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    densup reacted to antorax in CHP TRAFFIC BREAK Callout!   
    I've been wondering if someone would ever do a callout where an officer or tow truck requests a traffic break while it's cleaning deb-re of a crash or something, also it can be for a slow speed pursuit, i would LOVE to see someone develop a callout like this, and i'm sure that every CHP lover would use it, even polecat or bugs, Steve the gamer or Jeff Favigano.
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    densup reacted to Albo1125 in FiveReborn Security Risk - Important   
    Please be aware there is currently a major security risk when joining FiveReborn servers. I highly recommend NOT joining any random server. Only join servers you are completely sure are not malicious and can be trusted.
    Due to an exploit, FiveReborn servers are able to inject malicious code into a client (you). Thus, you should only join servers directly by IP address via the Direct Connect feature (remember, server names/player numbers can be FAKED in the server list).
    FiveReborn has not made any official announcement yet. However, it is vital for people to become aware of the current risks as soon as possible to prevent people becoming victims of this exploit. For realtime official updates, go to the www.fivereborn.com website or their Discord server (link on their website). Please tell people to be vigilant, and link them to this topic.
    Summary: If you use FiveReborn, only join servers you trust through the Direct Connect feature (not the server list) or face potential malware like ransomware being injected on your computer.
    Just updating here to say that the FiveReborn developers have reportedly fixed this issue in their latest patch - although, of course, this cannot be said with absolute certainty.
    It is likely a similar exploit is currently out there or being looked into, however. I therefore heartily recommend to keep taking the above guidelines into consideration. Better safe than sorry!
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    densup reacted to Sam in Our Response to Channel 7 News   
    Channel 7 News in Australia ran a story regarding LSPDFR yesterday, misrepresenting that LSPDFR and other modifications are used as a simulation for killing police officers.  This has since been picked up by other media outlets, as well as the gaming press.  Obviously, this simply isn't the case, and you can read our statement regarding this matter below.

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    densup reacted to SoarHawk in What should Thehurk Finish first?!   
    Exactly.. and knowing your work, that'll be 14 new, quality ELS vehicles. 100% my vote goes toward the CHP Pack. 
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    densup reacted to Thehurk in What should Thehurk Finish first?!   
    More like 14 or something around that at release.
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    densup reacted to Giordano in What should Thehurk Finish first?!   
    I'd really love to see the CHP ELS pack finished first. :)
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    densup reacted to Albo1125 in ALBO1125 VIDEO   
    You should follow my social media! You're missing out  Merry xmas.
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    densup got a reaction from Albo1125 in ALBO1125 VIDEO   
    Good post, would never have found out without it. Also thanks to Albo for everything, without your mods, lspdfr just isn't the same!
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    densup reacted to Gilmar in ALBO1125 VIDEO   
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    densup reacted to Black Jesus in Black Jesus's WIP Showroom   
    I will no longer be doing default lighting cars, I will however, leave my default lighting packs online (for those weirdos who no use de ELS) and I will be redoing all them and release separate ELS versions. 
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    densup reacted to GravelRoadCop in Check out ELS for V!   
    It's out. Merry Christmas, guys.
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    densup reacted to pledge8236 in Check out ELS for V!   
    Can't someone in the admin team sort this out now? I am like everyone really looking forward to this coming out and the updates posted. I therefore have set alerts to come up to let me know of said updates. My emails however are filled with stupid questions which are asked every few days which frankly do not need to be asked. Unless you have something constructive to now say please say NOTHING. 
    The progression of this is going very well which is hugely evident from the videos that both Prophet and Albo have been kind enough to post. You constant questions which have no purpose is blighting this topic which therefore means people are having to look further back for updates. It then means i too am putting unnecessary posts which i would rather not be doing. Please keep it to the topic instead of the silly questions and nonsense posts you put on. 
    To the Mod Team, 
    Guys I really am loving the progress seen and really look forward to see more in the future and the release when it finally arrives which I like everyone else are more than happy to wait for given the level of work that clearly is been put into this. So for that I thank you all. 
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    densup reacted to royalx7 in Check out ELS for V!   
    Just like all the other videos, you don't have to watch them lol. Nobody is forcing you to press play :)
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    densup reacted to Pipeline in Check out ELS for V!   
    Are you asking for there to be a reskin of the ELS control panel so that it looks like that? Because I'd say that'll be something other people would make, not Lt.Caine. He has enough on his hands to just work on the mod itself with a default UI.
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    densup reacted to winglesschip209 in Check out ELS for V!   
    maybe an update? Its been a long time i mean a really long time
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    densup reacted to GravelRoadCop in Check out ELS for V!   
    ELS V and Carcol is vanilla to chocolate, really. They're both sweet. They're both delicious. They're both the same. But they're not. One's chocolate, and one's vanilla. Is that all there is to it? One tastes better. No it doesn't. Yes it does. How do you decide which one everyone likes more? How *can* you decide?
    Yes, you can re-create some of the patterns you see with carcol, but that's it. With 32 bit binary, you can't go so far with it. You run into a wall. ELS V breaks down that wall, and you can run further and smell the roses along the way.
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    densup reacted to Pipeline in Check out ELS for V!   
    I second the above question. It'd be nice to know these things, if at all possible.
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    densup reacted to NewbCrazy in Check out ELS for V!   
    If you dont mind me asking, and if you guys can answer it, what is slowing down the production? What is still in the works, or what do you guys plan on adding? 
    And as much as i already know the answer to this question, i have to ask.. Lt. Caine said in his update about 2 months ago that he didnt want to release ELS, make a major change, and then have a whole lot of confusion. But he also said that there has yet to be a crash from ELS itself. So I'm wondering, is the "I dont want to release it because I dont want to make a major change and cause the community a whole lot of confusion" reason still the reason for no release? Are there more bugs, less downtime, or a different reason?
    All that I'm asking for, really, is an update that isnt just out there.. like what is really happening, and what has changed from the last actual update, if you guys can give us that.
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    densup reacted to GravelRoadCop in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    Your thoughts on this ? It's a little project of mine this month. I am working on a Whelen themed carcol file for models with Whelen products installed. The video shows some of the flash patterns in action. I think I need to throw in more types of flash patterns to mix it up.
    Edit : I just realized that i goofed up with video editing. Ignore the long black screen in the end.
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    densup reacted to Pipeline in Check out ELS for V!   
    Try to keep your excitement on a... low simmer, I guess I would say. Lt.Caine asked us to wait just a "little longer", that was in... August I believe? Correct me if I'm wrong. Perhaps we'll get ELS by the end of the year, or maybe sooner, but try not to get too hyped. It happened to me, and I'm burned out waiting. Just trudging along, checking this thread almost every day, except for my "break", always hoping but still waiting.
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    densup reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    1. So, tomorrow will be anniversary of LAPD FPIU project and will be released new update. Changelog:
    - Added new accurate engine (http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/55797-wip-lapdlasdchp-fpiu-2014/?do=findComment&comment=438393)
    - Added collision for push bumper
    - Added spotlight mounting
    - All lights was fully reconfigurated by DroidRZRLover (please don't spam about him, he always help me with lighting, and he never released any things, which were installed on my FPIU)
    2. Also some updates on AS-350:
    a new accurate door opening angle
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    densup reacted to ReKraM in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    testing messages board using 3 siren nodes:
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    densup reacted to F5544 in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    it is now possible to make extra sirenlights in zmod. you can now duplicate siren1 till siren 20 in zmod.
    these work under the same siren carcols setting as the original.

    time to make more lights on the cars:D
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    densup reacted to Aquamenti in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    So, now that RPH .46 is out, is anyone making use of the new emergency light customization support?
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    densup reacted to Jakeus in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    Good point, I've literally just downloaded RPH 0.46 and never thought about the light support......