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[WIP]Better LAPD uniforms-on EUP

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I'm making something new. I personally like the LAPD, but because many of the current LAPD models don't meet my needs, I decided to do the LAPD myself.

He was given a random name. NEW LAPD EUP



I made short sleeves for summer, training suits and winter coats.

Here are some previews:





I made responsive equipment for the uniforms.

The name above is because this EUP set has been tested in my FIVEM server. It may change after it is officially released.


This EUP set contains many contents I am still making, such as the new bodyCAM



Because some people in China steal other people's works and sell them for money, and there is nothing I can do about it. So this EUP set won't be released anytime soon.

But I hope you understand and like it.

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