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    It's the AMBULANCE_WARNING siren
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    Well, the US technically isn't a democracy, it's a Republic, we vote for representatives to vote for us, therefore we are a republic.
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    McKinnion got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in President   
    Well, the US technically isn't a democracy, it's a Republic, we vote for representatives to vote for us, therefore we are a republic.
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    McKinnion reacted to crkinnh in [Official] Gun control   
    You know, I hate to bring back up a long silent topic in this forum, but I was curious as to what happened in this thread since I really last was on. 
    Now putting aside that Canada and Germany do not have an underlying crime problem in most of the country in and of itself, those numbers (homicide being generalized) include suicides. 
    Guns don't have to be a problem, look at the statistics for the Czech Republic for example with extremely lenient laws for guns in Europe, it has a whopping 0.12 homicides with a firearm per 100000 people in 2014. How about Switzerland in 2014 with another whopping 0.09 homicides with a firearm per 1000000 people in 2014? How about Austria with another 0.12 in 2014 despite the one of the highest rate of gun ownerships in Europe? These statistics are all from Gunpolicy.org by the way. Let's also not forget that this is ALL homicides with a firearm, which means all deaths from everyone including the government and suicides by guns. The true rate of murders in Austria for example with both hand guns and long guns combined is 0.02 murders per 100000 people despite the civilian populace collectively owning 2,500,000 guns. Guns do not have to be a problem in and of themselves.
    As previously discussed, neither have an underlying crime problem, however what kind of gun control are you referring to? Gun control is a broad topic in general. It can range from the type of firearms owned to who can own them and how.
    Honestly can't disagree with that definition. That's why the government owns them, that's why the police owns them, that's why the civilian populace in the US is able to own them.
    In a perfect society, where crime is not an underlying problem, as it isn't in my state where gun homicides (all deaths by handguns including government and self defense, exempting suicide in this case) with a handgun were 0.23 deaths per 100000 and homicides with a long gun was at 0.00 homicides per 100000 (excluding suicides, found on gunpolicy.org), the guns are there to make sure the government doesn't start overstepping it's bounds without the threat of armed rebellion. If the type of gun is the problem, clearly my state does not have that problem because NH allows everything from bolt actions to semi auto pistols to AR-15s/AKs even to full auto .50 BMGs. In fact, my state actually has the most full auto (by ATF definition) machineguns per capita of any other state in the US http://www.fosters.com/article/20130120/GJNEWS_01/130129919.
    The type of gun is not the problem.
    Let's put an emphasis on the "NOBODY", that phrase means everybody including the military and the police as phrased. 
    Furthermore, blanket terms such as "hunting rifle" is just as meaningful as "sniper rifle". There is no clear definition of hunting rifle by anyone, similar to sniper rifle. In fact, just because of that similarity in specificity, that means that any rifle used for hunting is a hunting rifle. This is just as any rifle used by a sniper is a sniper rifle. And if firearms other than "hunting rifles" are so much of a problem how come rifles like the Tavor, QBZ-95, VZ-58, SKS, and SVT-40 are unrestricted in Canada? All you need to obtain one is the same requirements for a standard "hunting rifle." And for shotguns, a shotgun can include things such as the Taurus Judge for example, the Saiga 12, or even the AA-12. 
    As for handguns, simply put- self defense. In the US we don't want your 'ideas' for how we should deal with self defense, we want something that will work. And not everyone can 'learn to fight', for example the elderly, and physically disabled.
    As for full autos, yeah, no one really needs one. They mostly are just for fun nowadays because they are so expensive ($10,000 and up) and so hard to get even by European standards, it's almost not worth it (M240Bs are expensive, but they pay off- I know personally).
    Let me remind you though, that AR-15s are not full auto, they are actually are semi auto, just like a Ruger 10/22 or Ruger Mini-14.
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    McKinnion got a reaction from Original Light in 'Good Music' Thread   
    I'm a pop-punk kind of person, here is a couple of my favorites 
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    McKinnion got a reaction from thegreathah in GTA Crashes when I spawn new Carperino CVPI   
    Ah okay Thank you!
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    McKinnion got a reaction from HomerS in Good RP Games?   
    Arma 3 life may be a good option, you just have to find a decent community to play on
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    McKinnion got a reaction from colb24 in LSPDFR 0.3 Announcement + First Preview   
    We all love you dearly Sam
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    McKinnion reacted to Arxhive in F5544 WIP Dodge Charger High interior, 2015 conversion.   
    Slow down there sir. 
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    McKinnion reacted to Lundy in will pay USD for someone to create a Pittsburgh Police pack   
    I don't see how someone could be this insanely concerned about car mods to pay such a load some of money. That's just ridiculous for a couple of virtual police cars.
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    McKinnion got a reaction from Lundy in will pay USD for someone to create a Pittsburgh Police pack   
    This isn't the place to really offer to pay for content, this is a community driven site, not a buy for content site
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    McKinnion reacted to MayhemMercenary in Oregon College Shooting   
    My goal is to stop him/her before he/she does anything to my things or my family. If someone breaks into your home, you can shoot.
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    McKinnion got a reaction from MayhemMercenary in Oregon College Shooting   
    I'm not sure about the other states, but if someone is invading your home and attacks you in any way, you have the right to shoot and kill them. And if the person did have a gun and shot your family when they entered, why not shoot back? They already hurt one of your family? So you're just going to let them walk all over you while you wait 30 minutes for police to arrive? No. In some cases having a firearm in your house will save you or someone else's life.
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    McKinnion reacted to Officer420 in Police Items Creation Request Thread(script modders,this is for your assistance)   
    Hello all,
    I am creating this thread in the hope that it will do 2 things. Help give you script modders ,expose of needed custom items not  currently in game  and a  place to tell object modders what you need for your scripts and hopefully in the end  get you script modders what you need to finish your script's fully.  I tho also want this thread to be a place where the community can  add police items they would like to see as well.The following items however will NOT be put on this list:
    -police dept specific car skin request
    -dept. specific police uniform requests
    CONTACT OUTLINE: if there are any script modders who want their scripts on this list for exposure of needed police items,please  don't hesitate to send me a PM. Just include your script's name and needed items. I will add them to the list.Community,just leave your requests in the comments section of this thread and i will add it to the Community Request index part.
    ------------Modders request index
    Police Toolbox
    by DemNinjas
    needed police items to be created:
    crime scene tape/wheel clamp/etc
    Police Radio
    by FinKone
    needed police items to be created:
    body bag/German Shepard/etc.

    --------------Community Request index
    1. flares by officer420
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    McKinnion got a reaction from DogPatch1992 in What Operating system do run GTA IV on?   
    Honestly at the point GTA V is at currently (if you have the money to buy it) is worth buying. It's tons more stable then IV and there's a few pretty good models out right now. And LSPDFR is good fun and an update is going to be released soon fixing and adding some needed features.
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    McKinnion got a reaction from DogPatch1992 in What Operating system do run GTA IV on?   
    GTA IV is notorious for crashing. I play on Windows 10, it runs fine and with looking at your specs it should run pretty well. It's just that the game is a terrible PC port, though still enjoyable when it works, it's really hit or miss with IV.
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    McKinnion reacted to J T in Oregon College Shooting   
    the media only reports on certain stories that fit there agenda...they never talk about places like Chicago or new York which have strict gun laws yet does not deter shootings or crime for that matter where as a state like texas which doesn't have strict gun laws have very low crime...the real problem we have are killer cops shooting people in this country and getting away with it...we have a big mental health issue disguised as a gun problem and Im glad I don't live in one of those states that have strict gun control and armed to protect my house from thugs....also the pope, the president, and a lot of Hollywood celebrities have armed body guards
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    McKinnion reacted to Lundy in Oregon College Shooting   
    May be so, but it still does not counter the fact that shootings in America are through the roof. This isn't a great place to be.
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    McKinnion reacted to J T in Oregon College Shooting   
    blame the strict gun control....blame the media and blame big pharma and there psychiatric drugs...seriously obama wants gun control and people have known about this since 2007 hence why gun sales went up the roof when he got selected...I mean elected and went up yet again when he re elected these shootings seem more and more staged they also happen in gun free zones surprise surprise when will people grow a brain and figure out that theres more then meets the eye, people also fall for the media propaganda of "omg so many shootings"...really? have you ever heard the media report on the good stories of when an armed citizen stops a criminal? no because it doesn't fit there agenda....do you ever hear the media report on the shootings in Chicago and how many children have been killed? no because it has strict gun control and it will make muslim in chief  and corporate media look bad
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    McKinnion reacted to Illusionyary in Oregon College Shooting   
    I honestly had no idea how high the annual number of school shootings were in the States. It seems you get one every week or so, it's absolutely disgusting. We haven't had a school shooting in Australia since 2002.
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    McKinnion reacted to Black Jesus in Oregon College Shooting   
    Kids and teens aren't getting enough psychiatric help, teachers aren't noticing problems, parents are also not noticing or caring, and dumbasses aren't locking up their guns to the point where their kids can't get their hands on them. In regards to adults/college students, background checks aren't enough many times. And in my opinion, 18 is way too young to be able to buy your own handgun(That's the minimum age in Oregon).
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    McKinnion reacted to Policefreak55 in Oregon College Shooting   
    For those interested, here's the full dispatch audio from the UCC response:
    I have to say, the radio traffic was very well done. All traffic was concise, coordinated, no confusion and people weren't walking over each other's transmissions. A very nice way to handle such a dynamic and developing situation, kudos to all the responders.
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    McKinnion reacted to AwesomeCop115 in Oregon College Shooting   
    I live in Oregon BTW did not hear about this...
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    McKinnion reacted to Four1one in Oregon College Shooting   
    Here comes another gun control debate....