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  1. Actually they do. Unless it's just not anymore.
  2. willrs

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019

    I'm really hoping that callout packs can support the addon/custom departments that will be available with 0.4. With 0.3 I might alter my backup .xml to allot cars to different depts but some callouts might, say, spawn city pd cars in the desert.
  3. Not in visualsettings.dat, in carcols.ymt
  4. I've not tried this myself but I bet going into your carcols and setting each Corona size to 0 would achieve that
  5. With the new open iv update I see they added a "track name hash option." I wonder if with that the sheriff 2 audio tracks could be utilized by els
  6. willrs

    Raleigh, NC Police Pack

    It's from Officerfiveo's arjent pack on this site
  7. willrs

    Raleigh, NC Police Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    A Raleigh Police CVPI, FPIU, and Charger. This pack uses a combination of ELS and non ELS lights. The main blue and amber emergency lights on the Arjent are non ELS with environmental lighting and a custom pattern that is as close to the real Raleigh pattern as possible (non ELS patterns are limited in length.) ELS controls the mirror interceptors, grille lights, rear lights, stage 1/2 lighting on the Arjent, coronas, and takedowns/alley lights. In the future I'll update with alternative light patterns for the Arjent that Raleigh uses. I might tweak the skins since I think some of the lettering could be better. I also might make a current gen FPIU and a Tahoe with a Valor.
  8. willrs

    FIB Siren pitch

    I've found changing the speed by 15% in audacity (which also changes the pitch proportionally if you check the box) seems to work well.
  9. willrs

    Work in Progress

  10. willrs

    FIB Siren pitch

    With the fib siren now being available for use with els I'm trying to see if I can adjust some siren in my game to sound right in the fib slot. Right now I'm in audacity trying to compare the speed and pitch from the "authentic chp siren" that has both a normal siren and one that is adjusted for the fib slot. I'm wondering if there's someone that already knows exact values that a siren has to be changed by for it to sound right in the fib slot.
  11. Think there's any possibility of creating a sirens.awc and having just siren tones in it (probably more than are allotted for vanilla sirens) rather than putting them in the vehicles.awc? Doing so might also get around the change in pitch that you get with the FIB siren
  12. willrs

    Moving Spotlights on Models?

    I could think of two possibilities. One is that if I spotlight is given a certain name, etc in zmodeler that a script would be able to recognize it and manipulate it (idk anything about scripting though). The second is some "native" way that would somehow play off of things in the default game like the water cannon on the firetruck being able to move around.
  13. I recommend using albo's modding dlc mod for add on vehicles, you can create your own meta and carvariations files from his templates.
  14. I'm not gonna be modeling that out. I'd suggest just making a skin for your choice of existing vans
  15. You are right, when you resize something with multiple lods you'll have to resize it for each lod