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  1. antorax

    Flashlight Overhaul

    Would it work on FiveM?
  2. antorax

    Blaine County Police Department Pack [ELS]

    Lights look amazing. The patterns on them are very realistic and cool. The skins are VERY well made, especially for the explorers. The K-9 one. Interior looks awasome and just overall a great pack. Keep it up!
  3. antorax

    Timberwolf Siren

  4. antorax

    Timberwolf Siren

  5. antorax

    Los Santos Police Department Pack V.2 [ELS]

    Really liked the pack. Especially the lightbars and the flash patterns they have. Really good work!
  6. antorax

    Los Santos Police Department Pack V.2 [ELS]

    I love this pack. I am in love!
  7. antorax

    CHP Doing Their Job

  8. antorax


    Hi, I would love to see it in Toasty Callouts, maybe we can get in contact and work on it, nut it's up to you, By the way, toasty callouts are awosome!
  9. I've been wondering if someone would ever do a callout where an officer or tow truck requests a traffic break while it's cleaning deb-re of a crash or something, also it can be for a slow speed pursuit, i would LOVE to see someone develop a callout like this, and i'm sure that every CHP lover would use it, even polecat or bugs, Steve the gamer or Jeff Favigano.