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Boys in Blue 1.0.0

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LCPD's recruitment program is going so good even MORE new donut-hungry cops are showing up on the streets of LC

I absolutely loved Yard's cops heads o plenty but there were a few choices i didn't like and wanted to change. what started out as a heads o plenty edit made only for me replacing 2-3 new heads
turned into a mod replacing all the new heads added and a new sleveless vest.

after a good 2 weeks of learning openformats and getting back into 3ds max to fix clipping errors, i bring you Boys in Blue.

Just like Heads o Plenty, this has a total of 9 heads however, 7 of them have been edited by me. the other 2 are the vanilla Black and Latino cops. I slaved away for a while learning how to edit the .odd files and doing
trial and error, seeing which heads worked and which didn't.

So maybe you didn't look at the pictures, i'll help you out

Vanilla cops- Just the normal cops, no changes

GTA IV Pedestrians- Had to go through all the male peds to find these choices, they are random people from the game

EFLC Pedestrians- These are peds from TBOGT/TLAD. some of them were used for MP peds some were just random peds from the streets.


besides the cops.wdd,wtd, and wft the installation is exactly the same as heads o plenty. Just place the peds.ide and Pedvariations.dat into GTAIV/Common/Data/


everything in the models folder (cop.wdd,wft,wtd) goes into IV/PC/Models/Cdimages/Componentpeds.img


The elephant in the room:

I sent a message to Yard1 before i released this which was asking for his permission, it says he's been inactive for over a year though so i don't know if 
he'll respond or ever see it. with that being said, i'm releasing this.

If he ever replies back and asks me to remove this mod, since im using some of the shirt textures and stuff as a base, then i will.


Special thanks to:

The tutorial on openformats editing- Without looking at that from time to time, this wouldn't be possible. I lost my train of thought countless times and looking at the tutorial really helped

Openformats and Odd editing- More of a thanks to OpenIV in general but still, I didn't realize how powerful Openformats was and that you can replace meshes with other without having to rerig them in 3ds max or anything.




There might be a few, not game breaking just minor issues i'll probably fix if i make a new release


-on the asian ped, his mouth barely opens, somewhere along the lines, his rigging got slightly messed up

-Not neccessarily a bug but you might see a ped with a short sleeve shirt that doesnt match his skin color

-Minor clipping errors. I tried to fix as much as possible but you might still see some.

Yard1- Absolutely loved Heads o plenty and the variety it gave to the cops and it being lore friendly and everything. used his shirt textures and new vest.

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Yeah, was shocked at how rare lore friendly LCPDFR mods were. Decided to upload this to see if anyone is still into this sort of thing. Almost wish this was 2012 sometimes so this’d get more recognition 

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