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    SgtManley reacted to ed1984 in [WIP][REL] Assorted Callouts - Store Robbery, Petrol Theft, Bank Heist, Traffic Stop Backup Required, Stolen Police Vehicle, Person with a Knife, Solicitation, Organised Street Race, Immigrants In truck &More-   
    I love the court system aspect. My fav thing about is that it essentially gives you feedback of how well you did on the actual call (ie how many pieces of evidence you missed, and what happened to the 2nd dude that run off in the opposite direction and that you didn't catch). Second, literally adds role-play material. (ie I'm charging this guy with this, this, and that, and he'll probably get "x" amount of years).
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    SgtManley reacted to rushlink in WIP - speed radar (realistic)   
    Still working on a few things. Hopefully I can get a full week of testing without any problems this coming week.
    Very close to having a finished product :)
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    SgtManley reacted to Kyben in [WIP] Police Beats - Everyday Policework   
    Police Beats - Everyday Policework
    very work in progress
    Little bit of a change in direction after learning the basics of making these plugins and such and so we are now 'Police Beats - Everyday Policework' and will focus on handcrafting callouts for the districts of Los Santos, starting with Vespucci.
    I've spent a few days doing the rounds and getting spawn points around Vespucci, Rockford Hills, Morningwood and all the suburbs in between. So far, I have the front door of almost every business or commercial property and their respective car parks or dining areas mapped out so that callouts will be quite specific - it could be a dispute about food quality at a restaurant or cafe that's gotten a bit out of hand, a hold up alarm, a car parking issue that's become violent or perhaps not even violent - someone could just be pissed off that someone else parked across two disabled bays and you've been called to give the dropkick a ticket. It could be anything!
    Some areas such as the pier and the beach have a whole lot more and more specific callouts - lifeguards and security have apprehended someone and need you to come and lay down the law or perhaps one of the street vendors have been mugged, or had some items stolen. Every one of those little street vendor stalls now has a spawn point mapped to it and you could get called there - of course, when you do, there'll actually be a vendor there to speak to and there's probably a guy running away or hiding out nearby that stole something or punched him or took a leak on his cart. 
    Back in the districts, almost every house is going to have a spawn point mapped for a house alarm, domestic, fight, burglary, noise complaint - whatever you can think of, I'll manage to squeeze it in there. The motels scattered throughout Vespucci all have locations mapped there for issues in the car park or perhaps unauthorised people using the pool - the owner might want them all charged with trespassing or maybe just moved on - those everyday calls are all gonna be there.
    As you roll through the streets and see the bus stops and the train stations, think that they're also potential hotspots - public transport isn't necessarily the safest mode of transport and with all those hubs having spawn points, you could find yourself at any of them dealing with a fight on a bus or someone trying to ride the train for free.
    Vespucci isn't your thing? Give it time, eventually I'll roll this model out over the entire city and county.
    Calls will include:.
    Welfare Check - 911 call was disconnected early or hung up immediately and the dispatcher can't get back on the line to the caller. These could be at an exact location such as a house or business or could be from a mobile phone and give you an area to check out.  You could find anything there - medical issues, fights, fires or absolutely nothing.  Traffic Complaint - This could be ongoing or historic. Maybe the complainant witnessed someone that lives in the street do a burnout so you just need to attend and speak to the complainant then head on down to get the other guys version of events to decide whether you'll cite him, warn him or leave it at that. Perhaps the complainant is following a vehicle doing something stupid... better catch up before the complainant loses sight.  Routine Assistance - Another agency needs help with something. It could be a bus driver with someone refusing to pay a fare or get off the bus or a security guard with trespassers in custody... maybe Ambulance officers need help with a cranky pateint. The dispatcher will tell you what it is and how urgently you're needed.  Stealing/Mugging - Someone has been mugged or had something stolen from them. Depending on circumstances, you or you and another car may be dispatched. If you arrive first, speak to the victim/complainant and get a description out to the other car or take the victim back to the station for a statement. If you're a bit slow no doubt the other unit will  give you a description and direction of travel for the offender so you can go have a look for him.  Hold Up Alarm/Robbery - Much the same as the above, two or more cars will be dispatched. Arrive first and you'll be getting the details from the victim/complainant. Arrive after and you'll be looking for the bad guys. Off course, if it's just an alarm it could be a false alarm or maybe the clerk panicked she a customer got angry and hit it.  Noise Complaint - The name speaks for itself. Attend and ask for the noise to be lowered or if you're particulary narks, issue a citation or take the offender in. Be mindful that every action has a reaction and if it's a party, there may well be more of them than you... Loitering/Trespassing - One or more people are hanging around somewhere and staff or residents aren't willing to move them on or haven't been successful - attend and move them on.  Alarm - Maybe a house a alarm or a car alarm - attend and check the area. May be something happening or someone suspiciously hanging around. Check bona fides and move them on. Suspicious Person - Maybe they were seen looking into cars or houses or they're just being a bit weird... attend and scope it out.  Disturbance/Domestic - Violent or verbal only. Attend, speak with all parties and move them on, arrest them, cite them - deal with the incident as you see fit. Indecent Act/Indecent Exposure - Someone's showing a bit too much skin off and may need a bit of a hand finding their pants - or perhaps they've found someone else's pants and that other person didn't really appreciate it... guess you'll find out when the call comes in! That's both a conservative and an ambitious list of calls that I'm hoping to get into the mod at some point and it's going to take a lot of time and work to get to a polished and compete state but I do intend to release the works in progress as there's something to release... for now though, I'm working with a tutor, learning to write scripts and working towards having at least one call to show off in the near future!

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    SgtManley reacted to BogdanM in Why do creaters,designers,modders...   
    So I guess this was your exit line? Good job making a fool of yourself. 
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    SgtManley reacted to BogdanM in Why do creaters,designers,modders...   
    Your analogy is wrong, walking is a motor skill while being able to assimilate information and put it into practice is a cognitive skill. Babies don't want to learn to walk and nor do they understand the process of standing up and moving your legs to get somewhere, their brains are simply set after millions of years of evolution to make them want to stand up and try to move around. It takes practice to master but it's not a conscious learning process.
    The rest of your post is pure garbage, you talk about how easy is to make textures (who said it was hard?) and that trying things out in ZModeler isn't the proper way to learn modding (which is what I said) while you've never done any of that. If you wait on other people to create free shit for you to play with, you don't get to bitch about not being up to your standards. I really don't see the point of this topic beside proving what a self entitled prick you are. 
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    SgtManley reacted to CaptainSugarFree in Can someone compile a list of how to replace all vehicles?   
    Its a nice idea but 
    #1 There are so many car mods that go into separate files it would take ages to make a list like that
    #2 Unlike GTA IV the read me's for GTA V have very detailed install instructions so honestly theres no need for a list like that when the instructions are right there. 
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    SgtManley got a reaction from fire2903rescue in Steam GTA V/LSPDFR Mods Problem   
    RIght. When GTA V updates, it replaces the "updates" folder, as well as the GTAV.exe and GTAVLauncher.exe; so to make a mods folder all you need to do is create a folder named "mods" in your main GTA V directory (where the aforementioned files are located) and instead of putting vehicle / etc mods in the original files just copy them into the mods folder. So for me I typically copy updates, x64, x64a, x64e, and common.rpf. If you've got skype I'll help you out through that.
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    SgtManley reacted to StateTrooper226 in The low rider update   
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    SgtManley reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    Please read the message above ... I'm tired of writing the same thing to each person
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    SgtManley reacted to ineseri in Ban religious education   
    Absolutely not. While you might not agree, or share a religious belief system, it's important to know about its existance and how it works. What I do wish for is that schools would make it less biased, and more factually direct and correct - Instead of being "politically" correct. 
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    SgtManley reacted to Riley24 in LSPDFR 0.3 Announcement + First Preview   
    Any chance for better AI pullovers? Still stopping in the middle of the road.
    But I'm looking forward to v0.3, sounds great.
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