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  1. Ranger61

    Grapeseed Police Department 2018 Dodge charger [ELS]

    What really makes this vehicle stand out is the wheels. IMHO, they are the best I've seen of 4WD hubcabs. I am very picky about my native police slots. But this was an easy win for the Sheriff slot.
  2. Ranger61

    [4K] Los Santos/Blaine County Sheriff MEGA Pack

    Thanks for your work. I was planning on leaving a review. Its been a long time since I switched textures for the sheriff. These are great. I already tested them in GTA V and saw for myself how awesome they looked.
    Great vehicle pack. I haven't switched Sheriff decals in a very long time. These textures provide the vehicles with a visible, but subtle presentation. The colors are basic, and work well for night and day patrols. I really appreciate the author's hard work, and I highly recommend these textures for your sheriff department.
  3. Ranger61

    [4K] Los Santos/Blaine County Sheriff MEGA Pack

    It doesn; No, I don't care. I take cars from different packs to use as my police department. For the sheriff, I use it doesn't have a template, but I think its the same base model as 2018's used by other arists.
  4. Ranger61

    [4K] Los Santos/Blaine County Sheriff MEGA Pack

    The vehicle decals look great. Could you make one for the 2018 Charger? The 2015 is a different model.
  5. I still run into the bug where the suspect getting out of back of vehicle and into drivers seat and driving off after placing in rear with Stop the Ped and Arrest Manager. This completely breaks the mod. Its a great one up until that point adding some real immersion. RagePluginHook.log Running version 1.5.3 lasted Stop the Ped and Arrest Manager
  6. Ranger61

    alternative to Avast Free

    Yeah. I'm running 10 Pro. I'm gonna try it out.
  7. I've been using Avast Free for years, but I recently began to have problems with it and GTA V with RPH and LSPDFR, particuarly my game was slowing down. The only solution I've found so far is to uninstall Avast. Now I feel very vulnerable. I turned on Windows Security Essential, but feel I need something more. I looked through the forum and didn't see much of a discussion recently. Has anything changed from 2016. Do anyone have a recommendation for free anti-virus protection other than Avast, preferably that is compatible with GTA V andall the plugins? Is WSE all the protection I need? Should I buy Avast? or some other program. Any input would be appreciated. PS: My system specs are in my signature.
    These vehicles are absolutely amazing. I love the light setup and the steel wheels. I think the wheels on the right are just a tad too far in but its nothing crazy. Job well done.
  8. Thanks. I'll try that out
  9. I'm trying to switch the audionamehash of some of my police cars to the "WINDSOR". However, editing the audionamehash with the WINDSOR replaces the radio scanner in the background with the regular radio and I can't turn it off. Is there another file I'm suppose to edit to make the Windsor work with the regular police scanner playing in the background?
  10. I feel so stupid right now, its not even funny. Thanks for pointing this out.
    These are some cool scenarios. I particularly like the kidnapping case. One change it could use is the victim be taken to the hospital instead of home. That would seem a little more realistic than calling a cab for them. Very nice work though.
  11. I don't if this has been suggested, but it would be cool if we could set the K9 back up vehicle in the .ini. There are a lot of K9 vehicles out now, these can set as addon vehicles with custom names.
  12. I figured it out. I set all srntone settings to "false"