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  1. Can you please make these packs all blue? I know theres red on top of the lightbar, but maybe you can change that too.
    So awesome!!!! Amazing!!!! Cool!!!! Nice!!!! The only bad thing is that I can't change it now because it's so good!!!!
  2. I just downloaded the last update and why does it still say "braking" and it still don't work? What is going on?
    Really good, but the ELS is weird in code 2. Quick question: Are you guys still working on it?
  3. Version Done


    This is my first mod ever, i know it's simple. But hope you like it The only things i did is painted the helmet black. ReadMe included Installation path in ReadMe.txt I hope you like it! I would like to hear what you think! You can join my Discord server here: h!ttps://discord.gg/AwXjHa3 And I've made some more of my mods here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/ViktorTheGamerDK (They are way better)
  4. Can you please make a bike helmet for this? Please!
    Really nice car, but the suspension is F*cked up.
    Really great! Everything is great! but i would like LSPD skin because you can not find a mod that is as good as this one. So can you maybe make a LSPD skin?
    Great! But it doesn't work for me anymore i can just go as fast as i want to, but it still says Breaking. So i dont know WTF is going on. Please see what you can do because i think it is really good mod (when it works).
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