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  1. McKinnion

    'Good Music' Thread

  2. McKinnion

    ELS sirens

    It's the AMBULANCE_WARNING siren
  3. McKinnion

    Los Santos/Maui Skin Pack (2k/4k)

    Have you ever thought about making the skins for his pack?
  4. McKinnion


    Well, the US technically isn't a democracy, it's a Republic, we vote for representatives to vote for us, therefore we are a republic.
  5. McKinnion

    'Good Music' Thread

  6. McKinnion

    'Good Music' Thread

    I'm a pop-punk kind of person, here is a couple of my favorites
  7. Yess! I love the OSP, and how did you get the clear Lightbar texture?
  8. McKinnion

    GTA 5 | LSPD: First Response | Season 2

    Nice to know that you stole a part of your intro from G17 Media :) lol
  9. McKinnion

    Police Explorers talk

    I'm a explorer firefighter for my local fire department, it is a really fun thing to do, you make lots of friends who are interested in things you are, and in the porgram im in in get my state firefighter I certification if I complete the course when I turn 18
  10. McKinnion

    Realistic Weapon-Sounds

    It would be nice if there was a video so we can listen to what the new sound effects are.
  11. McKinnion


    I want Ted Cruz, the Zodiac Killer.
  12. Well I have a fairly good PC, and I've only had this happen with this vehicle so eh idk what it is
  13. Well there's one skin slot by default on the CV and I just replaced that one and it crashes it, I just loaded in w/o the 4k texture and it works just fine
  14. Ah okay Thank you!