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  1. I've seen Jeff F get it by a sniper in one of his vids. He teleported back and saw the guy had a sniper rifle and that is why he got killed with one shot. I get shot up at times. If I get a call for a terrorist and I get too close and he fires his rocket launcher at me, i'm a goner. Maybe i just haven't played as long as you all have so I'm not that good. Sometimes for me I'm pressing a button to duck or get my gun out and my character isn't doing it. In the mean time I'm gettin' lit up. So I don't know.
  2. Oh ok. I never did install Stop the Ped. I thought it was On Scene Backup that did that but that is now part of Ultimate. I didn't get On Scene BackUp either. I had Spike Strip Backup and that is part of Ultimate so I deleted that. It's cool that BejoIjo combined those plugins. I was going to install Stop the Ped but heard about glitches from other smaller plugins like I think Basic Cruise Control was one. I'm waiting for a Basic Cruise Control Update because it's not working right. Basic Cruise Control is great for keyboard cats like me.
  3. I have Ultimate Backup and I was wondering about the police buddy. When they are done, they will come up to you and then you can dismiss them. That seem to be the only thing you can do is dismiss them. I saw some where that you can tell them what to do but I think that is another mod, right? So on this mod when they come up to you, the only thing you can do is dismiss them?
  4. I was just wondering what callouts you all use. I have Assorted, Law and LP callouts. I just installed Wilderness but there are a couple little things that glitch like in EUP the chevrons on your shoulder for Ranks don't seem to show up like they did before I installed Wilderness. The stars and bars on the collar show but not the chevrons. Also I notice that the frequency of all the callouts are a lot less. Wilderness is a couple years outdated but still seems to work. I might take it out though for those 2 glitches though. I am about to install PeterU and Cheep. How many callouts do you have and which ones? Do you have an issues with multiple callouts installed? I would think the latest updated callouts would be the most stable though ones like Wilderness seem to still work except for a couple hiccups.
  5. How about your reverse lights? What color do those say? I think on my FPIU the reverse lights said white which would be true but since they were so close to the brake lights it made the break lights look white. I just remembered that it looked like that on code 3. I think normal cruise was ok. Wonder if it is a problem with vehicle that the author may have to fix.
  6. In the ELS XML file open it up and check the color and you can change it to red. I had that happen to one of my vehicles. You should see this in your vehicles ELS XML. <ACORONAS> <Headlights DfltPattern="0" ColorL="white" ColorR="white" /> <TailLights DfltPattern="0" ColorL="red" ColorR="red" /> <IndicatorsF DfltPattern="1" ColorL="red" ColorR="blue" /> <IndicatorsB DfltPattern="0" ColorL="red" ColorR="red" /> <ReverseLights DfltPattern="1" ColorL="red" ColorR="blue" /> </ACORONAS> Change the tail lights to red. It will probably say white on yours.
  7. Look up on youtube "firekitten".
  8. After installing Radiance V you might notice the Subway train, Buses and Taxi lights are wayyy too bright. There are a few mods to download on here that would fix that too. So you know.
  9. Since the last Rockstar update cruise control is stuck at 5mph and you can't change it. Also says braking but vehicle doesn't slow down to 5. I think it needs an update. Others seem to be having a problem to. Great mod though. Worked great before the update.
  10. For the new version of LSPDFR coming out are you still going to be able to use EUP of something like that to customize your character and wardrobe? Also will there be any mods that will become obsolete because it would be part of the new one? It's a pain to install a lot of mods to make the police play interesting. Then to customize the mods for key conflicts, personal preferences, ect. sure takes a long time.
  11. Mine is 3-L-21. Three is for the LAPD South West Area which has a lot of police activity. Then again what area doesn't have a lot of police activity in or around LA? I live 20 miles North of LA. I would like South Bureau but that is 12 and I think you have to stay single digit for the division. Division 1 is Downtown or maybe it's called Central Division but I wanted a different number. Lincoln for 1 man patrol. And I just picked 21 out of the blue. You can only pick up to 24 for a beat number. Here is part of the LAPD manual for unit id's. http://www.lapdonline.org/lapd_manual/volume_4.htm
  12. In Rage go to Game Settings tab and then Command line switches. Check the Force Window mode box. Save and Launch. If that doesn't work then disable your antivirus and try it.
  13. Maybe your antivirus is blocking it. Trying disabling it and then try to load through Rage.
  14. Not exactly sure what that message means but try going into Rage settings and on the game settings tab , click command line switches, and check forced windowed mode. Usually that is what you need to do when Rage doesn't load the game. Then you can go full screen after it starts the game. If that doesn't work then disable your antivirus. Then try.
  15. JBin818


    What exactly are you seeing? When you open Rage what happens? Screenshots might be good to.
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