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  1. CheddaJohn

    GTX 1080... 10-25 FPS after going on duty

    he obviously does.....we all do...
  2. CheddaJohn

    Will Rockstar Ever Buy LSPDFR And Incorporate it?

    we need a sponsor to fucking cover the costs for that Police 2013 game that was being worked on at one point a clean police sim that is even more in depth than what we have would be god like
  3. CheddaJohn

    RPH console not showing

    Game pauses but the blue console screen doesnt show up. Everything is updated.
  4. CheddaJohn

    Will Rockstar Ever Buy LSPDFR And Incorporate it?

    a million people downloaded the LSPDFR mod dude there is a demand
  5. CheddaJohn

    Crash when launching

  6. Come on man you got me going to an armed robbery call, but expect me to be the only officer to show up? Officers should be dispatched automatically for calls like that. User discretion can be allowed for other calls but NO cop is gonna solo a robbery call. Come on. Takes the immersion out when I show up, have to spam code 3 backup, and they all show up not knowing wtf is going on. Dispatch them and have them know what to do (like when they go after guys in pursuit mode). Any modder able to do this? Very annoying otherwise. Earlier I responded to an officer shot and was the only guy to respond lol. get real.
  7. I deleted the entire GTA folder. I explained that in the original post. It was the first thing I did.
  8. Yeah I'll probably never find one. I make this thread every other month. This is completely baffling. I might ask Jeff Favigano who he pays to help him. He and other Yters never have this big of an issue.
  9. toshiba laptop core i7 I was able to play like a motherfucker from sept 2015 to dec 2015. Dec 2015 was when the first issues began. Ever since then I have been cursed. Played about maybe 15 times, if that, since then.
  10. I haven't tried it since re-installing in the past 24 hours. I'll just do it again and see.
  11. I didn't install anything. Not scripthook, not rph, no plugins. I wanted to see if the game itself worked before i wasted time. It does not. I even tried this "fix" and it didnt work: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/203654987-GTA-V-PC-Social-Club-Infinite-Loading-Screen-FIX this is outrageous.
  12. Yes it's me again...the one that has the mysterious fucking problem that won't let me play this shit at all. I AM CURSED. Last night I did the following, in order: 1. Deleted GTA folder from "common" 2. Right click - uninstall from Steam 3. Re-installed 4. Waited X amount of time 5. Got home, tried to play GTA by hitting the desktop button. 6. STUCK ON LOADING STORY MODE So this isn't even an RPH or LSPDFR isssue. THE GAME WON'T FUCKING PLAY ON ITS OWN TO BEGIN WITH. WHY?????????????????????? How am I the only fucking guy who has barely been able to play this game despite owning it for 18-19 months?!?!?!?!?!?!? Gotta love how the youtubers get secret help to prevent this shit while guys like me suffer. Do I even need to provide screenshots? I mean WTF man this is stupid. Does ANYONE have ANY sort of clue as to what is causing this?!?!?!?!?!?!? At this point, I think I might even donate to the one who solves this for fucks sake. Sorry if i seem like a dick, im just beyond pissed. You know why I say I am cursed? because back in November or so when I was able to miraculously get it to work....the following day (about 12 hours from last playing session) it went back to the hanging (during loading population) bullshit despite me NOT making ANY additions to the GTA folder. So somebody has to be doing black magic against me. My God this is ridiculous. November was the last time I was able to have an LSPDFR gaming session and I may even be wrong about the month. Might have actually been Aug-Sept ish I don't remember.
  13. thanks but i shouldnt even have to do this i mean wtf is causing this problem to begin with? i mean i posted my logs and the screenshots....nobody seriously has ANY clue? Idk wtf to do...this is frustrating. i have barely played the past 18 months.......WHY??? everything is updated and i only put in the popular plugins so wtf god this sucks Tried it and RPH wouldnt load so i put it back, tried and still hangs.