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  1. Great work, this is a nice coherent pack
  2. Dispatch15

    Ford F250 update

    Looks really great man, can't wait to see more.
  3. These are some nice looking cars, I really like that Ram 1500. Nice job.
  4. Dispatch15

    Taurus in the snow

    Looks really great, you should definitely release it.
  5. Sweet truck, I can't wait to see how it turns out. The running boards are a pretty good size for a SWAT truck, will you add handles on the roof?
  6. Dispatch15

    2011 Taurus

    I like it, good job.
  7. Dispatch15

    F150 Convert

    I really like the setup, good job.
  8. Yes, I can vouch for the lighting setup. Unfortunately it would be difficult to have it completely correct as I haven't seen a modelled tomar scorpion. Nice job, pretty realistic.
  9. Nice, I love those Alberta plates.
  10. Dispatch15

    Ram truck!

    Looks absolutely amazing, hope to see a release.
  11. It's looking good, nice work so far.
  12. Well, It looks great, I like this version just as much as the last one. Amazing job and I hope to see a release of the bad boy.
  13. Dispatch15

    No One Wins

    Great picture and that model looks pretty sweet as well.
  14. Amazing work, please release these.
  15. Dispatch15

    Lights On Rear

    Looks good, I like the setup in the back
  16. I really like this helicopter, can't wait to see it further down the line. Good job.
  17. It looks good, and great picture as well.
  18. Looks great, i'm looking forward to the release. You said you were considering doing other thing with this model, what about a bomb squad unit?
  19. This looks amazing, I've been waiting for another GMC ambulance. Good work man!
  20. Both the skin and the car are very nice. I could definitely see a pack of the skins being successful. Great job.
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