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    Amazing job on this and improving it to be even better than the older GTA IV mod was. This truly changes everything when it comes to night time patrols.
  1. The game just spawns extras randomly, it obviously cant tell that the two certain extras shouldn't spawn at the same time. The only way to stop it would be to change the carvariations as you said or use a trainer if the server you're on allows it.
  2. What some modelers do is make the spotlights extras so people can choose what they want by toggling one or the other on and off. Just go into whatever trainer you have and mess with the car components.
    Awesome skins. The Taurus needs to be fixed though. The area around the windows should be black as it says on the template.
    Good models but there are some inaccuracies and problems that need to be addressed with the FPIU. The push bar is the wrong model and should have two siren boxes underneath just like the Tahoe has. The front lighting on the push bar should alternate from whatever color it is (red or blue) to white. Also there should be alternating red and blue lighting in the taillights. I am not sure if the same lighting changes are the same for the Tahoe as I've never seen an LVMPD Tahoe before and there are no pictures or videos of them with their lights on that I have seen. The video below is a great reference for the explorers - Also for some reason the push bar on the FPIU is gray for me in game, shows up black in OpenIV though and the right taillight on the explorer is constantly on. Would love to see LVMPD's 2016 FPIU added later on if you could get a hold of Thehurks DEV model as the other 16 Exp DEVs are pretty ugly.
  3. I have edited the carcols.ymt that is including in the download to disable the headlight flash. @LVMPDFAN if you want to include this in the download feel free as some people have been requesting it. carcols.ymt
  4. You have to disable ELS traffic control. The option is in the els.ini file. ElsTrafCtrlOn = false
  5. So first you want to find your cars xml file inside of the ELS folder. Once you have that open look for forced patterns and in between that you should see something about siren tones. If you don't want it to change the pattern on certain light stages just set them all to false like in the picture provided.
  6. Yes I do. Its really not a big deal, its not like your emails going to get spammed or anything like that. I have accounts on a lot of websites that I used once and have never gong back to.
  7. He has removed everything from LCPDFR. You can now find all of his mods here - https://www.darkmyre.net/
  8. I might have fixed it. I think the problem was the few lines that I added before at the end were in the middle of the two cars when it should have been at the bottom. Also, yes you do need even ELS cars that are addons to have a carvariation for them to act as police cars. vehicles.meta
  9. Looks like the problem is with GTA Comes Alive, try removing that or try the newest version from here if you don't have it - https://www.darkmyre.net/files/file/13-gta-comes-alive/
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