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  1. Kane104

    'High' Poly models

    Generally you could consider anything above 120K polys as high poly. Anything above 140~150K polys is inexcusably high.
  2. Kane104

    JDM/Ricer callout

    Though, worth a mention that loosely throwing around the term "ricer" and associating it in general with JDM, tuned cars, and exhaust modifications is quite wrong. JDM is a car culture, much as Euro and the others are. Exhaust modifications in general also don't make you a ricer, unless you specifically decide to go for some obnoxious fart cannon or something similar. I do like your idea though, would be quite cool if implemented.
  3. Kane104

    [REQ] Lenco Bearcat G2

    I was working on one but currently have other projects I've diverted my attention to. I can't say when I'll resume work on it but you can find the WIP thread here.
  4. 2013 LSPD Chevy Caprice PPV 2013 LSSD Chevy Caprice PPV
  5. Kane104

    'Good Music' Thread

  6. Kane104

    My WIP thread.

    The rights holder, yes. The creator of the 3d model in question? No. Content creators in communities like these thrive on credit, as those of us that scratch model cars and any model in general expect credit for our efforts. In the same breath, I ask why else would we credit companies such as Ubisoft, EA, etc. for models used from their games? Its just a matter of practicing good morals and respect. @Him1250 You could've PM'd him instead of taking his thread off-topic.
  7. Kane104


    I'm loving the general material setup and bump mapping you've got going on the plastics and grille, probably the best of all those floating around currently I'd say. Keep it up Desmond.
  8. That's one lovely model.
  9. Kane104

    Glass Not Breaking

    Well, there's your problem. Just for testing sake create duplicates and add them to the LOD levels, at least up to L3. Then test again, it ought to work.
  10. Kane104

    Glass Not Breaking

    Do you have LODs? Not having them also results in that bug. Also, although your settings appear for the most part correct, under Properties > Mesh > Vertices > Format are the normals and deformable fields ticked? Refer to this thread as a guide. You should try using a hammer on a rotting potato. I smell one.
  11. Just a heads up, the two links posted are identical.
  12. Kane104

    Light bar tint question

    I disagree, use vehglass for lightbar glass. If you have glass flutings on like, for example a Whelen Liberty, I'd suggest rather creating another layer of mesh over the vehglass and assign that to the badges material. Using the badges material was only good in IV, instead in V it actually causes weird shading issues as you call them from my experience. I don't want to hijack the thread, but would you mind just posting some comparison screenshots of what you call weird? Using the badges material causes weird lit up reflections regardless of whether you shine light on it or not, sometimes depending on the angle you look at it from too.
  13. I must say, you're moving pretty damn quickly on that center console area in comparison to how long I took.