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    TheCanadianDream got a reaction from Cyan in LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization   
    is it? idk i downloading it and it looked way more confusing 
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    TheCanadianDream got a reaction from Cyan in LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization   
    is it? idk i downloading it and it looked way more confusing 
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to willpv23 in LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization   
    Yes, you just add the arguments to the "<Vehicle " part. So <Vehicle livery="1" extra_1=true>police2</Vehicle> would make police 2 spawn with extra_1 enabled and livery number 1.
    The liveries for the Maverick are preset because the Police Maverick has two of them - one of which is an ambulance. It would be odd to request helicopter backup and have an air ambulance show up.
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization   
    This is the second part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series.  Not caught up yet?  Check out the initial announcement here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/81745-lspdfr-04-announcement-first-preview
    With LSPDFR 0.3, we got the ball rolling with backup customization, letting players configure their own backup units, giving players the ability to have four separate agencies in their game, each able to cover a different part of the map.
    Now, back then, this was a pretty cool system - car mods weren't even a thing when we released LSPDFR 0.1, and even by 0.3, the modding scene was nowhere near as massive as it is now.   Obviously, there's a whole lot more available to players in terms of content now, especially with popular mods like RDE and EUP which add multiple new ped models, vehicle models, and even entire police agencies.  As such, we wanted to find a way to bring these in to LSPDFR.
    So, forget just rolling the ball.  With 0.4, we're hoping to hit it clean out of the park...

    LSPDFR 0.4 gives you the ability to add your own custom law enforcement agencies, each with their own officers, outfits, inventories, vehicles, police stations and patrol areas. 
    Custom Agencies
    One of the coolest new capabilities in 0.4 is our new approach to dealing with the various police agencies in the game.  LSPDFR has always had a collection of pre-defined agencies, and you've been able to choose from them while going on-duty and you've seen them respond as backup units, but you've never really been able to properly configure them to your liking.  Perhaps you've always wanted to set up Rockford Hills as an independent city with its own department, or maybe you've longed for the full, authentic Southern Californian experience of having way, way more cops than you could ever know what to do with?
    LSPDFR 0.4 now gives you complete control over every agency in the game that we've already added (so the defaults that you're familiar with since 0.1, like the LSPD), but it also lets you define entirely new ones too.
    The possibilities of this system are extensive: you can even have multiple agencies assigned to share one jurisdiction, and there's no pre-set limits for how many different agencies you can add.
    Patrol Areas
    Of course, what good are a bunch of custom agencies if you don't actually see them?  0.4 also expands on our existing backup customization capabilities, now letting you define your own patrol areas.  With this system, you can assign any number of agencies to a particular zone in the game (like Strawberry or Del Perro), and you can combine these areas together into wider groups which can be used in-place of individual zones, making things much easier to manage.
    Likewise, in LSPDFR 0.3, it was called Backup Customization for a reason - the only time you'd really see any of your customizations was when calling for backup.  Again, this has been revamped in 0.4, and similarly, we're calling them Patrol Areas for good reason too.  You'll now see your agencies actually patrolling in their designated areas.

    Kiss goodbye to pesky data file edits - LSPDFR 0.4 actually puts cops on the beat.  And not just any cops... your cops!
    Police Stations
    In light of the way in which we approach police agencies and backup areas, we've also taken the time to rework the various police stations in LSPDFR.  Now, in 0.4, each police station is also configurable, and in similar fashion to Agencies and Patrol Areas, this system is also fully expandable, meaning you can define your own police stations too.
    Aside from the various options like choosing where vehicles will spawn, you can also choose which agency each station belongs to and LSPDFR will configure things accordingly so that you'll actually see vehicles and officers belonging to the specific agency situated around it.
    This system is pretty powerful in its own right as well, to the extent that even if you defined a police station at a random office building, you'd still see parked cars outside belonging to the agency.  Plus, there's also extensive customization options for this too, meaning that you could choose a very specific vehicle model (like a special car with a recruitment livery) to be visible outside a specific police station, without it ever being used as part of the core backup system (i.e. you wouldn't have recruitment vehicles arriving at shots fired).

    The Davis Sheriff's Station, all grown up...  It looks a lot better now with the right people outside! 
    Outfits & Inventories
    For the first time, 0.4 also introduces full support for multiplayer freemode characters (like those that you'll be familiar with from EUP), meaning that not only can you now play as a custom character in LSPDFR (through our new Character systems, which we'll talk about later), but you can also make it so that all the cops around don't look like clones anymore too!
    If you add freemode characters to your Agency definitions, LSPDFR will automatically handle all of the nuances that they typically bring, generating everything from unique faces to head overlays and props.
    And, to top things off - we've included a comprehensive system for managing outfits for multiplayer characters, meaning that LSPDFR 0.4 is fully compatible with EUP, both for player characters and non-player characters.  With this, adding all of your favorite custom outfits is a breeze and there's also support for templating - meaning that you can define one complete outfit as a template, which can then be used as a base for other similar outfits - like having the same uniform with both short sleeves and long sleeves.
    It doesn't stop there, either, because we've also included support for each Agency (and for each different type of officer within that agency) to have their own Inventories too - this handles everything relating to weapons, including attachments, and also supports the MK 2 weapons added in recent GTA Online updates, like pistols with hollow-point ammunition.
    Putting it all together
    We've really gone the extra mile in making sure that all of these systems join together, forming what we think is one amazingly powerful platform which will give everyone the freedom to play LSPDFR exactly as they like, with as much or as little additional content as they desire. 
    To give just one example, there's been a lot of thought into the structure behind this, and we've devised a system similar to that of the 'mods' folder in OpenIV, meaning that in most cases all of your customizations will be seamlessly merged together, eliminating the burden that comes with maintaining huge XML files that contain everything and drastically simplifying the process of installing customizations made by others.
    There's a lot of great mods out there already like Custom Backup by @PNWParksFan, Emergency Uniforms Pack by @Alex_Ashfold, and Realism Dispatch Enhanced by @dilapidated that have done a fantastic job in demonstrating the potential that GTA V has for adding new content and giving players much greater control of their games, and we're really excited to be taking things to a whole new level in 0.4.
    Finally, I'd like to say a special thanks to @SuperStumpje from the RDE team for his efforts behind the scenes in helping to refine many of the features shown above.
    We hope that you're all as excited about LSPDFR 0.4 as we are, and we're looking forward to sharing more about 0.4 soon!

    Customizations to LSPDFR are still made using simple XML files, and can also be split-up and neatly arranged on a per-agency basis.

    No smart captions here - we just thought this looked cool ;]
    Note that many of the pictures shown in this post contain a number of vehicle and character modifications (mainly EUP), simply to demonstrate their compatibility with 0.4.
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    TheCanadianDream got a reaction from harrisonm in Count To A Million Before 2020   
    148' the amount of girls that like me ...wink ladies 
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    TheCanadianDream got a reaction from LegionGL in Help making Skin   
    hey, sorr if this is the wrong florum, but I don't think it is. ok I have been trying to make a Camros Police car for sandy shores, Everything I try will not work. can anyone help me, if so message me with the label " Camrose help" Thanks

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    TheCanadianDream got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in [Forum Game] My Hill   
    I live in Canada, its the 3rd of July, tomorrow you can have it @TheDivineHustle
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    TheCanadianDream got a reaction from zcounts1148 in Sheriff Vehicle Design!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!   
    there not cool per say, but these would be nice in game (lssd, LSPD)     @zcounts1148





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    TheCanadianDream reacted to zcounts1148 in Sheriff Vehicle Design!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!   
    I`m thinking about doing a Blaine County or Los Santos County Sheriff pack for the new mega pack. Give me some ideals that will make a great design for this pack.
    Drop some pics of great looking sheriff vehicles!!!!!!!! 
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to TheSandwichStealer in Movies   
    Here's a good question: How is the fast and furious movie franchise still alive? 
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to CouthInk4 in Movies   
    Honestly most movies that have sequels/trilogies/sagas are crap. They go big on the first one, make a lot of money because it's a big hit then try to do it again with a sequel and it goes wrong. 
    Creating more than one movie just becomes repetitive, The sequels never change stories either they're pretty much all the same (Take Alien for example.. Great franchise, although it went crap with 3 and Resurrection. 1 and 2 were great. They have also become repetitive.. we all know how it'll go and how it ends.. person becomes curious - gets  a facehugger attached (except 3 when it was a dog that got infected) - chestburster - alien - everyone dies except for Ripley - alien gets sucked into space - Ripley sleeps)
    it's mainly why i watch tv series rather than movies. it's quite rare now i find a movie that i enjoy (and the movies i do enjoy watching are one time things with no sequels) 
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to CouthInk4 in Buy GTA V?????!!!!!   
    "Unless the money is useless like AUD and you just get ripped" LOL. I fully agree with this.
    @TheCanadianDream It's best just to buy from Steam. I have noticed others have had issues with the disc version. Steam has no issues (i even switched from disc to Steam.. and noticed some slight performance gain which is weird). Just the downside is the 60-70GB download. but you can always backup and verify the game if it gets broken.
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to Narobic in Count To A Million Before 2020   
    I never realised that my 1013 post was posted on 10/13 😛
    Since I did 1013 I'll do 1031

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    TheCanadianDream reacted to Lundy in awsomeboy232   
    Nah, then you just sound like a generic nerd.
    CanadianDream sounds quite funny.
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to Hullian111 in awsomeboy232   
    Something RCMP/OPP/SQ/Misc. Canadian police force related?
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to RyWilson in awsomeboy232   
    i think CaptinCanada sounds good :P
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to crkinnh in President   
    First things first, it's great to be back in the forum here.
    Okay, there's a problem here. Is there a riot or a protest? There is a very big difference, as such would warrant a different reaction, and also if it is a riot would prove how batshit crazy those people would be/are.
    Dumb idea on their behalf, you never give ground to these people. The second you do is when you lose everything, even if you try to please them you never can. 
    I'm sure you want examples, in the US I can give you a few. The people who are protesting are the same people who cry for diversity quotas, and when they are filled still cry for more diversity even though minorities might even be statistically over represented because of these quotas (I'm looking at you higher education). The people there are the same people that always cry about their "right" to have an abortion, still protest for it despite being ruled in favor over 40 years ago; they also cry that they are being oppressed in the same way again despite the aforementioned. These same people claim they are being discriminated against (not for) in the STEM field as a major example, yet can't describe how there's been hundreds if not thousands of scholarships specifically only for all women (not even for specific races or skillsets in women) for at least the past 10 to 15 years over mens. It baffles me with the amount of stupidity, and scaremongering these people do.
    Other than that, they would never do that because they would lose brand recognition.
    Why? You don't want foreign investment into your country? You don't know how much money in taxes Vancouver will make nevermind British Columbia do you? Even if you don't like his policies, his investment in your country is only beneficial to you. Seems a bit naive and short sighted to not want him in your country.
    I think you don't understand his target demographic. Anyone with around $1000 USD to blow a night (which is more people than you realize) can stay there, there's a conference center, champagne lounge, spa, "signature" restaurant, and also has luxury penthouses for sale (which once again attracts quite a few people). The point is that you don't understand the rationale behind target demographics and the multipurpose functioning of the building.
    I think you need to stop using a bi-lingual keyboard.
    In all seriousness, you already see my thoughts on this through the above.
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to t0y in awsomeboy232   
    Do awsomeboy233
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to Original Light in awsomeboy232   
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to manios in awsomeboy232   
    CanadianLegend, Canadude, or perhaps.. Sp1cyCaNad1aN !
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to ToastinYou in HELP THE NEWBIES!!!   
    Yeah those you just have to rely on the vehicle modelers to provide you with the correct information on how to install those. If I download a vehicle model and there is insufficient information I usually just go fetch another model to use.
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to JOHNNYLAWLESS in HELP THE NEWBIES!!!   
    Thanks again for your reply it will greatly help me with installations, as now i know the basic path!!! 
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to JOHNNYLAWLESS in HELP THE NEWBIES!!!   
    Thank you sir for your response it is extremely helpful!!! But there are also meta files and car variations files and textures and skins, lol it never ends 
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to ToastinYou in HELP THE NEWBIES!!!   
    ANY REPLACEMENT VEHICLE MODEL THAT YOU DOWNLOAD CAN, AND ULTIMATELY SHOULD BE, PLACED IN Mods > update >x64 > dlcpacks > patchday13ng >dlc.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5 > vehicles.rpf

    It's that simple. 
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    TheCanadianDream reacted to ToastinYou in awsomeboy232   
    CaptainCanada sounds cool.