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    Interference got a reaction from Ragnrok in Everybody's Dream Car?   
    Lamborghini Reventon.
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    Interference got a reaction from FCV96 in Great Job, NYPD!   
    It felt really great to see the women getting apprehended at around 4:30. The NYPD officers were just doing their great job and no-one should interrupt with that. Unfortunately the majority of the public automatically assume that all police officers are always bad.
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    Interference reacted to Abraxas in vdH PoliceHelper 1.2.0 beta   
    OK, so for everyone that missed gallery updates, here are some teaser shots of new features of PoliceHelper.
    In-game settings screen. Yup, every option will be set in game, except force resolution. PS: Settings screen has already more options than you see in this picture

    Lights altering road cones at night

    If you want you can install flares prepared by Sniper 296 and they will replace lights.

    And last but not least, new hep screen. There are some cool new things to spot on that screen but I won't reveal anything about callouts and events. I can only say that traffic events are almost finished and are pretty cool.

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    Interference reacted to unr3al in Need help buying/building or upgrading a computer?   
    Should be pretty decent. I think it's a little pricy for what you're getting. If you're fine with what it costs, I'd ditch the SSD in favor of a better processor. A lot of CPU's are getting to 4.0GHZ now. 660Ti is pretty good, won't run Crysis 3 on high with a big monitor, and no idea how future FPS titles on the Unreal 4 engine, Rage/Quake V engine or Battlefield 4 engine will play, but it should be a home run for most of todays games. I also don't know if that motherboard runs PCIX 3.0 or not, that should be a big concern of yours.

    And for WillS1995; that CPU is mediocre and will do, but that graphics card is garbage, throw it out and get at least a 660Ti.
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    Interference got a reaction from Nutt in Obama   
    It's funny that everytime a political thread gets started in turns into a big debate.
    Whatever, congratulations Barack Obama. Yes we can, again.
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    Interference reacted to Compeast in Paint.net or MS Paint?   
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    Interference reacted to Powler in Recoil mod?   
    There is this mod http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=10913

    However i dont know about the recoil thing?? maybe you could suggest it to the author, and go from there??
    As far as i know there isn't a specific mod for recoil, but i do however hope this helps you :o)
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    Interference got a reaction from Compeast in ENB for Episodes from Liberty City   
    It has great stock emergency lighting effect, btw. And it works fluently on
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    Interference got a reaction from SgtMckinson in Cj24's Modifications   
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    Interference reacted to chevymanusa in Any online PC builder?   
    If it is just a video card, you could find one that ships a model with just on-board and it yourself.

    You can try:
    Or possibly
    I just checked both of them and you can order a setup with just on-board graphics.

    Anything behind add-in stuff (video card, extra hard drives, etc) becomes a liability issue.
    For example, you may know that your graphics card is good. However, for all they know your graphics card causes major issues (just using this as example).
    Different analogy: Most auto repair shops (unless you are really good friends or they are hard up for cash) will not let you bring in your own parts. Why? They are new in the box? Well the reason why is similar to the reason why a PC builder wouldn't let you add parts. They can not know for sure where those parts came from or what condition they were in before. Since they are selling you a service/product they would be responsible for it and it causes liability issues. For example: Going to a service station and having them preform a brake job with your provided parts. If the shop agrees, they are taking on the liability of the job and could be found liable in court if something happened.

    Anyways, I hope you get the point and understand.

    Disclaimer: I am a happy customer of powernotebooks and I have only read (not used) good things about pugetsystems.
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    Interference reacted to Abraxas in vdH PoliceHelper 1.2.0 beta   
    Please take a notice that it is still a beta release and it's a mod for another mod. What is worse this mod was created by graphic designer, not programmer. So forgive me for any bugs. Fell free to send me bug reports and correct my grammar errors. As you can clearly see English is not my native language.

    What is it?
    PoliceHelper is a smartphonestyle device to help every officer in Liberty City.
    Under stylish body made in China you'll find many features for every hard working officer

    Here they are in details.
    5 traffic events like reckless drivers, speeders, drunk drivers and more
    various world events like drunk people, fights, mugging, injured people, shootings, robberies and many more Check ID
    check people papers
    various data like name, DOB, address, warrant of arrest and case involved
    cite pedestrians
    various reactions of peds Deploy barriers / road cones / flares / lights that actually work Request Roadblock
    request roadblock and pray for suspect ramming into it
    normal and heavy (concrete) barriers Request bait car
    waiting time for thief depends on many variables like current hour, neighbourhood and model of bait car
    sometimes thief will drive to hideout, follow him and see what will happen Call for various support
    Improved FDLC assistance
    Improved EMS assistance (yes, they try to be a bit less reckless)
    Call for tow truck (available with TowServices v.1.0.5 or higher)
    METT/Coroner assistance (available with METT/Coroner mod v.1.0 or higher)
    Taxi for a ped Collect Evidence
    collect weapons from crime scene and deliver them to police station
    check and collect evidence from dead bodies Fire extinguisher! Now you can put down fires by yourself. News "app" Easy to use settings menu and user guide. All in game. Skin support and additional customisation!
    More details in scripts/vdH_policeHelper directory Videos:


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    Interference reacted to SpeedyRetreat in Bronies post here! - First LCPDFR brony/MLP discussion thread   
    I seriously don't get it! At all! Nothing disparaging against anyone here but... is this like the sailor moon fan craze of the 90's? And why MLP? Why not care bears or something? Am I being punked on a worldwide scale?!
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    Interference got a reaction from Sniper296 in Raw LCPDFR RC3 beta footage!   
    Really? The latest RC3 revision I'm using is from 1 month ago because the nightly servers are down... and so is JIRA.
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    Interference got a reaction from Dhruv in Best Youtube commentator ever   
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    Interference reacted to Sam in 3 Years of LCPDFR   
    On August 5th 2009, the LCPD First Response mod was officially born when the first trailer video was published on GTAForums.com, featuring the very first version of what is now arguably one of the most popular GTA mods of all time. Now, LCPDFR is about much, much more than the police simulation mod that got the ball rolling almost exactly 3 years ago. Now, LCPDFR is undoubtedly the biggest GTA emergency related community in existence today.

    For me, LCPDFR is by far one of my greatest accomplishment in my eighteen years of life. You can interpret that, or look at it, in whatever way you want, but to have built something like this from absolutely nothing to the phenomenon that it is today is honestly such a great feeling and for this reason, I am simply amazingly proud of everything that the team and myself have accomplished. Sure, it's not quite as significant as founding Google or Facebook, but it's still pretty damn cool.

    To see for yourself what we have achieved in the past few years, here are some simple statistics.

    Our members have:
    Uploaded just under 1,000 files to the site, which are all available completely free to everyone without the need to sign up to anything at all. These files have been downloaded over half a million times.

    Made just under 80,000 posts across 16 forum sections. These posts have been viewed over a million times.

    Uploaded over 5,000 gallery images across 666 albums. These images have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

    Called in over 3,000,000 LCPD backup units during gameplay. This has resulted in over 1,800,000 arrests.

    The LCPD First Response mod has:
    Been downloaded over 400,000 times. This makes LCPDFR one the most downloaded GTA IV mods ever.

    Twice been featured in PC Gamer magazine. As far as we know, no other GTA IV modification has been featured twice like this.

    Been viewed over 470,000 times on GTAForums.com. This makes LCPDFR the all time most viewed topic in the GTAForums "Mod Showroom" for script mods.

    Inspired thousands of people to involve themselves with game modifications, computing science, policing and the emergency services.

    The LCPDFR.com website has:
    Since February 22, 2012, been visited by over 220,000 people from 157 different countries.

    Been visited by over 10 different law enforcement agencies, including the New York Police Department, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

    Across a number of website ranking services, been estimated to be worth between $5,000 to $15,000.

    Since February 22, 2012, served over 6 million pageviews.

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    Interference got a reaction from Slimory in Encounters with the Police   
    Not a direct interaction with the police itself but I have alot of speeding tickets sent to my home, 3km over the speed limit dafuq are they thinking
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    Interference reacted to AlconH in Just for the LOL's   
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    Interference got a reaction from Apocalyptikz in Spike Strip v2   
    You guys basically covered most of Sniper296's police tools right now lmfao
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    Interference reacted to Monty0112 in Happy Independence day!   
    To all you Americans out there, from the bottom of my heart, a happy Indepencence day. Despite all the financial and other troubles in the world, the US is still the land of the free and you should be proud of that. It is values like equality, multiculturalism and individualism that make the USA a great nation. And although I'm not American on paper, I am in my heart.
    Enjoy the day and again, happy birthday America!

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    Interference got a reaction from GTAIVCode3 in Spotlight in Car Mod   
    Only testers get to use Sniper296 modifications at the moment. (UMAD?!??!!)
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    Interference got a reaction from Sniper296 in What do you think of zombie man?   
    Ah yes, we also need the paramedics from Liberty City. Finally they've found the perfect job!
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    Interference got a reaction from theninja35 in What do you think of zombie man?   
    Ah yes, we also need the paramedics from Liberty City. Finally they've found the perfect job!
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    Interference got a reaction from MoonShine in First 2013 Ford Police Interceptor   
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    Interference reacted to wmai20 in Happy Memorial Day 2012 Everyone   
    I would like to wish a wonderful Memorial Day 2012 to the whole community of LCPDFR. To those in the United States, keep in mind that Memorial Day isn't mean't for shopping, it is mean't to honor and respect the men and women who preserve your freedoms. Of course it's always nice to have a sale here and there but don't let that be the priority of your day. There will be several Military events occurring today so I do hope you enjoy yourselves. As always, Have a good one.
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    Interference got a reaction from theninja35 in NFS: HP 2010 Car Font?   
    I asked the same question months ago, it's their own custom font which can't be found on the internetz.
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