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  1. GreenAid

    Vehicle leans wrong way

    You need to lower these: <fRollCentreHeightFront value="0" /> <fRollCentreHeightRear value="0" /> A lot, maybe. Like, -0.2 at least
  2. GreenAid

    Best Car Physics/Handling mod?

    If you replace them they should work with those too, as long as they're configured to work with the vanilla handlings.
  3. GreenAid

    Best Car Physics/Handling mod?

    According to the description of that mod you mentioned, it only has marginal edits. The one I mentioned is more complete and more realistic imo. If you give it a try and are used to vanilla give it an hour at first so you can get a good feel :)
  4. GreenAid

    Best Car Physics/Handling mod?

    Realistic Driving V by killatomate.
  5. 1st it's in handling.meta, 2nd it's the line <nInitialDriveGears value="6" /> Ciao.
  6. GreenAid

    2016 Chevrolet Suburban

    They can just use the body _ao, it's the same thing basically, except with shadows instead of poly lines.
  7. GreenAid

    2016 Chevrolet Suburban

    It's civilian....
  8. Consider grabbing a vanilla tyre off of a truck or something, should look better save some work.
  9. GreenAid

    Zmodeller adding chrome (UV mapping?)

    Select the parts in Polygon mode, then Right click > UV Mapping, and select "force material" choosing the chrome material the grille uses.
  10. GreenAid

    [DEV]2017 F150 Raptor

    Define "few" cause I see none. It's a DEV model........
  11. 1 more suggestion, how about putting the decals into a spoiler so the topic isn't a mile long? xD It makes browsing easier :p
  12. GreenAid

    Default-Type EMS Vehicle Pack

    Maybe the Sandking ambo box is a bit huge, but the rest it awesome :D
  13. GreenAid

    Slicktop Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab

    I'm scared by the 11Mb yft..
  14. GreenAid

    Another beautiful sunset

    I thought hubcaps were made of plastic?