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  1. Part of what makes policing a difficult job is that they have to walk the balance between being a servant to the community while still being tactically proficient. Swinging too far in either direct is bad news. A lot of people these days seem to want the police to be a tacticool paramilitary organization. If the police continue to be militarized while we keep flooding the country with guns, the country is gonna turn into a damn warzone. Bad news for everyone. Big props to these officers for talking this person down like human beings. That's what the police is supposed to do, hostage or no hostage.
  2. Riley24

    Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh

    Yeah, I disagree. Get over it.
  3. Riley24

    Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh

    “Implying that because something doesn't work 100% of the time it's not worth doing.” -You
  4. Riley24

    Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh

    Well let me make it very clear to you then. I fully support a nationally enforced and mandatory gun registry, expanding funding for the ATF, banning private sales between individuals, aggressive gun buybacks, at least 4-6 month waiting periods, psychiatric evaluations, you name it. All of that, nation wide. You can disagree, and I don’t care. Look at all the security measures put in place after 9/11. It got really annoying to be a law-abiding responsible airline passenger. A lot of good Americans were inconvenienced and irritated by those measures. I believe we need to do the same thing with guns. It SHOULD annoying and inconvenient to acquire a killing machine.
  5. Riley24

    Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh

    Yeah, just like stronger gun control.
  6. Riley24

    Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh

    Three police officers were shot. Armed guards are not enough.
  7. And you’re wrong about that. Yeah, it happens. I never said it didn’t. But the facts say that you’re more likely to shoot an innocent person or yourself than a bad guy who actually deserved to die. I could say the same to you. Pro-gun articles don’t mention gun thefts, shooting innocent people and family members, or the connection between access to firearms and successful suicide. I’m sure you apply the same objectivity to pro-gun media, right? Larger reality > anecdotes. You’re asking questions that have already been answered. I can’t force to to accept reality, you’re on your own brother. There are a ton of studies about the relationship between guns and suicide, if you don’t understand by now you’re just ignorant. Oh good god, dude. The romanticism you place on self-defense is super cringed. Yeah, I’ve been attacked. No chance of me seeing it coming. If I had a gun, he probably would’ve taken it from me and might’ve even shot me with it. Im done talking to you. You’re too deluded with self-defense machismo to be objective.
  8. Personal anecdotes are always more reliable than statistics, right? And besides that, part of what they talked about in the article was the tendency for people to mis-report or mis-represent times when they used their gun in self-defense. If you’re telling me that if you didn’t have your gun you’d be dead, I don’t believe you. Good god, read the article. Suicides still count in the statistics, because people with access to guns are more likely to successfully kill themselves. It gives suicidal people an easy way out, whereas when suicide is more challenging, a lot of people don’t go through with it.
  9. You’re more likely to accidentally shoot yourself, an innocent person, or a family member than to effectively use your gun in self defense. The facts don’t lie. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/01/defensive-gun-ownership-myth-114262 http://annals.org/aim/fullarticle/1814426/accessibility-firearms-risk-suicide-homicide-victimization-among-household-members-systemati Also, when you introduce a gun to a situation where you assailant doesn’t have a gun, you dramatically increase your chances of getting shot. Those are the un-sexy realities that people who profit off of gun proliferation don’t tell you.
  10. If she lunged, the police would not have left that detail out while trying to explain themselves. Use common sense.
  11. Riley24

    US : Mid-Hurricane Looting

    And? Videos of African Americans looting proves what? If you're going to be make this about race, at least be brave enough to actually make a point. Tell us how you really feel about African Americans.
  12. You would think that with all the CCW custom AR-15 EDC go-bag #sheepdog #pewpewlife tactical operators in the country that we’d be safer.
  13. Playing google translate through a car speaker? Bringing a family member out to translate? She was probably so terrified to suddenly have a dozen cops pointing their guns at her and shouting in a language she doesn’t understand. It’s not as easy to ‘just follow orders’ when you don’t speak English. there was no threat. She didn’t lunge or jump at anyone. She was just standing there. And they got frustrated, so they stun gunned an 87 year old. Shame on them. Maybe losing their jobs every now and then would make them more patient. They could have killed her. And shame on the person who called 911.