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    • Would you be able to give me a hand with the Road maps mod? I have tried both methods of installing it (200mb file, and original DIY file). No matter what i do i cannot get it to work. I am using GTA REAL by Luke Ross to play this in VR so that could be the issue but unsure of how to check if that is the case.   BTW great list, i am using mvga visual v and most of these mods.  i get lowest fps of around 55 in the city after EMS Coroner and backup has arrived. I have to switch to 2d during the daytime sometimes to deal with artifacts from low frame rate and the alternate eye rendering used In VR but for the most part can play in 3D with minor eyestrain.   i5 9900k rtx 2060 super 16gb ram m.2 ssd   As a side note I must recommend Manual Transmission ESPECIALLY if you are playing in VR/steering wheel,  I would also definitely suggest using vehicle handling mods that factor in weight a bit more if you are taking this route. Example (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/true-realistic-driving-v-realistic-mass-v0-1-beta).  Also if you cannot afford a clutch pedal and have an extra joystick laying around you can slap some sort of flat piece onto the stick set a deadzone and use it as a pedal.
    • I am envious. I rarely play for more than half an hour. The game crashes easily. I don’t know if anyone has never game crashed
    • Delete it like any other file.
    • A YouTube tutorial told me to use this pack that I did not know so I did and trusted the user as I recognized the popular name "Albo1125." Now I want to delete it as it messed up all my original files and has all this unneeded stuff on LSPDFR. How do I delete it? I used the OpenIV installer.
    • Your thread title is "0.4.8 Stable List," but under your Immersion section it says "These addons and mods may cause instability!"  Might want to clarify what you mean.
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