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  1. glennoconnell

    Zmodeller adding chrome (UV mapping?)

    It uses the material vehicle_generic_detail2, which relates to a texture in vehshare with lots of other textures If I select the parts I want to chrome, right click, UV mapping, generate new, force mapping and select this material, I end up with this I presume there must be a way to select a single element from inside that large texture image? Even then, how do you know which texture matches the grill...
  2. So I'm trying to mod the Granger a little, and I want to take the chrome from the front grill area and use it in other selected places around the vehicle (window frames etc.) So taking the material used here and using it here What's the easiest and best way to do this? Read something about UV mapping, tried playing around with it but no success.
  3. Amazing job and attention to detail! Still getting occasional crashes and bugs but I'm sure they'll be worked out over time. Any chance of seeing more of Lt. Caine's 'Default-Type EMS Vehicle Pack' vehicles added in? I believe the Ambulance and some others fire dept vehicles are from that pack. Would love to see more lifeguard and ambulance variety.
  4. glennoconnell

    Permanently changing stock wheels for vehicle

    Ah. That's annoying. I hoped because you sometimes see rare modded cars driving around with giant spoilers and weird colors, I hoped I'd be able to go into the files and create a modded version of the Granger with custom wheels and just set it to always spawn 100% of the time. Is it quite easy to change wheels on models? I have very basic understanding of Zmodeler. I only want to use in-game wheels so hopefully that will simplify things. Can't find many helpful tutorials.
  5. So I want to permanently change the stock wheels of the FIB Granger. Currently changing it with a trainer but I want it to naturally spawn with different wheels all the time. What files will I need to change? Or will I need to change the model itself? Can't find any info anywhere.
  6. Any chance of releasing the lifeguard bison you've made? Haven't updated in a while and it looks great!
  7. Seriously cannot wait for this! And thanks for keeping it all lore friendly, awesome job. Would love to see the same overhaul for Firetrucks and Ambulances too. So annoying seeing Los Santos Medical Center ambulances and Los Santos Fire Department firetrucks dispatched all the way up in Paleto Bay even though Paleto Bay have their own medical center and fire station which should be serving that area. Some new models like Lt. Caine's 'Default-Type EMS Vehicle Pack' for the smaller counties would be great! LSIA getting it's own yellow firetrucks etc. Maybe in 4.0...
  8. I'm working on something that requires a utility van with ladders/pipes on top, but the only one in game with ladders on top is the Burrito (which is sooo damn ugly). Basically I just need to swap the Burrito vehicle model with the Speedo, keeping the various roof extras but just changing the vehicle model below. No changes at all to the Speedo, even keeping the liveries etc. Do need it to replace the utility Burrito though, as I would still need the Speedo without roof extras to spawn elsewhere. It's probably so simple to do, could someone put it together for me? OR point me to a tutorial on how to do it myself ( I have zmodeller but I'm a complete novice) Thanks for any help
  9. glennoconnell

    [STANDALONE] Vapid Speedo Coroner van by Småen

    Awesome work! Only problem is the windows not working properly (bullets just go through without damaging). If you could fix that this would be perfect! Or just add a black tint to the back windows so people can't see in.
  10. glennoconnell

    Coach Skins (GTA Universe) (WIP)

    GTA lore friendly skins I've been working on. Credit to Thero for the coach template!
  11. Basically I want the Speedo to always spawn with dark/limo tint windows. I changed the diffuseTint value in vehicles.meta but it didn't change anything. Can change it fine with a trainer, is there a way to make the tint default for that vehicle? Any help appreciated!
  12. glennoconnell

    Help me get started

    I'm running GTA IV on the base model 2010 MacBook Pro through Bootcamp. For an old machine it runs fine. 720p/medium textures/low traffic but I'm sure newer models would get better performance. For what I use the game for, just driving around mostly, nothing too intensive, it's fine. I'll probably be getting a new Mac September time. Maybe look at some gameplay on YouTube to get an idea of how well it would run on your MacBook first? Just make sure you're seeing gameplay of your model of MacBook. I don't know what your MacBook specs are, but I'm sure it would be playable, just very unlikely to be higher than medium settings. If you want to run on high settings, with loads of action on screen then if you can afford it it would probably be worth buying a dedicated gaming PC. GTA IV is almost 10 years old, so running on low settings does look noticeably bad. If possible, I would set up bootcamp, buy or borrow a copy of GTA IV and see how it runs before you make a decision on buying a dedicated gaming PC. For what you want it for, your MacBook may run the game just fine and save you a load of money. And Bootcamp will just run Windows exactly the same as a PC, so modding would work exactly the same way as PC.
  13. (My first time posting here so sorry if I'm making zero sense) Basically I'm creating new graphics for some trucks. There are 6 different designs for the sides of the truck, each are different colors/styles. At the moment I've just set the color of the truck itself to white so it looks okay with all 6 designs. I'm wondering if there is a way to link each livery to a different color set? So for example, the graphics on the side of the truck are yellow, so I want the rest of the truck to be yellow? For example, I've been using the Yankee. So for this I'd want the white areas to be green. It's set as extra_2. Then for each of the other "extra_ " components, they'd have their own color schemes. So if the Yankee spawned with "extra_5" graphics on the side, it would only be spawn in the color that matched the graphics. Hope that makes sense.
  14. glennoconnell

    Speedo Liveries (WIP)

    Some liveries I've been working on, using the Speedo template from vdH METT/Coroner Mod. Weazel News - GTAV has a news van but it's pretty bland. Made my own using the LC skyline. Badger - Used Verizon as inspiration, using red/black/white. Quite Simple. Whiz - Used Sprint as inspration, using yellow/black. "Take a Whiz anywhere" is used in a GTA V billboard.
  15. glennoconnell

    Airport Bus Liveries (WIP)

    Using israelsr bus templates, creating more airport buses using GTA universe companies. JiffiRent - Based on Hertz Touchdown - Based on Enterprise Olympian - Based on National Escalera - Based on Hertz (old livery) BuzzOff (New) - Based on FlyAway Updated the interior to set it apart from the city bus. Made walls black. Added airport advertising. Changed seat pattern. Changed wheelchair space to luggage space.