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  1. HomerS

    EUP - Gun Placement

    Only guess would be a walk style changeable via trainer. I would try some different ones and I believe they have different aim styles, however I can't recall.
  2. Is this it? https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/san-andreas-mega-pack-2-textures-4k-lore-friendly
  3. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/air-port-service-and-service-vehicles-template-pack
  4. HomerS

    Be Inspired.....

    Are you implying those who don't support the government 100% are... UnAmerican? What I saw in that ad was a whole lot of blind support for the government and the police. What it shows me is if we don't support the police we don't support the country (as shown by the signs in the protest). Look I don't support the police or the government in this country. Both are riddled with corruption. The police seem to do an excellent job of violating people's rights and being corrupt. Don't get me wrong there are good cops. Those are the cops I support. The ones who focus more on helping the community rather than making an arrest. But overall the law enforcement in America is broken. And yes we do live in a fascist nation at this point. Is it "official"? No. However the government has attempted to silence the press and suppress free speech (*cough* Ajit Pai *cough*) sometimes illegally.
  5. HomerS

    Default Livery Pack (big)

    Not that I'm aware of.
  6. HomerS

    What siren should i Make.

    @Zebra1324 To be honest the siren itself hasn't changed in 20 some odd years. Only the controller. Maybe minor differences but not much.
  7. HomerS

    What siren should i Make.

    I would say anything from Star Signal Vehicle Products. Sirens have some great sounds but it's a small company so it's often neglected. Here's some videos: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=star+signal+vehicle+products
  8. HomerS

    Mercy EMS Texture

    Now as from someone out in Western New York I'm extremely picky about liveries based off the area. But my lord that's accurate. Very high quality. Easy 5 stars out of me. Some screenshots would be nice though.
  9. There is no alternative. The reason it's not working is you're putting them in outdated locations. You need to put all your vehicle files in the latest patchday folder. I know the instructions say otherwise but this is the way to do it.
  10. HomerS

    ELS not working

    Can you link the pack? Also do you have ELS installed? And have you installed the .xmls? Those are the most common problems.
  11. HomerS

    Do stolen vehicles exist?

    It depends on what you're using to run the plates. If it's standard LSPDFR I'm not sure. If you use the plate check function on Smart Radio then yes they do appear.
  12. HomerS

    Do stolen vehicles exist?

    @GunnDawg Are you just using the standard LSPDFR plate lookup? If you use Police Radio then they will appear with no extra plugins.
  13. Export the textures you want. Then you can replace the ones you don't want by using the "REPLACE" button and locating the file.
  14. HomerS

    My first skin!

    Very, very nice. Only thing I would say is, "SAHP TRU" on the back is a bit too big. Five stars out of me.
  15. HomerS

    No Bikes in Winter!

    @GabLeGamer I'm sorry I completely forgot. I'll send it over to you right now.