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  1. How do I know which sign to import it at. I have 4 signs.
  2. My game isn't loading up after installing your mod. It shows the plugins list loading up but the game never loads and when I close it , it says the game has crashed im sending you my rph log hopefully you can help me. RagePluginHook.log
  3. Hi Albo, I cant get my siren mastery to work it crashes while loading GTA. Im sending you the rph log so you can try and see whats wrong. Thanks for the help!! CrashReport_luiscarrera2002_636309011995480459.rcr
  4. Everything is good except the lights now they are red and most of them dont turn on.
  5. I know but it still doesnt work. The only thing I installed was your package.
  6. I have aproblems with the lights and the parts of the car. Whenever I put the lights on by ELS, my lights are always messed up. I only have red lights so only some on them work and then I also have a problem with the bumper and spotlight because whenever the lights are on they flash as well. On and off. Please help!
  7. Can you give me instructions on how to make it so it works with siren mastery??? Thank You!
  8. And where can I find the vehicle meta for pranger??
  9. My lights are not working their black. please help!
  10. How can I install the sirens for siren mastery??
  11. I get so frustaded avery time I see the pics, videos.... can´t wait!!! Thx for everything!
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