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  1. So I remember some time ago when you went into an car file for example, you could scroll down a little and then open an in browser type of file where you could check what the file contains, so it would show you what model the car is for, but is it removed or cant I just find it?
  2. LewisTheThird


    Its probaly something with your game, you should reinstall Or does it only happen with RPH?
  3. LewisTheThird

    2017 California Highway Patrol Mega Pack - ELS

    Was not expecting you to make this, all lights look nice and overall all the models look nice, and also its an OIV so thats an big +
  4. LewisTheThird

    Emergency Lighting System

    When I for example put my Primary Sirens pattern to 20 and when I go to stage 3 lighting it changes itself to 25* or when I change my siren sound it changes itself to another pattern, is there a way stop ELS Doing that?
  5. LewisTheThird

    Major Texture Loss with plugins RDE + ELS

    Also, 1 more question I was thinking about getting SSD so maybe it will load the textures faster, is it true if I cross the 100K poli limit or will there still be some kind of texture loss?
  6. LewisTheThird

    Major Texture Loss with plugins RDE + ELS

    I have the same problem but not using RDE, Anyways Does that mean if one car's poly is over 100,000 it starts to texture loss or all cars added togheter? Because if its all added togheter it would be like millions of polygons
  7. LewisTheThird

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    How does one change the jurisdiction cars n stuff? I wanna replace the hwaypolice car that patrols highways with other model, where can I find the file to edit the stuff?
  8. LewisTheThird

    Police & EMS Vehicles as ADD-ONs (303 Vehicles)

    Weird, well maybe it has something to do with the Biker DLC, And Ravalli might need to update something idk, lets just wait
  9. LewisTheThird

    Police & EMS Vehicles as ADD-ONs (303 Vehicles)

    You renamed the files to what its supposed to be renamed? In the instructions youre supposed to change the police3.ytd, Police3.ytf etc to Impala, or something thats show in the files
  10. LewisTheThird

    Police & EMS Vehicles as ADD-ONs (303 Vehicles)

    I have the same problem, but for other cars
  11. LewisTheThird

    Police & EMS Vehicles as ADD-ONs (303 Vehicles)

    Yes, when you choose the vehicle install file theres readme, and it should have what name you need to rename it to
  12. LewisTheThird

    RPH 0.46

    Can I get the older version somewhere? On RPH Page it says that older versions are not available
    This mod is really awesome and it adds alot of variety to cars
  13. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lapd-cvpi-with-code-3-defender Can you add this?
  14. LewisTheThird


    Wat There are very clear instructions? And theres also a video