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  1. PoliceWag

    Request; moar mx7000's!

    It's not possible with the current ELS version
  2. PoliceWag

    Request; moar mx7000's!

    Oh okok cool Will be making it soon but i dont have a date for now.. There a car with a stolen arrown on it somewhere its use as a Controle routier CVPI.. you can use it for now i guess Cya
  3. PoliceWag

    Request; moar mx7000's!

    Euh Hello what you guys need^^^
  4. PoliceWag

    cannot Hook game slow system or bad intivirus

    Hi, I was having the same problem and after 2 weeks of hard research i had to format my PC. I check every topic of alot of forum and nothing fixe the problem .. I think its something with the permission in windows but never found exactly the sources... Take Care
  5. PoliceWag

    Check out ELS for V!

    ZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZzZZZZZzZZZZ... Will be out when ready... This is not a private mod.. If its not out it is not the time yet... You people think turning extra's on and off is easy but dont even know what the deal is... Enjoy default lights for now
  6. PoliceWag


    You guys are awesome 75 have been choose! He want to take 15 more!! Come on!
  7. PoliceWag


    Prophet Just told me the FIrst 75 LCPD-FR member who send him a PM get this car for beta testing! Exclusive at LCPD-FR
  8. PoliceWag

    Guess The Next Poster..

    i GUESS THESE NUTTS! Raptor credential
  9. PoliceWag


    Yes i will be releasing the arrow board one on Friday!
  10. PoliceWag


    Yes soon!
  11. PoliceWag


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