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Basic Callouts (Trespassing, 911 Abuse, Assault with Firearm...)

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About This File

This callout pack aims to bring more realism in terms of what police officers deal with on a daily basis; it's not always just shootouts and police pursuits, but rather incidents such as people acting suspiciously, and investigating people's actions. 


Feel free to edit the .ini file to configure what callouts you want the game to spawn.



Overall, I hope you enjoy, and please leave a comment/review saying your opinion about any feature, and what needs to be improved/added. I'm trying to base callouts off of ones that haven't been added by other callout packs from my own knowledge, and if there are any that are similar, I will try and vary the context and the outcome to make it more diverse.


Thank-you for downloading!



These plugins will provide a more realistic experience when using this callout pack:


Police Smart Radio - Albo1125 

Search Warrant - darkmyre

Stop The PedBejoljo

Computer+ (for arrest reports etc.) - PieRGud



--------Thanks to Jeff Favignano and FirstThirtyMinutes for showcasing this mod in one of their LSPDFR episodes:---------


Please check out these videos to see the plugin in action, and do consider watching it via YouTube to help support these content creators.


Jeffs Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTN_RVxvPOk

FirstThirtyMinute's Video:









Currently, there are eight callouts available as of v2.1.0.0:


Shoplifting (Clothing Store)Asses the situation, and arrest the suspect if they are in possession of stolen items.


Suspicious Ammunition PurchaseA person is attempting to buy a large amount of ammunition - further information available when on-scene.


Objects On The RoadwayClear the objects that are holding up vehicles to prevent any accidents occuring.


Suspicious PersonUnknown person who has been reported to be acting in a suspicious manner. Take precautions as you don't know what they have on them!


Assault with a Firearm Get to the scene of this one quick, and attempt to take down the shooter. (Multiple callout locations - more coming).


Abuse Of 911 Someone is wasting the emergency service's time by repeatedly phoning 911 when they don't need it. Investigate their phone to see if they have any recent logs or not.


TrespassingSomeone is on land that they shouldn't, whether it be residential land or commercial, or even military.


Vehicle ExplosionA fire or unknown event has caused a vehicle to explode.



Also, lots of credit to LtFlash for making the plugin CoordSaverV, as it was massively helpful in being able to determine spawn locations for these callouts.




Contains a .ini file to customise what callouts you receive in-game.






- Place the "Plugins" and "LSPDFR" folders inside your GTA 5 directory - Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins/LSPDFR/BasicCallouts.dll

                                                                                                                                        Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins/LSPDFR/BasicCallouts.ini

                                                                                                                                        Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins/LSPDFR/BasicCallouts.pdb

                                                                                                                                             Grand Theft Auto V/LSPDFR/Police Scanner/BasicCallouts Audio





I can only offer support to people using versions and higher.


If you do encounter any bugs, please try updating to the newest version if you haven't already, and see if that version fixed the bug. If that doesn't work, please report any bugs to me either in the comments section, or via private message.






@Albo1125for his tutorial series on creating plugins for LSPDFR.

@Jeff Favignanofor his LSPDFR series which made me interested into playing it for myself

Also lots of credit to all the people who have given me suggestions for callouts, keep it going!

Also credit to the people who helped with any tedious programming parts!






What's New in Version



-Added Objects on Roadway callout
-Tweaked some things (callout probabilities, outcome chances etc)
-Added more outcomes to suspicious ammunition purchase callout
-Added more variety what items appear when using search warrant to search a suspect

-Added missing PoliceRadio audio for some calls



-Added witness to Vehicle Explosion callout, to make investigating more interesting





User Feedback

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· Edited by Logans

For current version ·

   7 of 7 members found this review helpful 7 / 7 members

Updating review for current version


This pack has improved even more since it has been released. The author has clearly put a lot of work into improving this pack and adding variety, taking out the aspect of LSPDFR that was show up to a callout, shoot the suspect, clean up the scene. I enjoy a simple code two low response. Also worth mentioning I don't notice a use frame hit from this callout, which seems to be pretty rare among callouts. 


There is still room for further improvement as always, and I'm sure we're going to see that soon. 

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· Edited by Pazzi

For old version ·

   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

Hi man... your callouts pack has many unique callouts which becomes the great value for us.

You also keep updating and fixing the plugins based on our input and comments..

Just like I said in the comment section, this plugin really has some great potential, if you keep polishing it.

Good job, my friend!


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· Edited by thecovesf

For current version ·

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

As I’ve said in past reviews, I am very picky about the callout packages I add to my game. The last one I downloaded was Peter U Callouts, which I think is a AAA mod, its one of the most immersive mods for LSPDFR.


This one caught my eye because of its substance as well. The author is correct, real immersive police RP is not all about shootouts and high speed chases. The other, “not so sexy”  calls, like 911 hangups / abuse, objects in roadway, suspicous person and  trespassing are all part of everyday police work. 


I’ve had this callout package installed a couple of days and eagerly accept the calls when they come in on the radio. They are fantastic calls and while they are very “basic”, e.g. the two times I accepted the “ammo” calls I simply showed up and watched the dialogue and the call ended, you can make them more imersive with some of your police tools like asking for ID or taking a statement from a ped.


The varied locations also makes you think about how you handle the calls. For example, trespassing on the horse track may not result in an arrest  but a trespasser on the helipad near Vespucci beach might be in violation of FAA or other agency laws and likely should be arrested or at least questioned at the station.


I would like to see some functionality with Lt. Fuldz’ Police Search mod since I long ago switched from Darkmyre’s search mod but that  is nit-picking and is merely a suggestion. (However, Police Search is the current most downloaded search mod on the LSPDFR site so there is some legs to this suggestion)


True police immersion role players should have this callout package in their games to truly round out the LSPDFR experience.


Great work! Looking forward to future versions!


(This review is for version

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For current version ·

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I like it.

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For current version ·

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Perfect callout pack! Absolutely a must have! I like the sholifting in the clothing store the most, really original and also fun to do. Keep up the good work

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Trooper Southall

For old version ·

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Allllllright! So, I used this back when it was first release and it broke my game, straight up. After one of your first updates the calls seemed shallow and boring but now! I forced your callouts because they're so interesting, one of my favorites being the Suspicious Ammunition call. While I hope there are more than the one outcome I got (She was clear to buy it), I really enjoyed the 911 Abuse EXCEPT... The text was there and gone in a flash and one of the instruction boxes that I couldn't find in dialogue or any other pause menu was gone and I couldn't finish the call properly. I hope you can add more time to instructions and dialogue. If you do, I will come back and change this to the 5 stars I believe you will deserve! Keep up the good and unique work!.

Response from the author:

Glad you liked it. Most callouts have more than one outcome, especially that one so try forcing it again to see if the game spawns another outcome. 


As with the fast dialogue, Jeff Favignano pointed that out in his video that he made with this pack. In one of the recent updates, I slowed down the dialogue to around 7 secs for each BUT that was only for the suspicious ammunition call. Therefore, I will do it for all the others becuase it'c clear I missed a few bits.


Thank you for your review.

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For old version ·

   5 of 6 members found this review helpful 5 / 6 members

Interesting selection of Callouts I like ones where some investigation is involved. Keep it going friend!

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· Edited by PonasDenas

For old version ·

   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

It got LOT better Then it was!! 


Il give you 4 stars to  encourage you ! 🙂 




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· Edited by NoNameSet

For current version ·

   10 of 19 members found this review helpful 10 / 19 members

I guess the only thing you can really describe this callout pack as, is quite boring.  I get that this is in a W.I.P state and that this is your first callout pack but over all it's just to rushed.

I would suggest that you spend more time learning c# and how to make callouts...quality over quantity.


summarization of the callouts:


Suspicious person:

- basically go to a ped

- get attacked

- doesn't dismiss entities & blips


Abandoned vehicle:

- go to a vehicle

- doesn't dismiss entities & blips


Also the callouts are in the middle of nowhere, the vehicle even spawns in water...



Response from the author:

Ped/Vehicle blips should be fixed now, and there is more options available in terms of the outcome of the suspicious person callout as of, to make it more interesting (still is a bit buggy though).


As you say it may be boring, but I will be adding more diverse callouts with the best attempt at programming that I have, given that I'm new to it and I am only really used to Visual Basic.net, however I don't see why it cant be improved over the next updates.

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· Edited by pulma35

For old version ·

   2 of 5 members found this review helpful 2 / 5 members

I encourage you for even more realistic calls. I put you 5 stars to encourage you!

(sorry, I use a google translator, I'm french)

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