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    imadoofus got a reaction from Ofc Down in Check out ELS for V!   
    Well, that's just great. I was hoping there would be more than a few good vanilla-lighting models before the crashfest showed up and made the game a lot more annoying for people without the best cards on the market.
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    imadoofus reacted to Cbeck133 in Non Emergency Calls   
    Agreed, I know I like playing on a more realistic level there needs to be a balance between action and more mundane calls where you file a report or go and see whats up.  I think it would be cool if there was a cascade of events like responding to a burglary alarm (automatic or person) and get a description of the suspect and you go searching in the area for him/her.   Even for domestic calls where one left the house and went somewhere else and you need to go and track them down (non-emergency) and ask for a statement either leading to a warning or an arrest.
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    imadoofus reacted to CheddaJohn in General LSPDFR Improvement General/ Suggestions   
    SWAT/NOOSE response time is realistic. They do take a while in real life. Remember the 1997 North Hollywood shootout? Listen to the dispatch audio, the cops are BEGGING for SWAT to hurry up and you can hear SWAT tell dispatch they are trying their best to get there. The cops had only their pistols against two guys with automatics. Very scary for them.
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    imadoofus reacted to unr3al in Some facts about the Eric Garner case   
    Ah sh*t, not this again. This dead horse has been beaten so much already. Bringing this crap up is only going to cause arguments.

    There are two types of chokes used; a blood choke and an airway choke. The one most police and martial artists use is a blood choke. The point of the rear naked choke in particular is to slow down the flow of blood through the carotid arteries to the brain, causing unconsciousness in a few seconds, rendering the victim unable to flail around and fight. And airway choke takes significantly longer, would not cause rapid loss of consciousness and would require a lot of strength to put and hold enough pressure on the airway to make someone lose consciousness. The choke hold used in the video was an attempt at a blood choke, but it was not properly applied because Garner was much bigger than the cop trying to perform it, and he was actively resisting on an open sidewalk in the real world. Not in a martial arts studio with instructions not to move. If you truly could not breathe, you would not be able to constantly shout "I can't breathe", because you require air in order to speak loudly after several words are uttered expending what air you have left over in your lungs. The choke hold in this video was released within a matter of seconds, with Garner still talking after it was released. Garners final moments were also not caught in the video. His final moments were in the back of an ambulance where he suffered a heart attack.

    Please watch this video before any replies:

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    imadoofus reacted to Monty0112 in Observation on Police Encounters   
    Exactly. People call us and expect us to use our magic wand and solve all their problems. Responding to fights is the worst. Fifteen people fighting at a party, throwing punches and kicking, and bystanders look at me and my partner and expect us to break up the fight and arrest everyone. Waiting for backup, we get called cowards. And when we do use force to break it up, we hear them shouting "police brutality". In this day and age, policing is criticized by young and old. And on top of that, everything we do is put under a magnifying glass. For example, in my department, the simple use of pepper spray requires filling in a ten pages long paper form afterwards. This form has to be filled in twice by me AND my partner alike. It has come to the point where some colleagues are afraid to use their spray/baton, just because of all the hassle afterwards.
    I still love my job and wouldn't do anything else, don't get me wrong. But there are times I wonder why we, public servants who all took an oath, are so distrusted.
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    imadoofus reacted to Sam in Terror Attack in Paris, France, 18 confirmed dead.   
    It is important that people throughout the world show their support for those in France and for those affected by this.  As small and insignificant of a gesture adding the Tricolore to the logo is, it's something that people notice and if it provides some sort of comfort for anyone out there, then it is by all means worth it.
    As a city I've been to many times, and with family living over there just outside of Paris, this tragedy is certainly something that resonates with me.
    You can watch the international version of Sky News from British TV, they're usually really good at keeping up to date with things.
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    imadoofus reacted to unr3al in Terror Attack in Paris, France, 18 confirmed dead.   
    The problem is that ISIS isn't just in Syria. It's all over the middle east, so we'd need to invade or re-invade a lot of countries to get rid of them. And although that would take out the ISIS threat militarily, these attacks are fueled by the base principals of their religion. It's not extreme to believe that apostates should be killed, or that genital mutilation is acceptable in order to prevent infidelity (although it turns out that infections from these mutilations can actually kill the women or render them infertile), or that approximately 72 pure women (implying virginity) with extreme lust await those who sacrifice their life in the name of their god. These beliefs go well beyond the borders of Syira and Iraq, as well. To give an example, if you were to go to Tunisia; considered a shining example of a moderate Muslim country, you can interview people who hang out in the cafes and marketplaces and ask their opinions on ISIS. The majority of them say they aren't joining ISIS, but they are "big fans" of what they're doing. These people, these "big fans" are the next recruits for whatever the new Islamic extremist groups are coming up on the horizon if ISIS is destroyed.

    To clarify before somebody goes off on a "don't discriminate against a minority" tangent; everyone needs to understand that there is a difference between Muslims as people, and Islam. Islam is not a race, its a religion. A religion with about 1.5 billion followers, I might add. And unfortunately, the version of the Qu'ran that Osama Bin Laden preached is a very straight forward interpretation of it. The Old Testament had arguably equally violent books, but Christianity and Judaism is no longer being practiced in that manner. It took hundreds of years for that to happen, but unfortunately we now live in an age with nuclear weapons, which could eradicate entire countries at the push of a button. These acts of martyrdom and spreading religious land claims over races they see as inferior by force need to stop, and it's going to start when reformists in Muslim countries get everyone's attention and get them to grasp the concept of reforming the faith for 2015. There are hundreds and hundreds of millions of non-violent people who practice Islam that don't condone the acts of terrorism we see today, but simply standing there and saying "we do not approve" isn't doing enough.

    Ideology influences behavior, and this is a religious war. A religious war was declared on "the west", us, in 2001 by Osama Bin Laden, and despite the swift military defeat of Iraq and Afghanistan, this war is not over by a long shot.
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    imadoofus reacted to Figgis302 in Terror Attack in Paris, France, 18 confirmed dead.   
    Current death toll is a staggering 120+ civilians alone. I don't know what to say.
    Hopefully we'll see western boots on the ground in Syria after this.
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    imadoofus reacted to unr3al in Terror Attack in Paris, France, 18 confirmed dead.   
    I feel so bad for the French people; especially for the victims and their families, obviously. My heart goes out to them, and as the U.S. President said in a live address to the nation: We stand firm with you. We'll have your back, as France is our oldest ally.

    ISIS is steering their war on the west into the same direction Hitler and the Nazis did with their war on western democracy and freedom: Declaring war on too many countries that are more powerful than you. Hopefully ISIS will meet the same fate of total defeat, and eternal humiliation in the years after. They're directly threatening Russia, and they've taken physical action against England, France and America. Bad choices so far. Keep it up and see what happens. We won't be the only country kicking down their door.
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    imadoofus reacted to Ranger61 in Terror Attack in Paris, France, 18 confirmed dead.   
    My heart and support goes out to the French people and all those affected by these senseless attacks.
    We can't stop terrorists from communicating and promoting their ideas. What we can do is continue to communicate with outside world and promote our values. That is why I believe ISIS is doomed. Our ideas and values, those that give rise to the elements of peace (justice, shared power between government & people, nonviolence, culture of inclusion) will overwhelm their system of isolation, exclusion, and devaluation.
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    imadoofus reacted to gamerdanger99 in Terror Attack in Paris, France, 18 confirmed dead.   
    My heart goes out to the MANY victims of these horrible attacks. RIP 

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    imadoofus reacted to thegreathah in Terror Attack in Paris, France, 18 confirmed dead.   
    Did you guys notice the LSPDFR logo has a small red and white stripe at the bottom now?
    Side note: Seriously the people online are total idiots and bigots.... It's sickening. There are some seriously racist and hateful people online.
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    imadoofus got a reaction from EmperorJHavs in The low rider update   
    Welcome to Grand Theft Auto V: No Fun Allowed Edition
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    imadoofus reacted to unr3al in How should I start?   
    1.) High School Police Explorers Program

    2.) Request ride-alongs from several departments, ask for repeats if allowed. Ask questions that show you're seriously interested in the job during the ride-alongs. (You may be too young for them at this point since you need to sign a waiver that says your family can't sue the department if you get shot and die.)

    3.) Show interest in police & other city official community outreach activities such as the D.A.R.E. program, volunteer at the town fairs or assemblies, policeman's balls, firemen's musters, get to know everyone in your town to build a good report, not just law enforcement.

    4.) Stay in good shape mentally and physically. Police and other emergency workers are at the highest risk of alcohol and substance abuse due to the traumatizing calls they go on. Do not use drugs, and do not abuse alcohol. I would advise not drinking at all if possible. You can still go drinking with friends and eat all the same crap and have all the same conversations they do, just have a soda and be the designated driver.

    5.) Volunteer for citizens academies if possible.

    6.) Get an internship during college with a police department.

    7.) Join a police department as an auxiliary police officer.

    8.) Join a police or sheriff department as a reserve officer.

    9.) When in the academy, keep your mouth shut and keep your head down. Let someone else in your class be the idiot the drill instructors pick on. Yes, it is just like the military. Don't argue, don't talk back, try not to screw up. It will be over in a couple of months and you don't have to look back once you graduate unless you move to another state. During the oral interview, remember that the law is to be upheld no matter what. No exceptions, even for other police officers. And don't give the "Protect and serve" bullsh*t answer when asked "Why do you want to be a police officer?" The interviewers will tell you to leave immediately if you give them that. People who served in the military are given priority during hiring. I don't advise you sign up to shoot people just to further your resume, but you can always join a branch that does not put boots on the ground such as the coast guard, national guard or the air force. Or you can try to get hired without military experience. I never have and never will join any military branch short of the mandatory national draft service.
    10.) You will generally get hired on before you attend an academy, as the department will pay for your schooling. You may pay for the academy on your own if you want, but it's expensive, and there's no guarantee of a job after, so I'd try to get sponsored by a department first.
    11.) As a police officer, you wear a lot of hats. You are a counselor, a rescue worker, a soldier, a guard, a law student and many other things all rolled into one. Know that and embrace that. You are a jack of all trades and a master of none.

    12.) Play by the rules. Don't be the guy on the evening news. Be sure you're justified when you pull or use a weapon, and enforce the law by the book, not with your emotions. Look out for your own life first and foremost, but remember that you're a public servant. You serve the entire public, and that includes criminal offenders, not just the people who call 911.

    13.) The department you work for is your family. They rely on you and you rely on them in life or death situations. Be self supporting, but be ready to work with others. You're part of a team. Contrary to the U.S. Military's "army of one" slogan, nobody is a one man army. Crime can't be dealt with that way.

    14.) Have fun. The day you stop loving your job is the day you should find something else to do.

    If you plan on being a street level police officer, you should only be looking at a two year degree from a community college. I'd advise getting a four year degree in something else completely so you have another profession to fall back on. A job as a police officer is one of the hardest ones to get and one of the easiest ones to lose. You can also get two or more two year degrees if you want. Take criminal justice and computer science. Or criminal justice and a medical degree of some kind. Something that can tie into law enforcement to make you a better investigator or rescue worker or critical thinker. Give yourself an advantage over other applicants.
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    imadoofus reacted to Original Light in 2009 Crown Victoria   
    Nice car man. If I were you though, I would paint the white doors and white roof black to match the rest of the car (if it's financially feasible). Just to avoid possible police harassment. You could probably get it done for cheap at a body shop, and wont cost you that much since there isn't that much to paint. How many miles are on her? 
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    imadoofus reacted to LtCarman in 2009 Crown Victoria   
    Not only for police harassment, but for your own personal safety as well. There are many people that don't take a liking to cops.
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    imadoofus reacted to Cobra50 in 2009 Crown Victoria   
    Hello everyone. I have a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria. Decommissioned O.P.P cruiser. If any one would like me to take pictures interior or exterior for model or texture development, please let me know. I

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    imadoofus reacted to Black Jesus in How should I start?   
    Stay out of trouble(clean driving record, try to keep juvenile record clean, keep adult record clean when you're older), get good grades, and go to college. That's basically it. Do some volunteer work, military reserves/national guard, and maybe join a PDs reserve/auxiliary unit while in college to get some training, good references and it immensely helps your chances of getting hired by that PD. Try to beef up your resume with that stuff. It's only going to get more competitive as the years go on, so you need stuff to make you stand out.
    When you do go to college, don't get a degree in Criminal Justice, if you plan on being a police officer. Every cop has told me it's a  waste unless you want to be something in Law Enforcement other than a cop, like a criminologist, crime scene tech, probation officer, maybe a federal agent and etc. So have a backup plan 
    And since you're 15, go join an explorer's post, in case you haven't.
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    imadoofus reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.3 - "Busted!"   
    This is the fourth part of our LSPDFR 0.3 preview series.  For more information about the background behind 0.3, check out the third installment in this series here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/55644-lspdfr-03-downtown-police-station/
    So, from the hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube, the near half-million million downloads of the mod itself and the the fact we keep on smashing records, like when we had 5,000 of you crazy folk online at once, we've got this really small, tiny suspicion - and I'm just going on a hunch here - but we think you guys quite like to arrest people?
    If there's actually some truth to this wild guess, I'm very happy to tell you that we've got quite the new feature set for when dispensing your own brand of justice is necessary.  Don't just take my word for it though, this is one of those occasions where a picture tells probably a lot more than a thousand words.

    As you can see, we've implemented a beautiful new gameplay mechanic for performing certain tasks which gives you real-time visual feedback in the form of a progress bar.  The cool bit is that it looks like exactly like the user interface found in the original game, too.
    Now, instead of simply pointing a gun and pressing a key to arrest a suspect, you have to actually keep aim in their general direction while holding down said control.  As you do this, the progress bar fills (and it does so really quickly).  Now, we know a lot of people wanted to see the ability to arrest suspects on the ground, so the end result of a successful gunpoint takedown is a suspect laying flat on the floor, ready to be cuffed up.  Oh yeah, we're just getting started...

    As you might be able to work out, the same new gameplay mechanic is then used for giving the gift of metal bracelets to your suspect, where you actually interactively apply the cuffs; progress meter filling in time with the animation.  Not only is this system really cool, but it is also truly immersive - you have complete control over the process meaning that a sudden change in heart can be realised by simply releasing the control.  This new system is pretty awesome, and we can't wait for everyone to be able to try it for themselves.
    Of course, all of this is a little bit mean so far.  We've got people getting guns shoved in their faces as they are forced down to the ground and what not; wouldn't it also be nice to be able to serve up some justice with a friendly smile?  We think it would be, so you can now arrest people without using any weapons at all through the way in which this new gameplay mechanic is now tied in with the Stop & Identify feature.  When stopping pedestrians on the street, everything works as it did before: pressing E will bring up the same menu with the same options.  One key difference, though, is that by merely looking at your target, then pressing and holding the same key, you can begin seamlessly cuffing them on the spot.  The results can be quite spectacular.

    You've probably sussed that we really like this new mechanic by now, and we hope that you like the sound of it as much as we do.  To seal the deal though, you can use the same process to release suspects from handcuffs now.  It's as simple as walking behind them and pressing and holding the same key used to set them down on the ground.

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    imadoofus reacted to Flak in Police Violence in USA   
    This interests me. What have you heard about OCSD? It's a pretty darn popular agency in the region to get picked up by. With the old sheriff there was a huge scandal, but I'm not sure I'd call it an unpleasant place to work. Once you put in x years doing regular patrol for a regular dept, you kinda wish you went OCSD. I might actually say the more time you spend doing just patrol, you'd probably be more irritated. But at the end of the day, it's the dept leadership that matters most.
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    imadoofus got a reaction from unr3al in Police Violence in USA   
    I'd like to interject here a moment. I've seen accounts of local police forces that vary from corrupt to assholeish to downright pleasant. I was confused by this for a while, until I came to the conclusion that it all depends where you are. To give an example, I've read that Orange County's sheriff department is pretty corrupt and unpleasant, but I've heard nothing but good about many state agencies and smaller-town departments. I don't know if there's any further depth besides "some departments are good and some aren't," or if it depends on size and location, but I figure what department you're dealing with plays a huge factor. People seem to act like America has one big police force with the same personnel and attitudes, but we have thousands.
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    imadoofus reacted to theninja35 in LSPDFR 0.3 - Downtown Police Station   
    No loading screens? Thank god, it's no longer Sims 4!
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    imadoofus reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.3 - Downtown Police Station   
    This is the third part of our LSPDFR 0.3 preview series.  For more information about the background behind 0.3, check out the second installment in this series here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/55363-lspdfr-03-backup-customization
    Perhaps one of the hottest talking points about LSPDFR, even way before the modification was released, was the question of if and how LSPDFR would make use of the new police station interior in Downtown Los Santos.  Indeed, while we attempted to incorporate the interior into the earliest versions of the mod - we were only really scratching the surface as to the potential it holds.  Back then, there was also no way of unlocking the expanded version of the interior featuring the locker room, briefing room and downstairs areas, which always acted as a further limit to any plans we had for it.

    The exciting news is that with LSPDFR 0.3, the entire interior is unlocked and open for exploration, and this is where the fun really begins.  We've made a big effort to make the station come alive, much like we did the lawyers office in LCPDFR, but on a much larger scale.  Now, while to go into great detail about all of the new scenes and scenarios in the station would be telling, you can take a look at a couple of the screenshots provided to get a mere taste of the sights and sounds of the Downtown Police Station.

    The cool stuff we've put in with the Downtown Police Station doesn't end there, though.  To allow for maximum immersion, you can now actually walk into the locker room and directly go on duty from inside, without any loading screens.  By simply approaching the lockers and hitting a key, the camera will seamlessly transition to give a view of the player, with the familiar character selection menu appearing shortly after.
    Continuing with this theme, LSPDFR 0.3 also introduces a great deal of new functionality for dealing with arrested perps.  We'll cover most of this in the next installment of this series, but for now be safe in the knowledge that 0.3 lets you actually walk inside and drop-off your prisoners directly inside the cells.  Plus, for those of you looking for the authentic southern Californian law enforcement experience, you can quite literally throw your prisoners down the stairs on the way there!

    Of course, on the topic of arresting people, there's so much more that we could show you, but that'd maybe be a little too much awesomeness to take in for one day.  Instead, stay tuned for the next part of this update series - you won't want to miss it!
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    imadoofus reacted to Solidefiance in Police Violence in USA   
    That's usually the case with most media coverage though, sadly. News doesn't cover anything remotely positive because positive doesn't render the sort of "outcry" promotional propaganda that you would expect to see from a thug being gunned down by Officers. Right now the headlines and the controversy lies with that of a race war with cops' which that, above all else, is a higher view and click count than let's say, a Firefighter rescuing a puppy from a burning house. 
    That and the fact that Media outlets know that they can use the race card to their advantage. Some time ago I read up on some site not even related to News reporting a white man beaten to near death and then ran over with his own car at a Gas Station by 4 Black male's. That wasn't covered by any of the "major" news stations, nor was there any Rioting following it thereafter either. He died of his injuries at the Hospital later on by the way...........
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    imadoofus reacted to Shadesman89 in Police Fonts   
    What free fonts would match police lettering like in this pic

    or this