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    Francis reacted to BEModsV in Emergency uniforms, not working with cop holster?   
    In the EUP 7.4 Update, Alex Ashfold added the empty holster model. If you want this to work, you will need a config line for the cop holster.ini file. I got this one from the faq of EUP. Made by Alex
    [Ped:MP_M_FREEMODE_01] FuncHolster=True FuncIntim=True FuncIntimMesh=7:8,7:7,7:6 7:8=7:2 7:1=7:3 [Ped:MP_F_FREEMODE_01] FuncHolster=True FuncIntim=True FuncIntimMesh=7:8 7:8=7:2 7:1=7:3
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    Francis reacted to Lt.Caine in [WIP] 2016 Chevrolet Suburban LS   
    Wow is right! Awesome, as is all your work, carface!
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    Francis reacted to Lundy in 14 May - New Screenshots!   
    ​The only reason why it's so popular is to keep people occupied until LMS and Sam work their magic.
    ​Can't forget those beautiful rotaries.
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    Francis reacted to AlconH in 14 May - New Screenshots!   
    Calm it down there son! This isn't Tinder!
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    Francis reacted to Sam in 14 May - New Screenshots!   
    ​CopTrainer 3000.
    Premium version, only $9.99.
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    Francis reacted to GT5abc in Model Modifications   
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    Francis reacted to Rustic7 in LSPDFR Announcement + Preview   
    This trailer wasn't the best one I expexcted, looks like a normal cop chase and some voice overs.
    Is there going to be showcase of animations etc soon?
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    Francis reacted to hardsty1e in Better paramedic driving   
    you just contradict yourself lol, improving ai is impossible but slight improvement could work, yeahhh makes sense .
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    Francis got a reaction from Sniper296 in 1.1 released   
    Please don't, we have enough on the team for that :D hahaha
    Of course I'm just fooling around you guys.
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    Francis reacted to PoliceWag in 1.1 released   
    i think we need a hotfix for the website too ahaha joke

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    Francis got a reaction from ASTTrprDillon95 in 1.1 released   
    Please don't, we have enough on the team for that :D hahaha
    Of course I'm just fooling around you guys.
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    Francis got a reaction from TheRealNoodle in 1.1 released   
    Please don't, we have enough on the team for that :D hahaha
    Of course I'm just fooling around you guys.
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    Francis got a reaction from PoliceWag in 1.1 released   
    Please don't, we have enough on the team for that :D hahaha
    Of course I'm just fooling around you guys.
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    Francis got a reaction from Cyan in 1.1 released   
    Please don't, we have enough on the team for that :D hahaha
    Of course I'm just fooling around you guys.
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    Francis got a reaction from ineseri in 1.1 released   
    Please don't, we have enough on the team for that :D hahaha
    Of course I'm just fooling around you guys.
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    Francis reacted to Lewandowski in ELS suggestion   
    You can have a car with 200 lights with only 2 extras....1 even
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    Francis reacted to Cyan in Online Services changes   
    We've decided to reset the crime statistics system in the most recent patch, 1.1. However, don't worry, all the old stats have been archived and will be visible seperately shortly.
    There are many reasons for this, but the most crucial is probably the fact that the totals have been there since 0.91, and it's pretty impossible for anyone new to see their name quite high up on the leaderboards.
    Also, we've greatly improved the security of the system - replay attacks are no longer possible and an exploit to inflate ticket scores has been fixed.
    This reset applies today, and the system is back online from today. All old API keys will still work. Only crime statistics sent from the most recent patch (1.1) will be counted now.
    We hope this gives everyone a fair chance to get on the leaderboards - and we have a few more things in store for the future, like our planned >clan services expansion (there is already code in 1.1 to prepare for this, we just need to make a nice client-side UI).
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    Francis reacted to SuperStumpje in Taxi lights too bright! Argh!   
    Open taxi.wtd and taxi2.wtd in either OpenIv or SparkIV and look for the taxi signs (don't know what they're called exactly, but it's pretty obvious). Then, replace them with the ones attached to this post. They may look black, but they are darkened versions of the regular taxi signs. Obviously, the file name refers to the vehicle it's supposed to go on, so they will keep their own ads just like they would normally have.
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    Francis reacted to emptw1 in what makes the file vehicles.ide?   
    You can do all sorts with the vehicles.ide file. You can change which handling line the vehicles uses (I.e if you have police2, it uses the police 2 handling line, but in the .ide, you can change it so the police2 car uses the cavalcade handling line without having to open the handling line file) You can turn on or off the vehicles dirt texture, which is controlled by one of the numbers. You can change the engine sound, the way the doors open, the animations for getting in, out and sitting in the car, you can add a variety of extensions to a vehicle to change what GTA 4 does with it by adding extensions on the end. The most notable tag people add to the end of a vehcile.ide line is the +livery tag.
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    Francis reacted to LMS in Hidden features in LCPDFR   
    Fixing Rockstar's laziness!
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    Francis got a reaction from TaylorSwift in Is this gun mod anywhere?   
    50$, ultra high-poly too.. I was just being a smart ass :P
    SC:BL does have one, playing it currently!
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    Francis got a reaction from Black Jesus in Is this gun mod anywhere?   
    50$, ultra high-poly too.. I was just being a smart ass :P
    SC:BL does have one, playing it currently!
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    Francis reacted to Iconography in Downloads Section Overhaul + New File Approval System   
    Downloads Section Overhaul
    We've launched an overhaul to the downloads section today.  Including new fields, a revamped layout for actual download pages and the ability to link mods together - we hope that the new downloads section is a big improvement for everyone.
    There'll be more information regarding these changes in the next few days.
    New File Approval System Trial
    We're also announcing a significant change to our file approval system.  With the number of files we have to process each day, it is becoming highly impractical to approve every single file.  Due to the busy schedule of many moderators, files sometimes have to wait over a day or two before being processed.  This can't continue, and we've definitely heard your complaints on the matter.  As a result, we are starting a 1 month trial of a new system.
    Effective immediately, members will no longer have to have their files approved by moderators unless there are outstanding circumstances or the account is extremely new (less than 1.7% of members fall into those categories).  In addition, thanks to the hard work from Cyan, we now have an automatic virus scan system.  When a file gets uploaded, it is automatically scanned for viruses.  If anything comes up, the file will be unapproved automatically.  This will significantly reduce the chances of anyone slipping malware through.  We will still be checking through files to look for any violations, and we encourage everyone to report files if they think something is incorrect.  We know some files will still be improper, but the vast majority (over 70% of them) have been fine to approve as-is.  We don't believe a minority of improper files should warrant every file having to wait days on end for approval.
    Anyone who fails to follow the upload instructions will have to deal with their files being taken down as soon as the problem is noticed.  It is in your best interest, as well as ours, to follow all rules thoroughly before you submit a file.  You don't want to have your file taken down randomly because you didn't follow the directions - no one will be able to download your file until you resolve any issues.  Anyone who routinely has issues following proper upload rules will have their auto-approval privileges revoked until they learn how to upload correctly.  In addition, we reserve the right to revoke anyone's auto-approval privileges if they repeatedly upload fake mods or other joke mods that are only designed to interfere with this site.
    On a related note, we will be phasing out the old system that allowed some members to bypass the approval system.  Since almost every member can now bypass approval, there is no need for that system to exist.  As an extension of the retirement of that system, members who have been allowed to change their profile backgrounds in addition to bypassing file approval will have that background feature revoked.  That was a very old legacy system that hasn't been right for this site for a long time.
    If at the end of the one month trial (6th of March) or sooner, we determine that the new system is not working, we will revert back to the old approval system and attempt to enact some other internal changes instead.  The profile background feature will not be restored, and the auto virus-scan feature will remain in place.  If the new system seems to work, it will remain in effect until further notice and the old auto-approve system mentioned earlier for select members will be removed entirely.  We will notify everyone on any updates to the approval system as additional posts in this thread.
    Asst. Community Manager.
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    Francis reacted to Lundy in GTAALLdotNET   
    Even if they just steal models and upload them, I really don't care. Someone steals my work, oh well, it's just a car mod. It's not stopping me from doing anything.
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    Francis reacted to Cyan in GTAALLdotNET   
    If you really want to hurt them, go after their advertising partners.
    They use AdSense.
    Go here: https://support.google.com/adsense/contact/violation_report
    For violations, choose "This site is distrubuting someone else's copyrighted material, possibly without permission"
    Make sure to be as detailed as possible.
    If enough of you do it, they'll get banned from AdSense, and will lose funds to run their copyright violating site.
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