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Need some help identifying mods

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Ok so I've been into LCPDFR back in the day, then LSPDFR. Quit for about a year, and re-downloaded all the mods I thought were "essential". My problem is I can't seem to get a stable running session. Literally can't get passed 15 minutes without mods/games crashing. 

Anyways, I recently saw this video and he seems to have a well more modded and stable game than mine. Like when he does traffic stops, the questioning,drugalyzer and what not. or if not, what mods do you use for max immersion, that runs with somewhat of a  stability?


EDIT: Not so interested in ELS/Vehicle modding, more so interactions in policing. Thanks!


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Essential mod list hasn't been updated in years. Much has changed. My advice is to go to the Scripts and Plugins tab and select your mods. 


For the stuff I saw in your video you need Traffic Policer and Stop The Ped. 

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