar functionality to LCPDFR 1.0, where if you're attacked by a criminal then you're able to report this and the criminal will be targeted properly by other units, but it also opens up some new possibilities that we've added for LSPDFR, including the ability for nearby civilians to actually call 911 if they witness a crime.

    The Crime System allows for far greater interaction with GTA V's rich environment, providing a more dynamic experience during patrols.
    The cool thing about this is that since GTA V is a very rich game in terms of the ambient environment, it's actually quite possible that crimes like this can take place in the game and we think it makes things a whole lot more immersive when you can actually react to them with the full support of LSPDFR behind you, rather than having to engage in a mad dash after someone in the vain hope that you'll catch up before they turn a corner and disappear! 
    Plus, the Crime System will be available in the API for LSPDFR 0.4, easily allowing developers to add new Crime Events by specifying the crime, victim and suspect.  This could be useful, for example, in a drunk driver callout where the player searches for the offending vehicle.  Once they've found it, they'll be able to report this to dispatch and trigger a pursuit, without the need for any additional code - a lot more convenient than having to handle this manually.
    Sticking with the topic of improvements to a lot of the technology that powers LSPDFR, we've added all new functionality throughout the mod for custom Scenarios.  In general, we like to think of Scenarios as short ambient sequences which can just spontaneously happen within the world.  In addition to this, though, we also support Scenarios across a couple of our other systems, like both pursuits and traffic stops.  This opens up a bunch of new opportunities for gameplay as just like in real life, there's now so much more that could happen during a traffic stop.  Perhaps they exit their vehicle while you're approaching?  Do they have a weapon, or are they just angry and complaining?

    From 'routine' traffic stops gone totally wrong to suspects ditching their cars and bailing, Scenarios add all new depth to LSPDFR.
    The best bit about Scenarios, though, is that we've also added them to the LSPDFR 0.4 API, and while we've come up with a few of our own, we know that there's many developers who will knock it out of the park in their attempts to find new and interesting ways of enhancing the experience with Scenarios.   Be it by creating new situations that can happen during traffic stops, devising new ways that pursuit suspects will attempt to elude officers, or even by taking advantage of some of the other additions to 0.4, like the Crime System for example, to add a bunch of new ambient crimes throughout the game, we think that the new Scenario system will add much more depth and variety to LSPDFR.

    The scene after an escaped pursuit suspect's burned out vehicle was located.
    Artificial Intelligence
    Finally, in 0.4, we've re-worked a lot of our artificial intelligence.  We'll be sharing more details about these improvements, particularly as it relates to the overhauled pursuit system, in the near future but for now here's a taste of things to come, with some technical explanation, from our very own @LMS
    Stay tuned for more news about 0.4, coming soon.
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    PieRGud got a reaction from PNWParksFan in Rage Native Functions   
    No. If you have a void native, you can set the return type as anything because you're not going to use it anyway. Though like Parks said, it's better to just do NativeFunction.Natives.NativeNameHere(blahblah) and omit the return type altogether.
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    PieRGud reacted to PNWParksFan in Signing out.   
    No comment on all the allegations and whatnot, but just want to add another voice saying yes, we'd very much like to hear about the AI improvements. Get technical! Sure, not everybody cares about the details (just like not everybody cares about new character integration), but some of us really do. And, showing a bit of the technical complexity behind the new developments might actually give the average user a better appreciation for all the effort that goes into the mod.
    LSPDFR's AI is definitely much better than default GTA V AI. It's also got a whole lot of shortcomings. Shortcomings which take time to address - I don't think 1.5 years is actually that long for a hobby project involving this level of complexity for the AI stuff. But it is a long time for the community to be waiting without any information, and it's a very long time for developers in the community to be waiting with no API updates for issues that were reported literally years ago. More communication about the progress of LSPDFR development would definitely help keep people invested in the mod and the community. Take your time, but keep us in the loop, ya know? 
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    PieRGud reacted to t0y in Signing out.   
    Hi whoever is reading this,
    So it has been a very long time coming, and I have thought about this a few times but I am finally quitting LSPDFR and probably GTA. I know you're probably wondering why did I just post a picture of a cop car I modeled then, well that was before I realized I was quitting and demotivated thanks to chapperoni for giving me a kick in the butt. There have been MANY things leading up to this decision, and of course it isn't an easy one to make ive been in the community for almost 2 years now and have enjoyed a lot of it (ish) and found new hobbies of mine like modeling and graphic design, and subsequently police cars and has directed my attention at a law enforcement career in the future (maybe, probably not though.)
    Anyway here are some reasons why I am leaving, I was going to keep this brief but really fuck that, not here to start an argument or anything either thank you to the staff for your help and im not trying to call anyone out of course just hoping this will open your eyes if you want to keep your mod alive. 
    - Toxic, toxic modding community. Not that this is necessarily the mod's fault or the general community's fault but man are the modders on this toxic. For those of you who have yet to see what goes on behind the scenes it is just full of negativity, immaturity, and constant shit talking no matter what you do. It is hard to spend money on ZM, and lord  knows the time to make models for a plugin for a video game as your hobby just to have half of the modding community tear your shit up because your lightbar is an inch too high or your antenna is curved a bit, or god forbid you dont have a cone and a bag in your trunk. 
    - Inactive and/or generally unsupportive staff team. Again not trying to call any of you out, and those active ones you know who you are and I fully support you but those who arent its not very great. I haven't seen 90% of the staff team even so much as comment on a post in a very long time, which by all means is great go have your life dont focus on some police mod for a video game, but you cant expect the community to stick around. Someone can post a shitty, obviously troll model or livery and it wont get taken down for 6 hours just to have the whole community berating them and reporting them but no one doing anything about it, or they can leave a 1 star review saying some pointless shit on a mod you spent weeks on and guess what... you report it and nothing happens, just sad how unsupportive the staff is.
    - NO UPDATES! It has been 1 1/2 years since the last update for LSPDFR, with an experienced team behind it, a supportive community, and plenty of staff working on it nothing has been done. I know I know "BUT 0.4 IS COMING ITS GOING TO CHANGE THE GAME!!!!" simply... no. An animation has been added. And RDE and EUP have been watered down and then added. Not only is it not good, its just bad, not trying to be rude but nobody wants that, I could care less for stop and frisk or having mods that are already in my game dimmed down, we need an actual update. I know what you're thinking: "t0y you IGNORANT SLUT! YOU ARE A MODELER YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GAME DEVELOPMENT AND SCRIPTING!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK YOU FAT SLOB!" first of all im not fat, and that is very rude, second of all ITS BEEN A YEAR AND A HALF there have been so many scripts made, and huge game improving mods like from Albo that have taken less than a year in a half or PNWParksFan who has made an ENTIRE COAST GUARD CALLOUTS MOD in less than that time that has 100x more content than that update, and those are all by one person not even a whole development team. Up until the 0.4 announcement I had just thought the scripters or creators or whatever you guys are called just ditched the whole mod which is really sad considering I have spent countless hours, even 100s of hours making content for this community on my own time, without asking for donations, or trying to sell godawful merchandise. I really would've expected more from you guys, and you've failed us.
    - Honestly it's just boring. A repetitive mod that barely scratches the surface into anything police related. There are police chases, sure but you chase the guy for 4m, get run over by 100 cop cars "helping" you, pit the guy, shoot him, call a coroner, and drive away then rinse and repeat. No cordoning off the scene, calling investigators, directing traffic away from it, getting backup to come and park near the scene to help out, nothing that isn't action filled, like normal police work. It's just not enough to spend so much time on making models for, I would be willing to bet that there has been 5x as much time and effort spent on modeling for the community as I've seen from people like Matt who spends so much hard work on his models than the mod itself which is just silly. AGAIN because I know this will be taken the wrong way im not trying to call you guys out, I know you have a life, it's just a reason why im out of here.
    Anyway to conclude. Yeah. Bye.
    Thanks to all the people that I was friends with over the years, you know who you are (most of you are in Faux Policiers, if so this is repetitive and we're still going to talk to so not saying bye so this is pointless so special thanks to you guys: Emil, DudeMan would be cooler if this was your real name but fuck off, Eric, Jay, Rob, Alex, Maurice, Steven, Brad, Hank, Jake, Jed, Kevin, Kus, Luke, and Trevor sorry you're last but you're offline so your name is on the bottom of the list.
    If you want to stay in touch my Discord is t0y#8617 and my Twitter is thet0y feel free to add me/follow me and we can chat. Still going to lurk around here and see what happens.
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    PieRGud reacted to t0y in Signing out.   
    "Nobody wants to see us talk instead about how we've restructured our pursuit code to use behavior trees."
    W...what? All due respect but that is ALL that anyone wants to see. I simply do not care about that simple animation, or the clothes that you added, or even the different jurisdictions something like that is great to hear, and actually sounds more like a huge development. You changed how the AI act, a HUGE problem in the game that everyone faces, and everyone hates. If the 0.4 update had a little section about that I would be much more interested in hearing you guys out and seeing how 0.4 played out. Plenty of animations in the game right now are terrible, fixing the stop and frisk animation is not enough to show for 1.5 years of development, I am sorry.
    And AGAIN I know I may seem hostile, I truly do not want to argue with you guys, like I said I respect you all and appreciate all the work you guys do.
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    PieRGud reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    Been a while, huh?
    You know, when we first started making LSPDFR, the whole process was pretty much one big roller-coaster that didn't have any brakes:  there were the obvious highs when we'd finally add in something cool, but the low points were pretty hard as well - the amount of work that went into simply researching how things worked really took its toll as well.  And, of course, while this was all going on there just simply wasn't any stopping, we were a couple of (somewhat) real people who essentially lived in Los Santos for just about all of 2015, spending month after month pushing forward and trying to come up with things that everyone here would like to see.
    So, of course, the grind and the pace of everything simply just wasn't sustainable and after 0.3, it's no secret that while the numbers and everything for our site are still on the up, month after month, things did slow down quite substantially for the actual mod itself.  But, we can tell you, this wasn't all bad news - it's afforded us the opportunity to take a step back and really look at the mod and figure out where we want to go next with it.  While our approach before was all about cramming as much new stuff as we could into a couple of months of development, we've now been able to look back at many of the original ideas and concepts that we had for LSPDFR and build on them.  Of course, with that being said, there's still a lot of new stuff crammed into 0.4!

    With 0.4, we've taken the time to fix a couple of those "how the hell didn't they add this yet" moments :)
    Aside from the cool little additions like this, though, the major theme of 0.4 is Character.  Ever since seeing the character system for GTA Online, it was always our goal to implement something similar in LSPDFR.  There's just something that much more personal and immersive about playing a game with your own character, and the possibilities that it offers are staggering too.  And yes, while mods like EUP are fantastic (and awesomely compatible with 0.4!), they still feel somewhat separate or distant.  With 0.4, this separation is gone.


    No, these shots aren't taken from GTA Online.  This is our own, fully-featured, LSPDFR Character Creator.
    Of course, we'll talk more about the new Character features in LSPDFR 0.4 later.  The Character Creator menu shown above is obviously only one part of what's new in this regard, although hopefully it emphasizes the effort that we've gone to.  Thanks to some of the new additions like this, much of 0.4 actually looks and feels like an entirely new mod altogether.

    Officer Ronson and his clones obviously couldn't make it to the flashlight party. 
    Stay tuned!  We'll be sharing more about 0.4 soon.
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    PieRGud reacted to PNWParksFan in Hurricane Harvey support drive and matching donations   
    As you have all likely heard by now, Hurricane Harvey is hitting Texas and the gulf coast region very hard right now. Millions of people are being displaced by extreme flooding and other hurricane damage, with feet of rain falling over a short period of time. Hundreds of people have already been rescued by brave emergency responders and community members, but many thousands more still need help. Efforts are currently focused on the rescue of people in immediate danger, and there isn't much we can do from afar to help that effort but send our best wishes to all involved. However, once taken out of harms way, these people still need shelter, food and water, medical assistance, and more. This is where you can help, by donating to the relief organizations who are helping these displaced people, both in these crucial moments as the disaster unfolds, and in the years to come as they rebuild. 
    We all enjoy playing video games that sometimes simulate dire real-life circumstances. This is particularly relevant to me as the creator of some mods that are heavily focused on EMS and Search and Rescue. I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the grave reality that these responders are facing right now and in the days to come. And I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you do make a donation to support the relief efforts. 
    I am offering the following incentives to donate to the American Red Cross to specifically support relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. If you would like to suggest additional relief groups that are deserving of our donations, please suggest them below. 
    Matching donations: See instructions below to confirm your donation. Any donation over $10 (Red Cross online donation minimum) will be included.  @PNWParksFan will match the first $100 of confirmed donations as part of this campaign.  @acepilot2k7 has committed to match another $50 in confirmed donations  @FirstThirtyMinutes has committed to match another $100 in confirmed donations @AlphaWhiskeySix has contributed an additional $100 in matching donations Coastal Callouts beta access: Anybody who donates at least $30 confirmed will be granted beta access to Coastal Callouts, as if they had donated to me directly  Discord recognition Any member of PNWParksFan, Acepilot2k7, or FirstThirtyMinute's Discord servers who donates $10 or more will get a special user role to recognize their contributions to this effort   
    Donation instructions: 
    Go to redcross.org/donate Enter the amount you want to donate Select "Hurricane Harvey" under the "I want to support" dropdown  Check "Dedicate this donation" and enter "LSPDFR community" or "Coastal Callouts community" Complete the donation Forward the email receipt for your donation to gtaparks+harvey <AT> gmail.com. If you'd like any of the recognition/perks please provide your Discord username in the email so I know who you are. That's optional of course but I won't be able to give you any perks related to your identity in the community if I don't know who you are. If you do not want to be publicly recognized (e.g. in discord servers, youtube shoutouts, etc.) please let me know in the email as well.   

    I will track the donation receipts I receive as "confirmed donations", and will update with the totals here daily. Anybody who has committed to matching donations will also post a screenshot after they submit the donation. 
    If anybody has any other suggestions on how we as a community can support the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey, please let me know below or in a PM. 
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    PieRGud got a reaction from NoNameSet in How to make a ped fly a helicopter?   
    RPH doesn't have an equivalent but since SHVDN is open source, you can create a Vector3 extension.
    public static float ToHeading(this Vector3 v) { return (float)((Math.Atan2(v.X, -v.Y) + Math.PI) * (180 / Math.PI)); }  
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    PieRGud got a reaction from GodZxSAINT in Emergency Uniforms Pack - Support   
    @GodZxSAINT The menu should generate the initialization files if you don't have them, but for whatever reason that doesn't seem to be working for you. So, I've attached them below (place them in the Plugins\EUP\ folder). Let me know if it works for you.
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    PieRGud reacted to Sam in New Rockstar statement on modding   
    As I'm sure everyone will be aware, the single hottest topic recently, throughout the entire GTA community, has been the closure of OpenIV and the controversial statement released by Rockstar Games shortly after.
    Today, Rockstar Games have released a new statement, answering Are PC Single-Player mods allowed?:
    Obviously, this is fantastic news for everyone, and we're grateful to Rockstar for clarifying the situation.  Furthermore, it's been incredible, just amazing, to see the support from across the gaming community for our cause.
    Very quickly, let's also say a special thanks to our very own LSPDFR member @t0y, whose petition to save OpenIV amassed a mind blowing 75,000 signatures in the space of a week!  
    It's been truly awesome to see the outpouring of support from everyone regarding this.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards bringing us this very welcome piece of news.
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    PieRGud got a reaction from Rollins in Emergency Uniforms Pack - Support   
    There's no error. That's how it's supposed to be. EUP has a different install location in order to get around the 48 DLC limit. You should not be editing your dlclist.xml.
    If you're manually installing, please read the included readme.
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    PieRGud reacted to PNWParksFan in GTA/LSPDFR in Miami Police VLOG   
    Well, for once a police department that doesn't say they're going to sue/arrest us for impersonating them... no in fact, they want more Miami PD cars for GTA V! Featuring @acepilot2k7 playing with vehicles by @TWISTEDSCOPES:
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    PieRGud got a reaction from NicholasCage in Is lethal force justifiable for a knife?   
    Yep, the 21-foot rule is pretty well known. Like the video said, you likely won't have time to pull out your sidearm and neutralize the threat at any closer than 20-21 feet.
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    PieRGud reacted to Sam in Our Response to Channel 7 News   
    Channel 7 News in Australia ran a story regarding LSPDFR yesterday, misrepresenting that LSPDFR and other modifications are used as a simulation for killing police officers.  This has since been picked up by other media outlets, as well as the gaming press.  Obviously, this simply isn't the case, and you can read our statement regarding this matter below.

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    PieRGud reacted to Alex_Ashfold in Emergency Uniforms Pack - Support   
    It works fine, there is no issue with clipping, you just can't get how Multiplayer peds works, even without EUP you'll get clipping skin if you selected an incompatible upper skin with your top, I can't believe you are persuaded to be right.
    Have beautiful nightmares
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    PieRGud reacted to Sam in Super Wednesday: ELS and RDE 3.0 now available!   
    Emergency Lighting System for GTA V 
    After much waiting and anticipation, the time has finally come.  Emergency Lighting System for Grand Theft Auto V is now available.  Much like its predecessor for GTA IV, ELS-V brings hundreds of new lighting patterns, a bunch of siren options and a beautiful new interface for controlling your vehicle's emergency equipment.  Developed by our own @Lt.Caine and @LMS, ELS-V is a must-have for any one that enjoys realistic police and emergency vehicles in their game.  

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced 
    As if the release of ELS-V wasn't enough, we've also been spoiled today by the latest release of Realism Dispatch Enhanced.  RDE is a massive modification that brings loads of new lore-friendly models and textures for vehicles, models and even police stations.  Also new in RDE 3.0 is a custom wanted level system that not only re-introduces the six star wanted level, but also fully utilizes all of the new assets added by the RDE modification, meaning that should the player become wanted in the airport, for example, they will be chased by airport police.

    Both of these modifications are available in our Downloads section now
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    PieRGud got a reaction from Brad Philips Townley in is there a plugin ?   
    I think what he meant was a script that gives you the first-person scope when you aim in third-person. 
    This is probably what you're looking for: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/forced-first-person-aim
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