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Handling.txt with some police vehicles

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I am trying to find a handling.txt file that will make cars like those in Thehurk's CHP mega pack faster and unflippable. I know a good fix to cars flipping when turning corners is changing the handling line (e.g. if you have an SUV change the handling line to gresley), but I want to change the handling. I used to have one before the last update but it got deleted when I replaced all my files. Does anyone have any suggestions other than changing the handling line? I don't understand the numbers in the handling.txt file.

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On 12/31/2018 at 2:40 PM, Tactical Donut said:

So... You want to edit the handling that police vehicles use (e.g. FBI2 or POLICE3)? You want to make it more realistic or what?

Yeah. I want to make the SUV's I insert into slots such as police or sheriff faster and not flip.

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